There are better solutions
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Updated January 07, 2020

There are better solutions

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Overall Satisfaction with GlobalMeet Collaboration

We schedule meetings with staff and customers and we use GlobalMeet to have a centralized location for everyone to call in at. Some people may be working from home, working off-site or in a different part of the country. It's a way to get everybody together. You can share screens and have an integrated meeting.
  • I like the screen sharing features.
  • I like the audio features such as muting and recording options.
  • Integration with Outlook to create calendar appointments and add additional people to the meeting.
  • Sometimes there is a lag when I'm presenting in a meeting. I have also experienced lags when sharing my screen.
  • As far as I know, this isn't available on mobile devices.
  • Sometimes the quality is bad and we have had people who were unable to join or were not able to hear other participants.
  • We have had some challenges with this software. Some people had difficulties calling in and some people got dropped from calls. This has led to inefficiencies in our calls.
  • People have had to install updates which led to delay times in joining a meeting.
  • Audio is sometimes hard to hear and we have had to reschedule our calls.
I have used Skype for web calls in the past and have had no issues with it. It is the best conference tool I have used. I would not recommend GlobalMeet. It is too buggy and there are better solutions out there. Teleconferencing is becoming more of the norm and we need a reliable solution. GlobalMeet isn't very reliable.
It is well suited if you need a centralized place for people to meet regardless of their geographical location. It's great if you have information on your screen that you would like to share, for example, if you are presenting a slide show. It's less appropriate for people on the go since you need a desktop to use the platform.

GlobalMeet Collaboration Feature Ratings

High quality audio
High quality video
Low bandwidth requirements
Desktop sharing
Calendar integration
Meeting initiation
Record meetings / events
Live chat
Audience polling
User authentication
Participant roles & permissions
Confidential attendee list

Evaluating GlobalMeet Collaboration and Competitors

Yes - We had previously used Skype for business and I had a few issues with this service. The first one that was really bothersome was that there wasn't a good way to connect to conference calls from your phone. If you wanted to use your phone, you would have to log in to the conference call from your computer first and then call in with your phone. When I would do this, the software, when taking attendance, would count me twice. Once for logging in from the computer and twice for calling in on my cell phone. It really through off attendance records. When using Global Meet, I can just call in on my cell phone without jumping through any hoops. The second thing that was annoying was that Skype wasn't a stand alone product, it was associated with my work log on. So, if I was working remotely and wanted to use Skype, I would have to log on to my work's servers first. I'm guessing my company wanted it set up that way. When we switched to Global Meet, we could just log on directly to Global Meet without having to sign in with my work credentials first.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
The most important factor was the value that the service could bring to our company. When evaluating software, price is of course a consideration, but we are not going to just purchase the cheapest service we can find. We don't mind paying a little more if we feel we are getting a good return on our investment. The features that led us to feel like we were getting a good return on our money was that it is very intuitive and user friendly. It is also easy to access and has high functionality such as creating personalized meeting rooms and easy content sharing. I did have some trouble sharing my screen, but once I figured it out, it was easy.
If we were to start from the very beginning, even before using Skype, the most important thing I would look at is how compatible it is with mobile devices. I travel a lot and I conduct most of my business through my phone. In addition, most of my co-workers conduct most of their business on their phone as well. Having said that, a web conferencing service that has high integration with my cell phone is extremely important to me. We feel that Global Meet enables us to engage on our cell phones without sacrificing any functionality.