Square 9 GlobalSearch - A Fantastic EDM Tool for SMBs
September 29, 2017

Square 9 GlobalSearch - A Fantastic EDM Tool for SMBs

BJ Lillo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with GlobalSearch

GlobalSearch is being used across the organization primarily for scan/store/retrieve of documents. It allows us to control access to documents far better than we ever could with physical documents, back them up for DR purposes, and control the workflow process of certain documents as they move through our organization. It makes our employees more efficient at finding documents so they can retrieve information when it suits them and streamlines our document-centric workflows.
  • The most important part of a document management system is the search portion. That's where your every day users will find the most value value. GlobalSearch does this very well with their defined Searches. Users run searches that have been set up by administrators for them for their particular situation and can quickly get the documents they need.
  • The GlobalAction workflow engine that accompanies GlobalSearch is very powerful. It allows for complex, conditional workflows which should satisfy the needs of just about any organization.
  • Capture, the part of document management systems that are pretty much wasted time, is made just about as efficient as possible with GlobalCapture. It supports template based OCR, database lookup into other systems in the organization for populating additional information, and even semi-structured document capture which can be a huge money saver.
  • The permissions are straightforward and simple to set up and the audit log can be very useful for seeing the who, what, and when of documents.
  • The web based interface needs some work. The search results have a preview view of the document. This could be helpful in some situations, but should be an option that can be chosen. Data XChange and Image XChange need to also work in the web interface for it to be viable for many organizations.
  • A queue showing users all of their documents waiting for them to work on would also be extremely useful.
  • We have much more efficient document processes. While putting the software in, we were forced to review how each document flowed through the organization and what the process should be. That helped not only from the perspective of have a tool to automate the monotonous steps, but helped us as an organization more strictly define our processes and standards.
  • We are far more prepared for a flood, fire, etc... now that are documents are electronic and backed up off site.
GlobalSearch is a great for SMBs looking for a powerful tool to store and retrieve their documents, automate document-centric workflows, have more efficient document capture processes, or image enable their existing business applications without getting slammed by the high cost of image plugins for most line of business systems. It's easy for your users to learn, stable once deployed, and their support is quick and competent.