A Great Product for Enterprises Built on a Solid Foundation
June 12, 2013

A Great Product for Enterprises Built on a Solid Foundation

Tyson Kirksey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction

  • Some clients with heavy web traffic are impressed by the amount of data processed and the speed at which the reports are updated - typically within 2-3 hours. For non-Premium users the wait was often 24 hours or more.
  • Google Analytics has terrific visitor segmentation capabilities, but Google Analytics Premium really makes that useful for Enterprises because data sampling is eliminated. This allows marketers and analysts to construct very specific user segments and see 100% statistically valid trends and datasets.
  • I believe the Attribution Modeling reports in Google Analytics Premium are among the best in the industry. GAP provides seven pre-defined models (first click, last click, time decay, etc.) but more impressive is the ability to create custom models to your liking. This allows marketing executives to truly analyze lift and performance across channels without worrying about duplication problems, and provides the data necessary to allocate marketing budgets for maximum profit.
  • There is still no option to reprocess data which may have been caused by irregular activity or misconfigurations.
  • User Access Controls and account governance are still lacking, in my opinion, though that is supposed to be changed in mid-2013
  • The e-commerce reporting capabilities are still not up to par with other solutions like IBM's CoreMetrics solution.
  • Our Premium clients use GA to allocate marketing budgets, improve visitor flows and site conversion rates and better understand custom behavior. All of these activities have quantifiable benefits.
For large organizations or enterprises, having the ability to do custom analysis with unsampled reports alone justifies the expense.
I would highly recommend Google Analytics Premium to large organizations or enterprises that already use Google Analytics or a similar solution. The advantages to GA Premium are threefold: 1) More data collection, 2) Advanced features for custom analysis, and 3) Enterprise service and support.

Product Usage

  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Website Optimization

Evaluation and Selection

There are several main reasons to switch, and depending on your needs you may find one of these more compelling than others. Our clients typically switch to access additional custom variables or to gain the ability to download unsampled reports. Other clients have switched due to data limits (ex. sending more data to Google Analytics than the standard ToS allows for).


Implementation is much easier than competing products in the space.
  • Professional services company
At Vertical Nerve, we handle most of the implementation strategies for our clients who use Google Analytics Premium.


  • Online training
  • In-person training
  • Self-taught
There is a ton of information online about Google Analytics, but Google Analytics Premium users will have dedicated support and training from Google or an Authorized Reseller.
Google Analytics Premium is built upon the standard Google Analytics platform, so there is no big learning curve. Additional features are intuitive and easy to learn.


N/A see above.
No - As a Google Analytics Premium Reseller, we provide premium support to our clients who use GAP.