Fast, reliable tool that your customers will love!
September 12, 2018

Fast, reliable tool that your customers will love!

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Overall Satisfaction with GoToAssist

Me and my team used GoToAssist to provide support to our users remotely. Prior to this we were using an alternative tool but we moved on to this after trying it out in a limited scope with a few of our team members. The overall feedback of those team members was very positive which led to us moving on to GoToAssist fully and ditching our previous solution. It was super easy to set up and deploy and our entire team had switched to GoToAssist within a matter of days.


  • It is incredibly easy to use for the people you are supporting. A lot our clients/users are limited in their knowledge of computers so it was critical that the tool we use be easy to download and run and GoToAssist did that wonderfully. We rarely had to spend time getting connected to users.
  • The ability to reboot and automatically reconnect in safe mode was a godsend. A lot of our troubleshooting requires the end users PC to be in safe mode. GoToAssist let us trigger that remote and get connected again (without the user redoing the process) was a godsend.
  • The in built chat was also super nice to have for some of our hearing impaired users. Normally we have to use a go between in those scenarios but since the chat exists, we could just have the go between hang up and talk to the client directly.
  • Mac support was nice to have as well. We don't have a lot of end users on an Apple system but it was nice that GoToAssist just worked smoothly regardless of the OS or platform.
  • File transfer was great! We sent over the required files and it uploaded in a jiffy.


  • We didn't use it with mobile devices too often but whenever we did it felt a little wonky. It wasn't bad but just not as good or smooth as the experience of using it on PCs.
  • Some minor issues with admin privileges when launching the app. Again, nothing that came up too often but it was there occasionally.
  • Reduced our on call time for team members by up to 17% compared to the solution we were using.
  • Reduced the number of repeat calls to be made for reconnection in cases of disconnection (since it auto connects so well)
  • Increased customer satisfaction. Our users to connect to our support staff very easily leading to less frustrated and happier customers.
  • Increased resolution rate for our support staff.
Generally compared to other softwares we either used full time or evaluated partially the feature set of GoToAssist really attracted us. I don't think any one software (except perhaps LogMeIn) offered everything that GoToAssist did. The pricing was pretty acceptable as well. I would generally recommend having some of your team members (or yourself) try it out first. They offer a free trial and it's fully feature packed so you can evaluate it quite nicely. We also liked its reliability compared to its competition AND how easy it was for our users to get connected.
Its a great tool if you support users remotely. The fact that it is easy to deploy (or have the end users connect) is a massive plus. If you provide software support to end users or are part of an IT team that helps users fix their problems this will save you a ton of time. It also works great in low bandwidth scenarios. So if your users are in remote locations with slow speed internet this will still get the job done. It is also really reliable. We faced almost no bugs or critical issues.

I would imagine it would also perform really well as a server monitoring tool. Just deploy it and you can remotely connect to the server whenever you need to.

Great tool if you need reliable, high performing remote connection.


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