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Updated February 25, 2015

Great for Businesses

Sara Marquis | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Hatchbuck

We are using Hatchbuck to manage our corporate communications to all of our marketing leads and customers. We send out 2-3 newsletters each month, and also recently started sending out invitations for webinars through Hatchbuck as well. Currently the only department using it is our Marketing team, but they are sending out information from departments across the company. It helps us manage our marketing lists by automatically unsubscribing any bounced emails, as well as tracks the recipients actions so we can better understand what they are interested in and then target more specific messages to key audiences.
  • Their customer service is above and beyond. I started using Hatchbuck when I started working here, and had no previous experience with the platform or program. The customer service team is phenomenal in replying to emails quickly, and offering to do a live web support session to go over any issues or to demonstrate additional features.
  • The Tags and Tag Rules system on Hatchbuck are extremely easy to set up, use and track. It has really helped us literally see what our contacts are most interested in.
  • Easy to read, understand and interpret data generated and presented by the software. It's very easy to see specific KPI we are interested in knowing.
  • One challenge I have is when scheduling and email to go out. With 12 different groups to send it to, I wish there was a quick and easy way to select my email template, and then select my 12 groups and just stagger when the emails are sent. Instead, I have to go through the entire process of scheduling the email to go out 12 separate times. It only takes 10-15 minutes to schedule the emails, but it would be great if it took 30 seconds.
  • Some of the features could be more intuitive. For example, I was trying to duplicate an email template and I couldn't find a way to do that. There are 3 screens - the list of templates, the edit more, and the save page. I looked all over the list page, thinking if I selected one, I should have the ability to duplicate it from there. Then I made changes, thinking the system should offer me to "Save As". I finally found a duplicate option, in the 2nd position, which just didn't seem like the "right" place for it.
  • Again - this might be something that can be done and I just haven't discovered how yet - but it would be nice to be able to export data from the email statistics to look at more in depth.
  • Hatchbuck has certainly allowed us to provide better customer service. Now that we have begun hosting customer oriented webinars each month, by using the tags so people essentially self-identify what they are interested in, we can now send invitations out to a more targeted group, based on their tags. For these specialized emails we send out, that are going to people only interested in specific products, we see an open rate double that of our standard monthly newsletters. It's great to see the response when we focus on reaching the correct segment.
  • Another aspect we are just not beginning to explore is to use this as our main channel for communications with our Sales Reps and Distributors. Being able to easily see who is opening our communications, who is unsubscribing, will give us another factor to consider when looking at monthly sales goals - it will help us see if higher engagement leads to higher sales, etc. We see this as a great opportunity to explore.
The company was using a different program before I joined the company, and from what I gathered, it was not as easy to use, it was hard to export all contacts if/when we needed. I was not part of the decision to evaluate other vendors, or to select Hatchbuck, so unfortunately I don't have a lot to input on this matter.
Hatchbuck is a reliable company to do business with. When they make changes and improvements to the program, they notify us by email to advise of the update so we are aware of any changes. Changes made also do not drastically alter the performance, look or feel of the site itself, just allow it to run better and do more. I've never logged in and thought - what happened to what was here?? Improvements are also to make a better experience for the user, without charging us more for the additional or new features/aspects. They are not out to nickel and dime us. It's a great company to do business with and short of some drastic change in our company's objectives or Hatchbuck's, I see no reason why we would stop using them.
Many of the features on Hatchbuck are really very intuitive, easy to learn and great to work with. If a company is looking to have a new user own the task of managing contacts with Hatchbuck, I would say this is a great program for them. There is no experience needed to be able to learn how to utilize the system, and as I mentioned, the customer service team is fantastic in assisting with advising key features, how to use some great tools built into the program, etc.

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