Domino is the best solution for Portals and Extranets
June 11, 2022

Domino is the best solution for Portals and Extranets

Gavin Bollard | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Domino Web Server
  • Notes

Overall Satisfaction with HCL Domino

Domino gives you the capabilities of modern cloud platforms with an affordable and predictable TCO. We stopped using Notes for mail-in 2017 and switched to outlook but we still use our Domino systems every day. We've looked at many options to migrate from Domino to SharePoint and Domino to teams but have never found anything that even approaches the functionality and versatility of Domino. In recent years, following HCL's reinvigoration of the product, we've abandoned attempts to move off the platform and have re-embraced it. It was a great decision. We use Domino for user (and guest) management and the Domino systems drive our O365 active directory. We used Domino for the development of specialist systems and for the general distribution of documents. We looked at SharePoint as an option for this but the open-ended nature of SharePoint and Teams resulted in those systems not being trusted by our customers. It's very easy to confirm that there are no users on our domino systems other than those we allow but it's not possible to do that on a borderless cloud solution such as Office 365. Domino is extremely cheap to build on and maintain. For example, some of the systems we developed in Azure had obsolete frameworks within a couple of years, but our Domino can easily be moved to modern frameworks with a minimum of effort.
  • Security
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Compatibility (20+ year old applications continue to run with no issues)
  • Upgrades - these are 30 minute tasks.
  • Mail - It has improved but people want outlook, so we switched.
  • Administration - there are so many settings that sometimes you get lost
  • Granular Security (including deep Nesting of Groups)
  • Scalability
  • Easy deployment of test facilities
  • Compatibility with existing systems
  • Domino is far cheaper to run than Office 365.
  • Management of Domino is far simpler than Office 365.
  • Our ROI is incredible because we get templates developed and can reuse them.
We use SharePoint, SQL and Teams but only for the things that they excel in. For example, we use teams for small team interactions (including external participants). We use teams for meetings too. We've discovered that Teams collaboration is not as full-functional as Domino and more importantly, that our members (financial services) do not trust the Open Office365 cloud. SharePoint and Team collaborative features are often blocked in our member organizations. Domino is much easier to identify and unblock at the firewall level. It's much easier to restrict collaboration to approved options in Domino.

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Domino is best in medium-sized businesses of 20-100 employees. It's too complicated to implement in very small companies unless you have good external resources. It scales up very well for larger companies but the pressures of users wanting particular "brand-name" software can become difficult. If you want a restricted "extranet/portal" system for a limited set of members it's a great system, particularly if you add a Domino CRM on top. Unlike Microsoft, you never have to resort to command-line tools, like PowerShell, in Domino to get things done.