HID Digital Persona/Biometric Review
February 11, 2021

HID Digital Persona/Biometric Review

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Overall Satisfaction with HID DigitalPersona (formerly Crossmatch)

We are currently using Digital Persona for MFA with the biometric readers. This solution has changed how we do password resets. This has drastically reduced the time it takes for us to complete these password resets and has also allowed us to be more secured with our network and applications logons. This solution has also provided us with some insight into how our users work and lets us know that our users were not afraid of change. They were also able to adapt to this new solution easier than we thought. Due to the application being well programmed, the rollout of this product went smooth as well.
  • Updates
  • Release version
  • Tehcnology
  • MFA
  • Account representative contact. We would like to hear more from our vendor.
  • Communication on new releases.
  • Communication on product upgrades.
  • New offers.
As I mentioned previously, we have drastically reduced call times, calls in general, and the length of time it takes to reset passwords. This has also increased our security posture as it has provided us with an MFA option. This has also been more secure for our user's passwords as they are able to use a password manager to secure their passwords.
Yes, we have integrated Microsoft AD with Digital Persona. This has allowed our IT department to streamline some of our processes like templates, password resets, and password management. This has also opened our eyes to this tool and given us more confidence in the software. Digital persona integration with Microsoft AD is a great thing.
Currently, we use this application as more of a secure password vault with biometric capabilities. There are several third-party applications that we use this software to protect. We also have built templates that will work with various websites that our organization utilizes. This gives the user ease of access to those resources via their finger on the reader. Hence, reducing the time it takes to log into these applications.
  • Decreased Time For Password Resets
  • Increased Efficiencies
  • Saved Money
  • Secured Passwords
  • MFA
  • No negative impact
We currently do not use another vendor that provides similar services as HID Digital Persona. We really enjoy HID Digital Persona and the software and security it provides. When we were originally evaluating products, our sister organization was already in the negotiation process with Crossmatch, so we were able to jump aboard as well.
Digital Persona is well suited for our environment. With the utilization of the password manager and the biometric readers, our users feel more at ease knowing that their passwords are more secure than ever. By using the biometric readers for MFA purposes, our users are engaged with our systems more and creating more complex passwords. The only time we have seen this solution not be well suited in our environment for the way we utilize it is when a user does not want to provide their fingerprint for their security.