HotSchedules Review

Overall Satisfaction with HotSchedules

HotSchedules is used by our whole organization. The primary reason we use it is to provide employees a reliable and effective way to see when they are scheduled to work. It also is useful in that it allows employees to add their availability as well as request days off. This is extremely useful when it comes to scheduling employees to suit there wants/needs.
  • Provides employees with an effective mobile application to view their schedule whenever they need to.
  • Allows employees to add availability and request days off.
  • Allows other employees to see other co-workers schedules so they know who they work with.
  • Allow companies to set up different departments within hotschedules, without constantly having to give employees different hotschedule logins.
Quick Resolution
Problems get solved
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Difficult to get immediate help
We use Hotschedules to schedule employees. We use Slack to communicate with each other in the company as a whole.
Hotschedules has provided us with an effective scheduling tool as well as an effective way to optimize labor cost and keep track of them.
Hotschedules is well suited when it comes to providing employees a reliable way to get their schedules. It also helps with holding employees accountable for coming to work.