Make Contact with iContact
Updated December 30, 2014

Make Contact with iContact

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Overall Satisfaction with iContact

  • iContact allows you to store a large number of images (5,000 KB) within your account without upgrading or paying an add-on fee. I do manage and pay for an FTP site with another brand, which I use to maintain my website and store images on as well; however, iContact saves me the time (and money) of going back and forth from an FTP site to my e-newsletter.
  • I am very happy with the lack of bugs or idiosyncrasies I have experienced with other programs. Paragraphs don't shift on their own, WYSIWYG, so there are not surprises when it is finally sent out to my audience.
  • Even if I have not logged in for a while, it remembers me. That is beyond convenient, and after two years, I have no reason to believe it is not secure.
  • I would really like a way to put captions under any image at any time. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.
  • All of my previous e-newsletters do not show under the Messages tab. They do show up under "Email-Re-use." It may be that I am reusing my previous message each time to keep the template in order.
  • A separate archive folder would be handy, a la Constant Contact.
  • I use iContact to successfully deliver my e-newsletter to my audience without any issues or complications. That makes me appear as the professional I am to my readers.
  • My e-newsletter is a loss leader, used at my sole proprietor company to keep my name and face in front of the people on the list I have generated over the years.
  • Close to a dozen jobs have come to me via my iContact e-newsletter, which I call The Hestia Report. Those jobs are from people who know me. When they get my e-newsletter and happen to need some marketing/PR at that time, it triggers a call.
Price, support, ease-of-use and familiarity are the top four reasons I would renew my agreement with iContact. Why fix something that is not broken in my life? Learning a new program can be time-consuming and time is money.
The questions to ask when deciding on any e-newsletter program include finding out what the base price includes and how much add-ons and upgrades will cost. Also, you need to know support will be with you 24/7 and that you can rely on the program not crashing, causing you to lose your work. If there is something specific you want the program to do, ask about it and make sure it is exactly what you want.

iContact Support

she was nice, but could not resolve formatting issue you guys have with Outlook.