InEight-My Favorite Software for Scheduling, Staffing, and Internal Project Communication
November 25, 2021

InEight-My Favorite Software for Scheduling, Staffing, and Internal Project Communication

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Modules Used

  • Connected Analytics – Report and Explore
  • Planning, Scheduling and Risk – Schedule (Basis)
  • Field Execution Management – Plan, Progress and Compliance (Inspect)

Overall Satisfaction with InEight

My company uses InEight for a host of reasons, but I mostly use it for scheduling and ensuring that my project is on-time and budgeted/staffed correctly. I like that anyone with access can see my individual progress, and they can roll up my work and those of my teammates into one cohesive calendar/summary. It makes coordination less cumbersome/time-consuming. The software takes a lot of the guesswork out of the overall project progress/percent complete.
  • summarizing project completion and tasks that still need to be done
  • projecting staffing needs
  • organizing schedule/prioritizing tasks
  • forecasting upcoming task "cliffs"
  • The import/export buttons are exactly the opposite of what you would expect. not intuitive and the logos for these should be swapped.
  • The software is hard to train users upon. New users require 3-6 months of use before getting proficient. I think this is because many of the best features are buried in menus, three clicks deep.
  • The claiming exports immediately default partial claim items to the user who claimed previously. You need to update your name every time you update a partial claim line item.
  • There are many add-ins that should just be included with InEight Standard, instead of having to install extras to make the software usable.
  • the positive impact is that it has helped us better gauge staffing and staff jobs appropriately
  • negative impact is that it takes a lot of time for new users to learn the software
  • the positive impact is that many of our clients use it, making collaboration easier with them
  • positive impact is that we can see our percent complete easier
  • positive impact is that it is easier to share documents to our team internally
I think it is very good at helping us share as-builts and other important project information internally. It has helped us gauge the completeness of individual tasks and overall project progress. Many of our clients also use this software, so it has aided [our] communication with them, as well. It has helped us right-size future tasks/efforts on other projects by giving us hard dollars and realistic hours estimates based [on] current projects.
We hoped to better estimate the time, money, and effort of projects using our current projects. InEight has helped us track our current project progress and give realistic estimates for various tasks based [on] our own data. This has helped us right-size our schedules, staffing plans, and cost projections-a savings we can pass on to our clients. InEight is excellent at consolidating data and summarizing group completion.
This is my one large gripe with InEight. It takes our new users anywhere from 3-6 months to feel proficient using this software. Many of the features-even simple features like importing and exporting claiming-are not intuitive. Oftentimes, the information we need is buried in a menu three clicks deep. Also, why are there so many add-ons? I wish it were all just in one standard, cohesive package with one installation.
Every time I have contacted support, they have gotten back to [me] quickly and with a few solutions. I like that they seem to be US-based, so there is no language barrier when I try to communicate my problem. For the few times, they did not have a solution ready, they told me they would respond later after further research, and they actually followed up! Better than most support I have used in the past with other software.

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InEight is more robust than the other services I have used. I think it does a better job of rolling up a massive amount of individual user data into one complete project progress report. I like that most of our clients also use it, which makes collaboration easier. I think it is less intuitive than RedTeam, less expensive than Procore, and more visually appealing than Bluebeam Revu.
My company uses InEight on our largest projects to help us forecast upcoming schedule issues, staffing shortages or overages, and budget problems. On large, years-long projects, I would recommend InEight, because it helps with the organization on both the individual level and project-wide level. It is very good at rolling up the data of many users to get an overall picture of the job and percent complete.

InEight Feature Ratings

Plan distribution & viewing
Plan markups & sharing
Document sharing
Issue tracking & punchlists
Photo documentation
Jobsite reports
RFI tools
Collaboration & approvals
As-built drawings
Mobile app
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Submittal design and management
Meeting Minutes
Change orders
Job costing
Cost calculator
Bid creation
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