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Matthew Smith profile photo
November 09, 2019

Powerful and Intuitive

Score 6 out of 10
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At Century Exteriors Inc. We use Procore to manage and organize our HR, safety, management, and financials for projects. We primarily use it for project management and safety, as we have grown and become more comfortable with it we have started to use it for other areas such as quality control, HR, and financials over projects. We find Procore covers most PM daily tasks and is simple to use in the field from their app. This is where it counts, field and office. Safety, HR, and quality control are among some of the items that get left behind, having them in an app form helps our workers remember these items needing to be completed. Something I wish they had: Clone inspections and observations Add multiple signatures to inspections and observations. Safety isn't just about filling a form out, we need to legally have workers sign off. We've made them aware of the hazards and safety protocols so we need workers confirmation they have received these. Procore hasn't been that user-friendly to the subcontractor side of construction. We're a subcontractor with occasional contracting. We need something a bit more streamlined or simplified.
  • Document control - one place for everything. Just wish we could have all files move to new projects created with the project template.
  • Employee/contact Log - everyone's tickets and certifications, letters can be kept in one place listed per company. Just wish we could track expiries outdated training tickets or expired safety equipment or vehicle/equipment inspections
  • Project Management - allows many employees to participate in a single project with a level of permissions and always has the latest revisions.
  • I've listed some already but - inspection forms sign and clone
  • Hidden % markup for change orders
  • Track and extract all inspections for selected dates and export full form details for safety submissions
  • Allow files to transfer from folder list from the project template. We have many forms that need to be added to every project
Good for medium to large construction companies, small construction companies need a smaller simpler version as they often are in the office while they're working in the field. They don't have time to do the fine detail of larger company office workforce
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Heather MacLean profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
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We have just started setting up Procore so we can submit construction plans and redlines to clients, engineers and anyone else associated with the project.
  • Frees up storage in emails and transmit faster
  • Great tracking, you know who has seen or opened the email and who has not.
  • There is a timeline tracker on any updates or modifications on drawings.
  • Documents can be sent to a group or individual very easily.
  • We have a warranty log that we would like to incorporate and let everyone have access to, but Procore does not have the options we need in order to make this type of form.
  • You can make your own template but only based on what is provided. There is no real way to make exactly what you need without having the Procore team make the template on their end (if they even can).
  • I do not like the fact that you can not erase certain things like if you make a mistake on a template. I think maybe the head admin can go in and do it though.
This program can become very pricey, so just make sure it has the full functions your company needs. We were told in the sales pitch that it would integrate with our accounting software and then, after the purchase and during training, we were told that it did not integrate.
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Che Odom profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Procore is being used across our organization. It is the sole product that we utilize for project management for our operations department, and it integrates with our accounting software and is used by our accounting department as a backcheck. We have started using it to address quality control/assurance on projects, and it has helped to improve our QA/QC process as an organization. It additionally has been able to unify our processes across the organization, which was a problem prior to our use of the tools.
  • Helps to create submittal logs from specs with less input from PMs.
  • Helps to label and organize uploaded plans and specs without a lot of input from PMs.
  • Tracks changes in commitments (subs and purchase orders).
  • Works with clients to customize.
  • Training.
  • Responsiveness to improvement suggestions from clients.
  • Involves end users in planning for future product rollouts and tool improvements.
  • The mobile app is easy to use.
  • The photos tool needs to be able to link photos across almost all tools from within the tool directly.
Procore is well-suited for any mid to large general contractor, subcontractor, architect or engineer. I have seen it used by smaller companies, and the only issue that I have seen arise in those instances is that some smaller companies do not have the infrastructure built to go through the implementation process.
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Trevor Smith profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Procore for our entire Project Management needs for construction use. It handles everything from financial budgeting, to cost reports, RFI tracking, submittal tracking, change orders, pay applications, drawings and specification organizations and photo management. It helps keep subcontractors and vendors on the same page with information, as it's used for bidding out projects as well. Does everything for us except handle schedules.
  • Drawing management
  • RFI / Submittal organization
  • Financial reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Interfacing with Architects and Engineers
  • Interfacing with Subcontractors
  • Have not used scheduling feature - appeared that it didn't integrate well with programs we use
Very well suited to handling costs - from financial reports to change orders to sub's and clients, to invoicing. Change order process appears to be a bit cumbersome with the PCCO to PCO. It confuses some clients, so I've skipped the PCCO step and gone straight to PCO. This avoids confusion of numbering with people.
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David Wilson profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Procore for our Project Management. We use all the Procore modules from field tools to financials. Procore addressed the issue of connecting our stakeholders from Architects to Subcontractors and Owners. Procore allows our project teams to more effectively manage their projects. We integrate Procore into our Sage Accounting system allowing two way communication.
  • Procore manages our drawings effectively by always keeping everyone on the latest revision.
  • Procore's punch list tool is very effective at tracking punch list items from initiation to completion.
  • The Change Events tool is very useful in starting the Change order process.
  • The Bidding module does not update subcontractor info automatically like BuildingConnected.
  • Some of the financial integrations can be tricky depending on your work flow.
Procore is great for General contractors who work with many different subs. Procore keeps everyone informed and coordinated. You can also use Procore with Docusign to make it even easier to get important docs approved.
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Daniel Pottratz profile photo
May 27, 2019

You should get it!

Score 10 out of 10
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Procore is being used by our entire organization. We use it on construction projects from start to finish. We use the bidding tool to issue bid invitations to our subs and suppliers and to track their responses. When we start a project, we use the financial tools, the project management tools, the directory, and the daily reports. It is great to have all of those things in one package that is available online or with the app.
  • Instant collaboration with the field staff and designers.
  • Keeping information organized and formatted in a standard manner.
  • Permanent record keeping.
  • Uploading sets of specifications has improved but could still use work. It requires a large amount of time after the upload to verify each section is correct.
  • It would be nice to have all of the tools that are online available in the mobile app.
  • The process of preparing potential change orders is clunky because you are required to go to two different modules.
Procore is particularly well suited for larger projects. It condenses the project information in a way that helps prevent confusion with subs and suppliers and is a one-stop place to get the information you need. On smaller projects, the software is sometimes just too large. There are so many things that it can do, but on a small project, it is sometimes easier to just use less modern methods for project management.
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Johann Hyde profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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Procore was being used to organize project documents such as subcontract agreements, purchase orders, change orders, etc.
  • Connects subs and vendors in real time with the project activity.
  • It's somewhat hard to upload past project info if you have started Procore in the middle of a project.
In my experience, which I realize is limited, Procore is good. I believe that if our company had used Procore to its full potential we may have enjoyed it. There is a learning curve, but once you see how all the parts of Procore connect together it is a nice product. I have used three other construction-based software systems and none of them connect the whole project together the way I believe Procore would have if we had bought the whole package. It IS expensive and the expense was a major factor in why we did not buy it. The other factor was timing. We had just bought—about 8 months previously—QuickBooks Enterprise. I realize there is not a great comparison between the two systems but we were already very familiar with QB and its set up. Later, when Procore was introduced, we MAY have gone for the whole package but it is a Titanic-ish event to change software, so it was not heavily considered.
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Marrico Crum profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Used for budget analysis, submittals, seeing the scope of work for contracts and purchase orders, scheduling, RFI's, reports, and change orders. The departments using Procore are project managers and some members of financial.
It organizes the company to do all of the above in correlation with each other and allows any other manager the ability to be able to pick up a project if another manager cannot at any given time. It also gives us the ability to see where the project is financially at any given time, tracking submittals and RFI's at a glance.
  • The ability to have anyone pick up the project at any time, as long as the data is being inputted.
  • The "bugging" of expected information from subs, to architects, to engineering.
  • Gives us financial lookie-loos at any point to make game-time decisions.
  • The ability to track change orders per decisions made, and then roll them into the prime contract.
  • Sometimes the cloud goes down and we have no access at all. Fewer outages.
  • Price of service is steep.
  • Could reduce the amount of having to do the same thing too many times to get the same result.
Suited for project management of any type of contract that involves the hiring of services from others to perform the work from my company. Helps with everything from the financials, to the submittals of contracts, to the watching and balancing of the budget to ensure that the project is finished on time, on budget, and most importantly, on schedule.
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Jennifer Olson profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Procore is being used primarily for document control and time keeping by our A&E division. It addresses the historical problem of not having everything consolidated in one place.
  • User-friendly
  • So many tools, functions and capabilities
  • We need more flexibility with workflow with clients and folks that don't have Procore of their own (specifically regarding permission access and restrictions)
  • We need different/better ways to report data for our programs, not just projects. We have many projects under a couple of program, and we want them all consolidated and reporting out of the program. Currently, we can only report from individual projects.
  • We need more flexibility with the RFI tool. We need the RFI tool to communicate two ways with the client and with internal employees, but it is currently a cumbersome and "chunky" tool if there are MANY RFI's going back and forth. We want an RFI tool that keeps all RFI's consolidated in one place, like a running list with dates and responses.
  • Would like to be able to created a schedule in MS Project format in Procore.
Procore seems to be well suited for many areas because of the flexibility that you have created within the system, and with continuous improvement measures that you make.
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Benjamin McLaws profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Procore to manage meeting minutes, RFIs, material submittals, shop drawing review, architectural set distribution, and record team directory. It is a good tool for recording and distributing changes in the project to all consultants. We communicate with all factories, architects, engineers, and general contractors to utilize Procore to: answer questions they have on the project, inquire for additional information and record for what change orders are warranted.
  • Tracking changes in project form factory and GC initial bid.
  • Develop RFIs for specific questions on specifications, scope of work and open items.
  • Generate templates for material submittals.
  • Track meeting minutes and distribute to consultants.
  • Record contact information for external consultants.
  • For modular construction, develop a process to easily keep track of modular shop drawings and revisions.
  • Have flexibility to adjust nomenclature for review process.
  • When viewing emails from Procore, it takes time to understand the purpose of email. Too much unrelated information is provided on email.
  • Wish Procore could auto generate emails to send consultants of due dates. Example, tell modular manufacturer they need to provide a material submittal by x days or they will be behind on material procurement.
In modular construction, the modular shop drawing review process has an issue in nomenclature and review. Architects and engineers need to review shop drawings to see if they match design intent for factories to build off of. We use the submittal tool to do the shop drawing review. The submittal tool marks reviewed drawings as approved, but it needs to be reviewed. Consultants will not take liability on accuracy of shop drawings to their city and state package. They would rather mark shop drawings as "reviewed by consultants" and if the factory finds discrepancies, they can issue an RFI to get clarification. Also it is messy to keep track of and keep organized. As a PM I have to spend a few hours a day to keep track of each shop drawing state and red lines. It would be nice for Procore to generate a report list.
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Matthew Long profile photo
May 15, 2019

Still Learning

Score 8 out of 10
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Used across our entire company as a Construction Management tool.
  • Supports plans.
  • Manages field changes.
  • Connects subcontractors.
  • One stop shop for all things needed minus accounting.
  • Accounting.
  • Streamline RFI.
Well suited to connect subs, manage the day to day projects, track job growth, etc. Lacks in accounting and scheduling.
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Andrew AugedeRancourt profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Procore across the whole company. It is helping us to be more efficient & better organized.
  • Drawing management.
  • RFI tracking.
  • Accounting integration.
  • Presentation.
Procore is excellent at managing, drawings & tracking RFI's.

The lack of integration with sage 50 accounting is frustrating.
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Carissa Stephens profile photo
May 16, 2019

Procore #1 Choice

Score 10 out of 10
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IEC uses Procore as a cloud-based project and financial management tool. We have 6 offices and multiple contracts around the United States which require coordination from multiple levels in and outside of the company.
  • Reduces double entry
  • Creates a single location for all data
  • Allows users of all skill levels to interact
  • Owner contracts with QuickBooks do not function as individuals yet.
Procore is perfect for any size general contractor or subcontractor.
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No photo available
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Procore is being used to keep all of the job site information in a localized platform that keeps all of the documents up to date. Rather than having to hunt for information across multiple platforms/places everything is uploaded to one website that everyone involved with the project has access to. We are using within the BIM, project management, and field departments. The guys in the field love it.
  • Organization is phenomenal.
  • Access by all users is fantastic.
  • Sometimes it is tedious to find a particular item but sometimes that is due to who has set the project up.
  • My computer is running Windows 7 and there is not an application that I can put on my computer to make it easier to access drawings.
Procore is great for any project of any significance of size. It is not really setup for an individual sub-contractor to access. It is made for general contractors.
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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
Procore was rolled out on a complex multi-year project that involved many team members who need multiple project management tools in one platform, rather than trying to duplicate work across many different systems. This synergy across the different tools saves time and simplifies how information is distributed to all team members.
  • Reports - Since you can track just about anything from deliveries, equipment, daily reports, punch lists you can generate reports to summarize the impacts of that data.
  • Document control - Keeps everything in one place and revisions/updates are managed easily.
  • RFI Organization - Make easy ball-in-court assignments to keep the flow of information moving.
  • Some challenges with handling specifications and verifying how sections are processed.
It's beneficial to connect lots of team members on large projects across each aspect of the project including the design team, owner, general contractors, project management team, and subcontractors.
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No photo available
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Procore is used to generate subcontracts and change orders to subcontractors, track changes to the project and generate appropriate documents to modify the contract with the owner, track submittals and RFIs, and monitor the project budget.
  • Allows design team to collaborate on RFI issues.
  • Tracks change events into subcontractor change orders easily.
  • Tracks change orders to subcontractors into change orders to the owner with relative ease.
  • Allows field staff to share photos of an issue with all team members, while at the same time archiving the photos with a single motion.
  • Design team members cannot handle submittal and RFI issues the same way. RFI issues need to be able to have collaborative input for resolution like submittal issues have.
  • When looking at the Change Events page, the info above the column headings scroll out of sight. Info should be able to be locked in place so we don't have to scroll all the way back u to move to the next page. Same applies to RFIs and submittals.
  • No supports for 360 photos for the iOS.
  • No Prime contract info available in the iOS version.
  • When creating a commitment, why can't the save/cancel buttons float at the bottom of the screen, so it isn't necessary to scroll up & down the entire page each time you make a modification?
Field observations are very useful. You can photograph particular conditions, save the photo in Procore for a particular location, and share the observation with the entire team, or selected members as necessary. The observation can be used to trigger change orders, safety issues, RFIs, etc very easily. The observation can be set to remind the involved parties that it remains open or in various stages of processing at intervals you can specify. This helps make sure open items get addressed and resolved in a timely fashion.
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No photo available
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Procore across our organization to collaborate with our subcontractors, employees, and clients by way of sharing the current version of the project drawings, documenting, distributing and tracking issues (observations), RFIs, punch list items, and submittals. Our clients especially like the photos tool, which automatically uploads our daily project photos, and notifies the clients so they can see real-time progress.
  • The Request for Information (RFI) tool is invaluable to document, distribute and track project questions and responses. The ability to select an official response(s) to distribute to the team means they quickly see the final answer and don't have to wade through the entire conversation.
  • The drawings tool is the most important and frequently used, to make sure all team members and subcontractors have easy access to current drawings with the ability to see previous versions, markups, and links to things like RFIs. The ability to place markup bubbles and links to RFIs, observations, etc on the live set of drawings, allows us to call attention to changes that are in progress, so workers in the field can easily see a change is happening before proceeding with work that might be affected by the change.
  • The Photos tool allows us to document daily progress, and automatically uploads the photos and notifies subscribed users, such as our clients, architects, and designers, who can view the photos to see real-time progress.
  • The submittals tool is overly complicated and could benefit by having the option to select an advanced or basic view. Also, a pop-up pointing to the drop down submittal status needing to be changed for it to actually be submitted would greatly help our less familiar users.
  • A simplified reports creation tool is desperately needed. Some of the canned reports are nice, but it would be nice to be able to easily tweak them rather than have to create a report from scratch, which can take a very long time, and is frankly hard to navigate and understand.
  • Some drop-down menus, such as to select subcontractors in the punch list tool, allow the user to start typing, and then the menu filters the results, while other menus, such as the trade drop-down menu, does not support this functionality. All menus in all tools should support filtering while typing.
Procore is great for project management tasks, such as for creating, collaborating and distributing RFIs to the design team. The Observations (issues), and punch list tools allow me to create, track and collaborate with our subcontractors and employees, to help prevent these miscellaneous items from falling through the cracks. In addition, the ability to create links to RFIs, observations, etc. on the project drawings (within the drawings tool), calls attention to important items that could get passed over by workers in the field, who primarily use the drawings tool.
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No photo available
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Procore is used by Estimating, Project Management and project superintendents for daily tasks (submittals, RFIs, plan access, daily reports, photo logging, etc.). It is also used by subcontractors, owners (sometimes) and architects. We are not using it for production reports and find the schedule module difficult to use. We do use it for email distribution and communication with subs.
  • Plan processing is great. We love that it makes single sheets from big files and is easy to update to keep sets current.
  • The submittal process works well. Granted, we are not receiving submittals from subs through Procore, but we do send them to the design team and to subs for redistribution.
  • RFI processing is easy with Procore.
  • I am disappointed with how scheduling works. Is there a way to upload Microsoft project schedules that can be viewed by all?
  • Is there a way to go "back" when doing a new submittal or RFI? If I don't post/send and I need to check something else, when I go back I lose what I have created.
  • Is there a way to "select all" when sending emails?
For us, the system of processing plans, RFIs, and submittals are very useful and it provides logical next in sequence documents, logs, and reports. I am able to receive a set of plans, process them fairly quickly, and email them to all subs easily. RFIs and submittals are similarly processed.
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No photo available
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We are a small general contracting firm with an annual volume of 10MM - 30MM. Procore was implemented a year and a half ago, and has since been utilized on 6 projects. Procore was a huge help on the financial side, but not so much on the project management side.
  • Change events and change orders are done exceptionally well in Procore. Very easy to issue subcontract change orders from approved change order. Fantastic was to track contract values.
  • Photo management with timestamps and comments. Great collaboration and ability to send photos in a PDF form.
  • Owner and subcontractor requisitions. Very fast and easy to use. Don't bother with formatting Excel files.
  • Pricing. For smaller companies, the cost is a huge barrier to entry.
  • Submittals.
  • Email blasts. There are so many emails sent our automatically, it is hard to determine what is critical and what is mundane.
  • Buy in from team members.
  • Ease of use. Requires extensive knowledge and training to utilize to full extent.
Well Suited:
1.Larger structured company.
2.Smaller company with people that embrace technology
3.Larger projects involving a project team consisting of multiple team members
4.Company that performs work in other city's / satellite offices.

Less appropriate:
1.Smaller company with individuals resistant to change
2.Geographic areas that are lagging behind technological advances (Big city compared to smaller rural city)
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No photo available
May 22, 2019

Huge Supporter!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Procore is utilized throughout operations in the organization (we are not utilizing estimating modules). The use of Procore facilitates our project management.
  • Procurement logs
  • Interactive photos
  • Meeting minutes
  • Integration into Sage/Timberline is a bit clunky
Very well suited for clients that expect a fully functioning and interactive experience with the project.
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No photo available
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We use Procore as the document management solution for all of our construction projects. It allows for collaboration between all parties involved in the project.
  • The RFI process allows for simple and effective collaboration between owners, architects, and contractors.
  • The drawings module is so easy to use, and prevents the need to constantly print out drawings for use in the field because the most up to date drawings are accessible via tablet, cell phone, and computer.
  • Procore has great customer service. The customer service is typically very quick and the representatives seem very knowledgeable.
  • We use Jonas for our accounting software, but unfortunately, Procore and Jonas do not work together.
I recommend that all construction companies could utilize Procore.
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Alexander Hansen profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Procore was implemented within our organization to increase productivity, reduce time spent on communications, and to ensure the quality of our communications from the sites was excellent all the time. Since its inception, we have expanded it out to our estimating department. It now allows us to send a project out for tender in a very short period of time and to qualified subcontractors who are suitable for the job.
  • Document Control: The power here is how a new set of drawings can be overlaid, uploaded, and disseminated to everyone who needs them within a matter of minutes and to a very detailed standard.
  • Defects Management: The process of defects management is a time consuming and detailed process when moving your project to Practical Completion. This module systematically tracks and communicates defects very efficiently. The WR code system has reduced our administration time and impressed our clients in a big way
  • Quality Assurance: We have been able to upload our ITPs into Procore which are now a standard checklist that site managers must complete at designated hold points along the way. These control measures have helped us maintain our high-quality standard and established a level of consistency across all our sites.
  • Programme: The scheduling component could be a lot better. We still use Microsoft Project as Procore is not a suitable alternative at this stage
  • Subcontractor Progress Claims: Other major Project Management systems integrate a portal for the management of the subcontractors progress claims and other required documents
  • Time Management: We still operate our time management manually. Procore could benefit from a module that tracks forecast completion dates, Contract completion dates, Extension of Time Claims (and approvals), Notices Of Delay. All of these should be at the Head Contract & Subcontract levels.
  • Submittals: This needs some work. When a document is rejected by an approving authority it should jump back to the previous step and be allocated to that person who is responsible.
Suitable for medium to large organizations operating across multiple sites. Unsuitable for small "one man band'" type organizations.
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Geoffrey Gray profile photo
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Procore to provide better integration between Project Managers, Field Staff, Administration, and Subcontractors. It does a great job with getting plans out in the field on a timely basis and assisting with field reports, photos, and reminding those involved with its ball-in-court process, etc.
  • The ball-in-court system provides up to date information on where things are in the system and reminding those of deadlines. Far better than a task list!
  • Having the plans online and in the cloud allows everyone to have the most recent plan at their fingertips. Also, the way that red-lines stay with the plan, even with updates, is a great feature.
  • Its ability to archive project related emails, by means of a simple "CC:", is extremely helpful.
  • Integration with accounting could be vastly improved. Procore can create a Schedule of Values and sync that with our Sage 300 CRE (which we converted to because of its integration with Procore). However, even though Procore can produce Subcontractor's requisition, Sage can't import that. So, we still need to enter it into Sage. We likely would not have converted to Sage 300 had we known this.
  • Document production. Though we were under the impression that it would produce documents, upon implementation we learned that it essentially produces a cover page. Document production needs to be done elsewhere. A better description of Procore's ability in this department is that it's a document manager, not a producer.
  • We are a bit unique, but we do not find the Estimate/Budget tool to be of value. We do not budget in great detail, so once it's being bought out we have too much retouching to make it worth our time.
Pros: Photos, plans, ball in the court. Being that this is a cloud-based system, we find that the Procore system is extremely helpful in getting the most up to date information in one place.
Cons: Estimate/budget, integration with Sage 300 CRE, and document production. We don't find the estimate/budget tool useful for our business model. The integration with Sage 300 CRE could be improved to allow subcontractor requisitions to be imported directly to accounting. Further, it would be a huge improvement for Procore to enhance document production. Specifically, we have a custom subcontract with fill-in fields that go with a project. It would be great if Procore could actually produce the document, rather than just manage it.
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Audie Whitfield profile photo
May 02, 2019


Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Procore is being used to manage all of our projects. We use almost every tool available to us in some way shape or form. Procore has solved our billing, purchasing, and field communication issues. One of our biggest problem is submittals. The follow-up and reminder alerts are the key. Daily reports and photos from our men help our PMs stay in tune with what is going on day to day.
  • Customer service is the most helpful tool. Whether it be through the chat or a phone call, the issue is always resolved.
  • Training videos
  • Always adding new tools
  • The change order tool is cumbersome
  • Sometimes the drawings take forever to download
  • The sync between drive and online seems to be delayed
Procore has completely transformed our planning. The commitment tool makes it possible for us to forecast cost in actual time. It also provides us with actual ETAs.The budget tool helps our PMs see the bigger picture and how every purchase can affect the bottom line. It also sends a clear picture of where any mistakes or over buying occur.
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Katy Calamusa profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Procore across the whole organization--all employees have access to the software. We use it to manage almost all of our active construction projects (as a general contractor, we do mostly tenant improvements, as well as some ground-up commercial buildings). In my position as Accounting Assistant, I'm responsible for billing all of our clients (i.e., property owners) and also for remitting payment to all the subcontractors. Both of these functions are done using Procore.
  • Owner billings are simple and easy to do, I can get them done very quickly.
  • Subcontractor invoicing is simplified, as contract amounts and change orders are right there--no guessing or arguing with subs about dollar amounts.
  • Budgets are easy to read and understand for the purposes of coding non-subcontractor invoices (for materials or other services).
  • Some of our smaller subcontractors find the invoicing a bit cumbersome on their end (particularly those that are less computer-literate).
  • Terms and/or places where you perform different tasks sometimes change (and throw us off for a minute).
  • As with any software, there's a reliance on the data being input correctly initially, in order to be able to pull back out what you need.
Billing our owners is very simple -- we have all different types of clients (large corporations, small companies, individuals) and it really works well for any size/type of owner. Subcontractor billings are great on my end but are sometimes difficult for our very small subcontractors to complete (they'd prefer to just email an invoice directly). Also, there are quite a few tidbits of information one must know in order to "allow" a sub to bill (for example, there must be an open billing period, which must be set up manually each month in each project).
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Plan distribution & viewing (411)
Plan markups & sharing (390)
Issue tracking & punchlists (388)
Photo documentation (417)
Jobsite reports (391)
Document sharing (429)
RFI tools (412)
Collaboration & approvals (407)
As-built drawings (119)
Mobile app (400)

About Procore

Procore is construction management software, or project management software with features specific to the construction industry. Procore enables construction professionals to collaborate on projects from any Internet-connected device with access to all project documents, contracts, RFIs, submittals, schedules, and drawings and more. Procore is cloud-based and allows unlimited users per instance, so that construction team members and stakeholders can all access project information.

Procore Features

Construction Productivity Features
Has featurePlan distribution & viewing
Has featurePlan markups & sharing
Has featureDocument sharing
Has featureIssue tracking & punchlists
Has featurePhoto documentation
Has featureJobsite reports
Has featureRFI tools
Has featureCollaboration & approvals
Does not have featureAs-built drawings
Has featureMobile app
Does not have featureSubmittal design and management
Estimating Features
Does not have featureTakeoff tools
Does not have featureJob costing
Does not have featureCost databases
Does not have featureCost calculator
Does not have featureBid creation
Additional Features
Has featureBidding
Has featureBudgeting
Has featureContract & Change Management
Has featureDaily Log
Has featureDashboard
Has featureDirectory
Has featureDocument Management
Has featureDrawing Management
Has featureEmail Tracking
Has featureMeeting Minutes
Has featurePhotos
Has featurePunch List
Has featureReporting
Has featureRFIs
Has featureSage 300 CRE Connector
Has featureScheduling Integration
Has featureSubmittals
Has featureTimecard
Has featureTransmittals

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