InterSystems IRIS provides your team a best-of-breed data interoperability platform
July 07, 2022

InterSystems IRIS provides your team a best-of-breed data interoperability platform

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InterSystems IRIS helps our organization quickly and efficiently develop solutions across our product suite. It is fully comprehensive allowing us to manage deployment, database configuration, connectivity, and routing of data throughout data lifecycle. The product roadmap is always growing to include features well suited for any company to store, organize, and analyze data.

Our company has used the database platform for decades and recently adopted their interoperability engine to enable multiple clients connect securely to our transactional routine engine in a myriad of formats (HL7v2, files, and custom data streams) allowing quick routing to the desired messaging server infrastructure (which transforms custom formats to our standard) and then sending transactions to the customer-specific database server for consumption. This allowed for easy adoption and support for our overall architecutre. As well as moving our company towards industry-standard techniques to promote easier onboarding of new employees within the integration, support, and development departments.
  • Receive, transform, and route data from multiple sources into a single standard makes implementing various data streams quick and efficient. Our company used this engine to not only receive data in and push data out, but also to identify when existing data changed to trigger events as needed to build interactive features into our product such as alerting and workflow rules as well as integration with third party vendors.
  • The data storage is easily configured and human readable through the definition of Cache classes. Our company built from scratch a comprehensive data model within days that was adopted for each new module within our application, all inheriting from a well-thought-out base class structure. Adjusting in future made it easy to write minimal amount of code to deploy changes across entire application.
  • Analyzing and reporting through multiple querying languages and a variety of connections is very fast. Our company also took advantage of the ability to build dynamic queries built solely off the interpretation of the underlying data models to process interface transactions with a standard, universal, approach that did not rely upon hand-crafting queries for each data model individually.
  • Our biggest hurdle is to continually inform new executives or chief architects about the role the InterSystems platform has in our environment. Most with no exposure immediately think they should change everything and move to something such as Microsoft SQL Server or other database platforms. Once we show them what InterSystems does for us and the exhaustive amount of features and functionality they usually get on board.
  • Onboarding new developers can be time consuming if they are new to InterSystems suite of products. But our experience is that adoption can be rolled out slowly within those areas that are industry standard (database configuration, reporting, etc.) as most of the content is standard and it is just some syntax and application hurdles to overcome.
  • Data Storage
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Interoperability
  • Employee onboarding can be difficult given the depth of the features and functionality of the IRIS platform. Utilizing the companies documentation, training, and commitment to their customers, as well as having a well-organized means to onboard new employees, can be critical in getting new hires up-to-speed. Once in place, however, it makes hiring staff with varying degrees of responsibility within your organization easy. Our companies customer support, new-client integration, application development, and analytics departments all use various aspects of the InterSystems IRIS platform allowing for a single "universal" language across our organization. This not only makes communication easier but provides clear organizational career paths a real possibility.
  • Solution Deployment is critical for our organization. We have 800+ local instances of the software installed at various hospitals and the deployment and implementation of new software features and functionality, as well as solutions to reported bugs, is critical. We use various tools and scripts throughout the IRIS platform to make rolling out new features as quick and efficiently as possible.
  • Cross-functional development on a single unified platform allows for each department to be able to integrate seamless with one another without having to integrate a suite of individual products. Our various departments can meet and collaborate with one another in determining the best, most efficient, way to integrate our various solutions without having to look for third-party vendors that can meet our standards.
InterSystems IRIS includes a wide array and assortment of otherwise stand-alone solutions. Having a single platform to support database interoperability, storage, and analytics, let alone Security and SQL tools is a great advantage over solutions that tackle a single aspect of the data lifecycle. If there is, however, tools and productivity software that your team prefers, InterSystems will have industry standard connections to help supplement their feature-rich applications.

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Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Teams, Navisite Productivity and Collaboration (Microsoft Office 365 and MDM)
InterSystems IRIS is particularly well suited for handling large-scale data integration projects. It allows companies to consolidate the software needed to connect, process, store, and analyze data using industry-standard data formats and tooling. The support and learning the company provides is best-of-breed. The only scenario where it would be less appropriate would be small-scale, minimal data storage, projects.

Our company is a large, healthcare-related, content management application that must process large amounts of real-time data transactions from the client's Electronic Medical Record (EMR), identify the Master Patient Index (MPI) to bring uniqueness to the patient data, and identify/alert customers with critical-to-mild processing issues - anywhere from data was rejected, to data was accepted but individual data elements need to be defined or adjusted before reporting can be deemed useful. This all has to be done within multiple transactions PER SECOND, and data has to be able to reported with minimal wait time for clients.

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