I was in a jam until I could replace scheduling with JAMS
June 15, 2022

I was in a jam until I could replace scheduling with JAMS

Ray Lidzy | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with JAMS

After trying to schedule up to 250 SQL Server Integrations Services (SSIS) packages each day using SQL Server Agent Jobs, I realized I needed something more flexible. In a previous position, I used Automic (UC4) for scheduling. I researched 6 scheduling systems and chose JAMS from HelpSystems. JAMS was about the same cost as UC4, but I had the opportunity to secure a license for Automate as well. After installation, I scripted the jobs for all of the SSIS packages and imported them into JAMS. There is an import process, but I found I could script the packages into jobs to import with less configuration on my part. I am very happy with my decision as it was easy to create calendar exclusions for the non-processing days and the workflows are easy to configure. I really like the workflow objects that can loop, branch, and selectively execute jobs based on previous results.


  • Flexible Calendar configurations
  • PowerShell execution with JAMS modules included
  • Simple to configure running jobs in parallel and sequences
  • Client views to watch the work flows as the jobs complete
  • Verbose logging to determine the issue when a job fails.
  • Easily restart a job after the issue has been resolved
  • Great integration with MS SQL server


  • Ability to drag and drop to move jobs to other folders
  • Shortcuts to navigate to frequently used folders
  • Hover objects to see schedule and other details at a glance
  • JAMS has reduced the time I spend on deploying new processes
  • JAMS has increase the reliability and visibility of work flows
  • When there are issues I can view the logs and history and resolve issues quickly
  • JAMS scheduling application is robust so jobs won't be missed when servers reboot
We are running JAMS on a small VM server. I know I will not reach the limits of what this one server can handle. We are optimistic that our growth can be maintained in JAMS without further investment. Reviewing the monitoring on my SQL Servers I can see the performance increases when I moved the scheduling out of SQL Server Agent Jobs. Since we've had JAMS we've increased the number of jobs we run daily with little effort to configure the workflows. For those that run hundreds of thousands of jobs per day, there are options to have High Availability with load balancing.
As stated earlier I had an issue with implementing an upgrade to an agent on a remote server. I opened a ticket and received a response within minutes. The issue was quickly resolved and all was secure and running smoothly within the hour. Previously I had an error on a local maintenance job. They were able to look at the situation and provide a resolution without delays in the scheduling.
JAMS is completely priced and is much easier to implement and configure. Like painting with a wide brush stroke the alerting and job actions are easy to apply. I have used other systems where each action required multiple configuration steps to stop the workflow when a job fails and to provide alerts. With JAMS I have a sound global configuration that keeps me informed of the schedule status.

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JAMS has performed flawlessly since its implementation. I received an allowance of 16 hours with an implementation technician. With his excellent explanation in 7 one hour sessions, I was up and running quickly. He was patient and showed me how to discover sample jobs in the generous list of provided samples, I was able to configure all of my jobs and schedule without delay. He was very helpful when directing me to use PowerShell with the JAMS modules as that has opened a new concept of scheduling and automation. I appreciate the tech support as well. When I had an issue upgrading one of the agents they were available within minutes. The alerting is excellent and I don't have to configure each workflow to wait and alert on error. I applied the parameters and properties to the parent folder so that all folders, tasks, sequences, and workflows automatically have the job waits, alerts, and continuation automatically applied. This was such a relief from the previous automation and scheduling systems I have used.

JAMS Feature Ratings

Multi-platform scheduling
Central monitoring
Alerts and notifications
Analysis and visualization
Application integration

Evaluating JAMS and Competitors

Yes - We were using SQL Server Agent Jobs to schedule and automate the Warehouse loading processes. There were other jobs we were doing manually simply because SQL didn't handle them well. We needed automations for a wide number of jobs and scheduling that was robust.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Product features and usability were the main factors we researched.
I would not have evaluated as many system that I did.


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