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Workload Automation Software

Workload Automation Software Overview

What is Workload Automation Software?

Workload Automation has developed from job scheduling software for running batch processes like payroll, processing inventory levels for re-stock, credit count account processing etc.

Workload Automation Software Features & Capabilities

  • Ability to manage a business process from end-to-end

  • Central dashboard providing data on trends and forecasts

  • Audit trails/logging to ensure regulatory compliance

  • Management by exception alerts and notifications

  • Analysis and visualization tools to help prioritize response

  • Application of a broad range of enterprise applications

Evolution of Workload Automation

A large number of IT processes enabled by IT are scheduled rather than being done in real time. However, traditional time-based schedulers have been eclipsed by event-based schedulers that respond in real time to business orders instead of doing them by batch. This new breed of event-driven schedulers have necessarily evolved to include things like dynamic resource management to make sure that resources are always available to fulfill business processes as necessary.

Workload automation tools are capable of handling event-based scheduling and resource management across a complex amalgam of applications, databases and architectures, both physical and virtual.


One of the biggest benefits of a comprehensive workload automation tool is that replaces the jumble of application-specific schedulers. It also provides IT administrators with a single enterprise-wide view of workload requirements across the enterprise. This enterprise-wide view allows administrators to plan for business events like marketing promotions that might otherwise overwhelm IT system resources.

Workload Automation Products

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BetterCloud is a SaaS Application Management and Security Platform that is designed to enable IT to centralize, orchestrate, and operationalize day-to-day administration and control for SaaS applications. The vendor says thousands of customers rely on BetterCloud to centralize data and controls, ...

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cPanel headquartered in Houston provides website hosting providers with workload and server automation, as well as a management console for creating and launching websites, managing email and web files, and other administrative tasks.

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inMotion is a work management solution designed for enterprise creative and marketing teams. The vendor says that unlike other solutions, inMotion combines creative brief management, project management, online proofing, and reporting into a single solution that is designed to help users get their...

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NetIQ Aegis is an IT process automation and cloud management platform from Houston-based company NetIQ, now a Micro Focus company.

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Automic One Automation Platform (formerly the CA Automic Business Automation Platform)is a workload automation and release / deployment management offering supported by Broadcom company CA Technologies, which provides an open, scalable and unified approach to driving automation across, enableing ...

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CA Server Automation is an IT workload automation offering from CA Technologies, generally for the automation of software deployment and configuration.

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Savision provides IT alert management and suppression, as well as automated incident workflows. Savision is a Martello Technologies property, since the 2018 acquisition.

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Stonebranch provides efficient enterprise-wide workload automation software solutions that are designed to solve complex IT business processes in a simple way - from Amazon Web Services, Docker, OpenStack, Hadoop, Microsoft Azure to z/OS batch processes on the mainframe.Stonebranch’s Universal Au...

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Nutrium is a online software that consolidates the efforts of nutrition professionals and their clients by providing both the ability to monitor progress and compliance. For nutrition professionals, nutritional assessment and creation of meal plans have never been so intuitive, claims the vendor...