Workload Automation Software

Workload Automation Software Overview

What is Workload Automation Software?

Workload Automation has developed from job scheduling software for running batch processes like payroll, processing inventory levels for re-stock, credit count account processing etc.

Workload Automation Software Features & Capabilities

  • Ability to manage a business process from end-to-end

  • Central dashboard providing data on trends and forecasts

  • Audit trails/logging to ensure regulatory compliance

  • Management by exception alerts and notifications

  • Analysis and visualization tools to help prioritize response

  • Application of a broad range of enterprise applications

Evolution of Workload Automation

A large number of IT processes enabled by IT are scheduled rather than being done in real time. However, traditional time-based schedulers have been eclipsed by event-based schedulers that respond in real time to business orders instead of doing them by batch. This new breed of event-driven schedulers have necessarily evolved to include things like dynamic resource management to make sure that resources are always available to fulfill business processes as necessary.

Workload automation tools are capable of handling event-based scheduling and resource management across a complex amalgam of applications, databases and architectures, both physical and virtual.


One of the biggest benefits of a comprehensive workload automation tool is that it replaces the jumble of application-specific schedulers. It also provides IT administrators with a single enterprise-wide view of workload requirements across the enterprise. This enterprise-wide view allows administrators to plan for business events like marketing promotions that might otherwise overwhelm IT system resources.

Workload Automation Products

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45 ratings
47 reviews
BMC’s Control‑M is designed to simplify and automate diverse batch application workloads while reducing failure rates, improve SLAs, and accelerate application deployment.
Amazon CloudWatch
71 ratings
34 reviews
Amazon CloudWatch is a native AWS monitoring tool for AWS programs. It provides data collection and resource monitoring capabilities.
BMC FootPrints
34 ratings
16 reviews
BMC FootPrints is an IT service management (ITSM) solution featuring workload automation.
9 ratings
13 reviews
cPanel headquartered in Houston provides website hosting providers with workload and server automation, as well as a management console for creating and launching websites, managing email and web files, and other administrative tasks.
ActiveBatch Workload Automation
5 ratings
6 reviews
ActiveBatch from Advanced Systems Concepts in New Jersey is IT workload automation software.
VMware Cloud Director (formerly vCloud Director)
9 ratings
4 reviews
VMware Cloud Director (formerly vCloud Director) is a cloud service-delivery platform used by cloud providers to operate and manage cloud-service businesses. The vendor states that by using VMware Cloud Director, cloud providers deliver secure, efficient, and elastic cloud resources to thousands of …
CA Workload Automation
4 ratings
4 reviews
As the name may suggest, CA Workload Automation is CA Technologies workload automation offering.
0 ratings
4 reviews
Redwood’s RunMyJobs® is a workload automation and job scheduling solution designed for and delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It transforms the digital enterprise with scalability and integration with all technologies in the modern enterprise. RunMyJobs unifies workflows across on-premises,…
Broadcom Automic Automation (formerly CA Automic Automation Platform)
5 ratings
2 reviews
Broadcom Automic Automation (formerly the CA Automic Business Automation Platform)is a workload automation and release / deployment management offering supported by Broadcom, which provides an open, scalable and unified approach to driving automation across, enableing the user to reduce time-to-valu…
Mitratech TAP Workflow Automation
4 ratings
2 reviews
TAP Workflow Automation is a true end-to-end business process automation solution, enabling clients to easily digitize any workflow. The vendor says benefits include improved efficiency, productivity, standardization and compliance, with substantial cost savings and quick time-to-value. TAP's drag-a…
CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager (formerly AppFog)
1 rating
2 reviews
CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager (formerly AppFog) is a cloud-agnostic application and infrastructure management platform with integrated Managed Services. The centralized platform manages workloads across on-premises and third-party cloud environments, allowing for greater scaling and transpa…
Dollar Universe Workload Automation (formerly CA Automic Dollar Universe)
5 ratings
2 reviews
Dollar Universe Workload Automation (formerly CA Automic Dollar Universe) is IT workload automation software developed by ORSYP and now owned and supported by Broadcom (via acquiring CA Technologies).
AWS Batch
1 rating
1 review
With AWS Batch, users package the code for batch jobs, specify dependencies, and submit batch jobs using the AWS Management Console, CLIs, or SDKs. AWS Batch allows users to specify execution parameters and job dependencies, and facilitates integration with a broad range of popular batch computing w…
vCenter Site Recovery Manager
3 ratings
1 review
vCenter Site Recovery Manager from VMware automates and tests recovery plans for virtual applications.
Micro Focus Operations Orchestration
1 rating
1 review
Operation Orchestration is workload or IT process automation software formerly supported by HPE, now offered and supported by Micro Focus since the September 2017 merger.
CA Scheduler Job Management
2 ratings
1 review
CA Scheduler Job Management is IT workload automation software from CA Technologies.
TrueSight Orchestration (formerly Atrium Orchestrator)
3 ratings
1 review
TrueSight Orchestration (formerly Atrium Orchestrator) is datacenter automation software from BMC.
SovLabs, part of CloudBolt Software
2 ratings
1 review
According to the vendor, SovLabs offers a new way for vRealize Automation (vRA) customers to accelerate their time to value and reduce administrative overhead. With an integration framework for extending vRA, SovLabs provides ready-to-run modules covering datacenter and cloud technologies, such as I…
NetIQ Aegis
NetIQ Aegis is an IT process automation and cloud management platform from Houston-based company NetIQ, now a Micro Focus company.
CA Server Automation
CA Server Automation is an IT workload automation offering from CA Technologies, generally for the automation of software deployment and configuration.
Tivoli Provisioning Manager
Tivoli Provisioning Manager is IBM's workload automation offering for automating software deployment and provisioning.
Stonebranch provides efficient enterprise-wide workload automation software solutions that are designed to solve complex IT business processes in a simple way - from Amazon Web Services, Docker, OpenStack, Hadoop, Microsoft Azure to z/OS batch processes on the mainframe.Stonebranch’s Universal Autom…
IBM Spectrum Computing
IBM Spectrum Computing is a suite of applications supporting workload management in a hybrid cloud environment.
Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Advisor (UCP Advisor)
Hitachi Vantara offers the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Advisor (or UCP Advisor), an IT workload automation solution designed to support a converged infrastructure.
IPsoft 1Desk
IPsoft headquartered in New York offers 1Desk, an end-to-end IT help desk workload and process automation platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses benefit most from workload automation tools?

Workload automation tools are most beneficial for businesses that have complex IT infrastructures, or limited IT staff. These businesses can use workload automation tools to save their staff time. For businesses with simple infrastructures and the staff to handle them, a workload automation tool may not be necessary.

If I already have schedulers for my applications, is a workload automation tool needed?

Many businesses handle their workload using individual tools specific to each application they use. For these businesses, a workload automation tool may not be strictly necessary, but can help to reduce the need for those individual tools. As those individual tools stack up it can become more efficient to use a single workload automation tool.

Are there free or open source workload automation tools?

There is a small selection of free workload automation tools available, though they are often limited when it comes to features or support. Many proprietary have a free trial that users can try before making a purchasing decision.