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What is JAMS?

JAMS is a centralized workload automation and job scheduling solution that runs, monitors, and manages jobs and workflows. Reliably orchestrate the critical IT processes that run your business from a single pane of glass.
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  • Central monitoring (13)
  • Alerts and notifications (12)
  • Multi-platform scheduling (13)
  • Logging (12)

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What is JAMS?

JAMS is a centralized workload automation and job scheduling solution that runs, monitors, and manages jobs and workflows. Reliably orchestrate the critical IT processes that run your business from a single pane of glass.

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Workload Automation

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Product Details

What is JAMS?

JAMS is an enterprise job scheduling and workload automation solution that manages IT processes – from simple batch processes and scripts, to cross-platform workflows that integrate jobs running on multiple servers and business applications. JAMS enables users to define, schedule, execute and monitor jobs from a single centralized console.

JAMS can automate jobs on any platform - Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM i, zOS, and OpenVMS and includes native application integrations to run jobs specific to databases, BI tools, and ERP systems. Its automation features enable users to run jobs on any schedule, as well as trigger off the completion of other events. JAMS centrally monitors the status of all jobs, provides notifications of failure (or success), and maintains a detailed audit trail and log of every execution.

JAMS helps enterprises eliminate the slack, security risks, and lack of visibility associated with trying to automate critical business processes with a jumble of homegrown, single-platform scheduling tools and scripts. Once jobs are centrally managed in JAMS, JAMS will manage cross-platform workflows to drive results.

A Key Part of Fortra (the new face of HelpSystems) JAMS is part of Fortra’s comprehensive portfolio. Fortra's goal is to simplify today’s complex business landscape by bringing complementary products together to solve problems in innovative ways. These integrated, scalable solutions address the many challenges businesses face in streamlining operations.

JAMS Features

Workload Automation Features

  • Supported: Multi-platform scheduling
  • Supported: Central monitoring
  • Supported: Logging
  • Supported: Alerts and notifications
  • Supported: Analysis and visualization
  • Supported: Application integration

Additional Features

  • Supported: Security settings
  • Supported: High availability
  • Supported: Relational job diagram
  • Supported: Job triggers

JAMS Screenshots

Screenshot of Dashboard - Job HistoryScreenshot of Visual Job EditorScreenshot of Centralized Job RepositoryScreenshot of Job Monitor

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JAMS Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Unix, iSeries, OpenVMS
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

JAMS is a centralized workload automation and job scheduling solution that runs, monitors, and manages jobs and workflows. Reliably orchestrate the critical IT processes that run your business from a single pane of glass.

Reviewers rate Central monitoring and Alerts and notifications and Application integration highest, with a score of 7.7.

The most common users of JAMS are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our firm utilizes JAMS to automate multiple business critical processes as well as improve QoL on information gathering and supplemental needs within our own team, department, as well as other departments. For example workflows keying on file transfers and kicking off additional steps in the process to ensure end to end automation and data processing within our firms environment. This scales up to multiple business applications for almost 24/7 processing in the background.
  • Provides a lot of power for powershell based processes
  • Extensible to multiple common use cases with SQL or other languages
  • AD Integration ability provides ease of access and security management
  • Ease of installation makes it easy to onboard end users and integrate into JAMS ecosystem
  • Provide more in depth documentation on both common features as well as lesser known or commonly used features. Only see a couple high level pages and it's hard to extend that knowledge into more complex use cases
  • Would like to see some more built in searching functions within job definitions to help filter and navigate larger folder hierarchies
  • Reliance on more code centric solutions for safe bulk updates can be a bit more difficult to implement on a larger environment
JAMS excels for simpler workflows that don't require in depth coding solutions within the JAMS environment, while still providing the option and extensibility to implement larger in house scripting as the situation demands. Being able to create long sequences of simple steps works well in JAMS as it's quick and easy to implement for various end users of different skill sets as well as providing the necessary scheduling and process infrastructure to help monitor and manage these processes. Whether is navigating across external servers and running executables or transferring files, JAMS covers those areas well while adding some helpful in house settings to automate job handling and process monitoring. However if we want to extend these sequences to be more robust and automate multiple executions of jobs, the learning curve increases rather sharply to adequately leverage the JAMS library correctly and efficiently across a higher number of moving parts. Navigating the JAMS data structure takes time even with the developers guide however because the platform is more open ended finding a solution is easier to this problem.
Very easy to scale up from a hardware and application perspective between the installation processes across multiple OSes and placing the servers within the JAMS environment. Between standing up a server and getting it connect is very easy and straight forward, the only issue with scalability is with the job management aspect. If we need to copy or apply a large number of varying jobs to the new setup it does take some time as the copy function and implementing the folder structure with appropriate settings and overrides can take up some overhead on the process.
The engineers at JAMS are very knowledgeable and provide in depth technical support in a timely fashion. While our group doesn't often send requests when we do the level of detail as well as clear guidance on any information on technical issues is great. For more open ended items or data related requests that may not necessarily be out of the box the do a good job of providing a framework of solutions to allow us to implement within our system.
Jay Prince | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Enterprise job scheduling for production and non production. Trading systems EOD processes, report generating, statement generation, trade file shipping, environment maintenance and trade archiving, among other jobs. Currently run 90k executions a day in productions and 70k executions a day in non-prod
  • high availability
  • ease of setup
  • reporting
  • monitor screen latency
we migrated off of VisualCron to JAMs enterprise wide. volume of jobs JAMS can handle is much better. HA option is a big selling point too
We have been able to scale the JAMS solution to all of our silos within 1 year with little to no impact during migrations
JAMS is very responsive to support. Additionally we contracted an engineer for 8 hours to do a health-check of our JAMS ecosystem that was very effective
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It schedules all of our custom jobs which take data in or out of our system. It also runs custom jobs to manipulate data in our system.
  • runs jobs
  • API documentation is poor
  • customer service is poor
  • native UI/UX
it does the job and we tax it heavily. with our schedules and concurrent runs, including repeats multiple times a day. But we have had serious difficulty with documentation and also in the area of contracting where we have servers coming in and out dynamically.
we use it for hundreds of jobs a day and it has scaled fairly well for that. But when it comes to making changes to values/configurations across our deployed jobs, in my experience it has been difficult.
In my opinion, it's pretty painful. For a simple configuration change, it took multiple rounds of back and forth with customer service. Almost like trial and error over the course of weeks if not months.
December 01, 2022

Jams Software Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Jams for the Job Automation and Processing. The File processing and Data ingestion into our Database is very critical for the success of our business and some of these files we receive from Vendors is nightly and has to be processed in a Sequential order and has to be processed both On-prem and in the cloud. We have automated these processes using Jams Tool
  • The WorkFlow Modules in Jams has helped tremendously with the Sequential processing of the files
  • Multiple Execution options from Powervshell to SQL stored procedures to SSIS packages makes it easy for legacy code executions
  • The Alert Notifications to page someone when a job failed is extremely useful
  • We could definitely use some better import Export features coming from other tools especially Automate since both are owned now by the same company
  • While submitting setups if you want to submit and select/Unselect only a few jobs a Select/Unselect all feature could be helpful
Its been well suited where Automation is used. Soem older legacy modules/companies used in built or Nightly Ops people to ensure processing happened in a timely and correct order, Jams does it best without a need for a fulltime FTE doing that.
Jams Customer Support has been Excellent. They are available to provide immediate support in case of issues needing immediate response and ensuring that the issue, questions is completely resolved to our Satisfaction.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have about 20k plus job which we schedule at various frequency and time, each with its own duration of execution. We needed an enterprise wide solution which would be able to handle the load of such big setup. JAMS has a big plus of having a customer support which helps us assist the optimal use of the tool.
  • Scheduling jobs in different timezones
  • Scheduling repeated recurring jobs
  • Able to set the resource count to 0 when doing patching etc
  • Also has a thick client and web api tool
  • Needs AWS support for cloud initiatives
  • Needs better swagger documentation from whats already present
Best appropriate when you have thousands of jobs to schedule and need an Enterprise level solution which has a good customer support. They need to better the license subscription model and need cloud support to be suited for scenarios which need cloud support too.
They have a very prompt customer support.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use JAMS to automate data transfers, quality checks and loading raw data from multiple sources into our data warehouse. JAMS allows us to automate this entire process, which uses multiple programming languages and statistical programs. We work with about 50 different data providers using different transfer processes, and JAMS lets us be compatible with all of these.
  • Automate workflows across languages
  • folder watches
  • UI could be improved
  • History search function could be more user-friendly
JAMS is great at automating processes that need to send information and variables across multiple platforms and programs. The scheduling functions and file watch triggers are pretty user-friendly and function well.
We mostly use JAMS for a smaller department and haven't had the chance to try to expand it yet
We did an in-person training, which was helpful and informative. The customer support reps are responsive and helpful. I do wish there was more documentation, or user forums and resources to try to research issues.
November 30, 2022


Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
JAMS we use it for all projects and it's a company level third party scheduler. With this JAMS we scheduled all dependency as a stream workflow.
JAMS works on both on perm and cloud.

It's a great tool, I'm using this scheduler for long time 7+ years.

I would recommend this to others to use it.
  • Workflow chart can be integrated easily
  • Dependency from different source system can called as a command prompt
  • Easy to trouble shoot audit log if job is failing
  • Monitoring is also a user friendly one
  • Some jobs with SSIS ETLs which are running longer duration 10+ hours then connection is disconnected in the JAMS for long running job, to handle this we are marking this job as success once it executed on the backend. Is there a way to handle this long running job in JAMS to increase job window tie for long running jobs?
In my organization total there are complete 300 jobs which are streamed in a workflow and few of them are scheduled base ones. All jobs configured easily in JAMS using power shell script.

JAMS can integrate in different environments.
it's a great prodduct
The support tasks are quickly resolved by the JAMS help desk team
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have automated over 500 tasks using the JAMS product and it helps us know if the task ran to completion and reports back on any errors that may have occurred in the process.
  • Automation
  • Status reporting of tasks being run.
  • Triggers jobs across many platforms
  • Syntax changes in major version upgrades rendered may of our tasks useless and needing to be re written.
JAMS task scheduler has enabled us to decrease out level of labor for repetitive tasks and gives us notification when the task fails or does not run to completion. Very solid product.
our license base has expanded considerably over the years and JAMS has scaled up with just a phone call and a license key to the level that we needed at the time of expansion.
JAMS engineering services are just a call away and additional licensing is quick and simple.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use this product to automate standard and repeatable workloads a cross our entire company. It has led to a massive reduction in time spent on standard, repeatable tasks, cost savings, and business efficiencies. We have used this in place of other scheduling applications within the business, including Control-M and the Windows Task Scheduler, to name a few.
  • Repeatable running of processes on a schedule.
  • Simplify automation of processes.
  • Allow non-technical staff to create complex automation tasks with a simple and understandable interface.
  • Clearer logging display.
  • Documentation of certain tasks.
  • In more examples of tasks.
Simplifying automation for nontechnical staff and making things just work quickly and with limited complexity. Documentation could be improved to include more examples as it currently doesn't include many examples of all the various functions and features that the application is more than capable of running to provide the best available use of the product.
I have not really used it previously very much.
Rob Grafrath | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We primarily use JAMS for file processing. This includes downloads, uploads, movement between network folders, and the importing or exporting of data from our production systems. We also use it for scheduling BI data extract and loads, and for report scheduling. Using custom execution methods, we have replaced multiple internal schedulers within our enterprise software platforms.
  • Job submission, scheduling, and monitoring.
  • Creating job definitions for multi-step processes.
  • Extending via C# .NET Custom Execution Methods.
  • Failed job recovery and notification.
  • Needs more built-in execution methods, and the existing methods need improvements.
  • Canceling and rerunning jobs needs clearer interface.
  • History search window needs folder browser.
  • Need to be able to move jobs and folders around, like a file explorer interface.
Any company that has talented C# .NET developers would greatly benefit from using JAMS by extending it with custom execution methods. Also, if you have ample PowerShell experience or simple needs that are met by the built-in methods, you'll do well. Companies without developers who can help create custom execution methods or PowerShell scripts to execute jobs won't get as much out of JAMS.
JAMS is inherently scalable; its architecture allows for multiple agents, multiple scheduler servers, agents running on multiple OS, and failover server environments. Conversely, a simple single-server JAMS installation delivers an immediate solution to small businesses. I would rate it 10/10 for flexibility if the custom execution method development process were easier to implement.
When I am having major issues with my JAMS environment, such as a proliferation of runaway jobs, JAMS support is quick to offer solutions. Usually, these take the form of PowerShell samples which can be run against production to stop or purge jobs from the schedule/monitor. Conversely, when I have logged bugs with JAMS they have been slow to implement fixes.
November 03, 2022

Automation at its finest

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I primarily use JAMS to automate file movement within our network, run SQL jobs, and SAS jobs as well.
  • Wide variety of applications it can be used with.
  • Robust scheduling options.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • No cloud connectors without using another product.
  • Job status reporting could be better.
The file transfer functionality combined with the ability to run PowerShell in sequences based on time, files, or numerous other scheduling options make this a powerful tool to automate so much of our environment. I can't imagine trying to run our daily operations without it.
It's very good with what it has, but it limits itself with some additions like being able to connect to cloud services. This is rolled into another one of their products, and sometimes I feel jams is purposely limited for sales opportunities for the second product.
99% of the time the support is top notch. If they can solve the issue they will. I personally have been dealing with an issue with them that seemingly cannot be solved without explanation which can be frustrating.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use JAMS to automate a variety of processes across multiple lines of business. If a process can be automated, we typically put it in JAMS. For example, we've automated generating data for integrations, automated legacy processes that used to require a manual button push, automated sys admin functions like moving files around, etc. We also like the monitoring capabilities of JAMS.
  • Easily schedule jobs with plain English rules, ie, "1st Monday of the month"
  • Create job dependencies with sequences
  • Easy to use Powershell as well as code from an assembly
  • JAMS has a web interface in addition to a desktop application
  • If your JAMS instance has hundreds of jobs, it helps to have additional RAM
JAMS uses both folder-level variables and job-specific parameters, meaning you can deploy the same code to multiple instances (Prod, Staging, Dev, Test, etc.) but target different databases and servers.

PowerShell jobs are particularly easy to write and run in JAMS.

JAMS allows for Execution Methods to be created. These are just references to assemblies. If you already have a custom application, you can refer to an assembly file from your existing codebase via an execution method, and then automate a process that is in your application's codebase with very little additional work.
We use JAMS across multiple lines of business. The jobs that run in JAMS can be as flexible as you can make them.
We haven't had to contact support often. When we have contacted them, they've been very quick to respond and very helpful.
Ray Lidzy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
After trying to schedule up to 250 SQL Server Integrations Services (SSIS) packages each day using SQL Server Agent Jobs, I realized I needed something more flexible. In a previous position, I used Automic (UC4) for scheduling. I researched 6 scheduling systems and chose JAMS from HelpSystems. JAMS was about the same cost as UC4, but I had the opportunity to secure a license for Automate as well. After installation, I scripted the jobs for all of the SSIS packages and imported them into JAMS. There is an import process, but I found I could script the packages into jobs to import with less configuration on my part. I am very happy with my decision as it was easy to create calendar exclusions for the non-processing days and the workflows are easy to configure. I really like the workflow objects that can loop, branch, and selectively execute jobs based on previous results.
  • Flexible Calendar configurations
  • PowerShell execution with JAMS modules included
  • Simple to configure running jobs in parallel and sequences
  • Client views to watch the work flows as the jobs complete
  • Verbose logging to determine the issue when a job fails.
  • Easily restart a job after the issue has been resolved
  • Great integration with MS SQL server
  • Ability to drag and drop to move jobs to other folders
  • Shortcuts to navigate to frequently used folders
  • Hover objects to see schedule and other details at a glance
JAMS has performed flawlessly since its implementation. I received an allowance of 16 hours with an implementation technician. With his excellent explanation in 7 one hour sessions, I was up and running quickly. He was patient and showed me how to discover sample jobs in the generous list of provided samples, I was able to configure all of my jobs and schedule without delay. He was very helpful when directing me to use PowerShell with the JAMS modules as that has opened a new concept of scheduling and automation. I appreciate the tech support as well. When I had an issue upgrading one of the agents they were available within minutes. The alerting is excellent and I don't have to configure each workflow to wait and alert on error. I applied the parameters and properties to the parent folder so that all folders, tasks, sequences, and workflows automatically have the job waits, alerts, and continuation automatically applied. This was such a relief from the previous automation and scheduling systems I have used.
We are running JAMS on a small VM server. I know I will not reach the limits of what this one server can handle. We are optimistic that our growth can be maintained in JAMS without further investment. Reviewing the monitoring on my SQL Servers I can see the performance increases when I moved the scheduling out of SQL Server Agent Jobs. Since we've had JAMS we've increased the number of jobs we run daily with little effort to configure the workflows. For those that run hundreds of thousands of jobs per day, there are options to have High Availability with load balancing.
As stated earlier I had an issue with implementing an upgrade to an agent on a remote server. I opened a ticket and received a response within minutes. The issue was quickly resolved and all was secure and running smoothly within the hour. Previously I had an error on a local maintenance job. They were able to look at the situation and provide a resolution without delays in the scheduling.
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