Best on the market but needs improvement.
January 25, 2014

Best on the market but needs improvement.

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I am a technical recruiter and I currently use Jobvite to submit candidates to my clients who used Jobvite as their ATS. My company itself doesn't use Jobvite, however. I did use Jobvite when I was an internal recruiter at my previous job. There, I used Jobvite to track, message, and schedule interviews for my candidates. I also used it to communicate with hiring managers on different teams. I liked using Jobvite because it helped keep all communications and interactions in one place.
  • I think Jobvite is intuitive and easy to use. The UI is clean and just about anyone can learn how to use it.
  • Jobvite is easy to set up and easy to link with your accounts. It integrates easily with your email and calendar.
  • Jobvite helps anyone in an organization who is involved in the hiring process communicate better, provide feedback, review notes and resumes all in one place.
  • One thing that I really disliked about Jobvite when I was an internal recruiter is how the page would refresh every time I would schedule something. It was extremely time consuming and frustrating when I scheduled interviews for 6-8 interviewers and had to wait for the page to reload 6-8 times.
  • Another thing I found frustrating is the fact that I couldn't have two Jobvite windows open on different pages. It was extremely difficult to multitask.
  • Currently as an agency recruiter submitting candidates to organizations, I find it frustrating that I cannot search within candidates. Since I have 500+ candidates who I have submitted, I have to click from page to page to find a candidate by alphabetical order.
  • I think Jobvite creates a better experience for employees within an organization overall, but not always a better experience for candidates. Often emails to candidates would go into their SPAM folders or they just didn't know how to use it properly for messaging.
  • Currently, on the agency side, submitting candidates through Jobvite has been extremely time consuming. Jobvite cannot read most PDF resumes, so in turn, I am forced to convert PDF resumes to word docs and manually type in info like names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. It slows me down, especially when I am submitting multiple candidates for multiple roles.
  • I feel that Jobvite has helped improve communication between myself, my clients, and my candidates. Since agencies are CCed on all emails companies send to candidates, I can easily track the stage of process which my candidates are in.
The only other recruiting tool I have used besides Jobvite is Maxhire. While Jobvite is an Applicant Tracking System, Maxhire is a Client Relationship Management System and used a little bit differently. Although Maxhire is more useful for me as an agency recruiter currently, I do feel that Jobvite is much easier to use. It's really difficult to compare the two as they serve different purposes.
If I were to become an internal recruiter again, I would almost definitely use Jobvite. I liked the fact that we could set up any job application link on our company web site to connect directly to Jobvite. I also liked that Jobvite made employee referral easy to submit, as employee referrals tend to be the highest quality candidates. Jobvite really has all the tools a recruiter needs to get a candidate through a recruiting process quickly without anything slipping through the cracks. Even though there are a lot of features I feel can be greatly improved, I don't think there is anything on the market today that is better than Jobvite.
I think Jobvite works really well when there is a strong flow of candidates coming through. If a recruiter is managing multiple requisitions, I would definitely recommend Jobvite as the ATS. It's almost impossible to manage communication between candidates, hiring managers, interviewers and agencies without this tool. However, Jobvite might not be as useful for a small company or startup looking to hire 2-3 people.