Experienced CMS User Review of Kentico
April 08, 2014

Experienced CMS User Review of Kentico

Jon East | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction

Speaking on behalf of my experience implementing Kentico for many organizations, I have found Kentico to be flexible and work for organizations with both small content management teams and large distributed content management teams. It is critical to understand the current workflows for generating and publishing content so you can setup the system to work for your organizations content managers vs requiring them to change their workflows.
  • Kentico provides a great developer experience. It uses current, up to date .NET technologies and has an open and extensible API, providing complete flexibility
  • Kentico provides an intuitive content management experience resulting in positive adoption by content contributors
  • Kentico is flexible allowing it to be used for organizations of all sizes
  • Kentico focuses on the "portal" model which is less attractive to experienced .NET developers. Thus features often come out for that model before the "aspnet" model.
  • There is currently no adaptive image solution for the "aspnet" model; however, they have a method for suggesting improvements. I have already submitted this feature request and it is under review! http://kentico.uservoice.com/
  • Kentico has enabled faster speed to market for SMEs. They are empowered to enter content them selves while still having that content go through editorial review to ensure tone of voice and brand are maintained.
  • Deploying Kentico has freed up web developer resources from manual content entry enabling them to build more useful solutions to support the business efforts
  • Tapping into the Kentico event pipelne allows us to trigger external system events when product content is published.
Kentico has been my go to .NET CMS for nearly 8 years. Over that time I have also implemented nearly a dozen other CMS products for organizations. Through those experiences I still consider Kentico the best .NET CMS offering. They continue to improve on the product and keep the technologies up to date.
Since Kentico offers perpetual licenses the only additional cost is for support if I need it. Its pretty fantastic as many other CMS products charge annual license fees based on the number of servers it is deployed to or the number of content contributor logins which can get expensive fast.
Kentico requires a .NET environment and experienced .NET developers. Beyond that take the time to understand how best to setup the project and make it work for your existing business users and content contributors to ease the process of change.