My experience with Kronos WFR
September 07, 2016

My experience with Kronos WFR

Volkan Tuncer (P. Geo.) | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Kronos Workforce Ready

My company is a manufacturing company with approximately 30 plants/locations in the US and Canada. Kronos is used as a time system in those plants. We are implementing each plant one by one. Up to now, we have implemented 11 locations, and we will implement rest of the locations within a year. I work within the payroll department. We collect all time information from plants and provide it to the payroll system. During implementation we write the pay calculation rules, create pay categories and time categories, and schedules etc. Then we train the admins, HR admins, and supervisors in those plants. My friend and I support them as the company system admins when they go live with Kronos.
  • You can see all the punches live on your system.
  • The reporting feature is almost excellent. I like that all the pages that we use can be turned into a report. I like all the flexibility with the reporting feature.
  • Filtering options are very flexible as well. I can filter whatever I want to see on any page.
  • You can share your reports with anybody you want. You can also set e-mail configurations to send reports regularly to employees or to yourself.
  • The options on the pay calculations should be increased. For example, I can simply set the holiday pay to be 11pm from previous day to 11 pm on the current day, but I cannot do the same thing with special Sunday pay. I had to put 5 different conditions to automize those rules.
  • Lunch rules should be flexible too. For example there is mandatory second lunch in California after 12 hours. But I could not figure out how to set the second lunch. Kronos does not recognize a second lunch, it recognizes it as break even though they are both half an hour sometimes.
  • More dropdowns should be added to Kronos. For example, when I am in the timesheet screen, I should be able to select my employee within a dropdown. The split view decreases my page resolution and the arrows do not work as I want them to.
  • The menu levels that I see on the top of the page should be clickable links. For example, when I am on the fifth level I should be able to click the second or third level. Right now, I have to start from the beginning.
  • We can manage to do most manual calculations automatically with Kronos which saves time and money.
  • Reporting and tracking employee behavior is very easy with Kronos.
  • While implementing, we discovered some payroll errors and corrected those errors. In most cases, it decreased costs for our company.
I have not really used other systems but while implementing Kronos, my colleague and I have seen the old time systems that they use. So far, we have seen E-Time, ezLaborManager and TimeClock Plus or Time Clock +. With E-Time the dropdowns are a plus. There is also flexibility in transferring hours and making them count towards overtime (or not). We do not have that flexibility in Kronos. TimeClock Plus seems to be able to handle very complicated rules. I am not sure if Kronos can handle that much complexity yet. We are working on it at the moment.
I would most likely recommend Kronos to my colleagues. I can see lots of advantages. But I would listen first regarding their needs and if I think it would fit their need I would strongly recommend it. If I think that they have complicated setups for their location, then I would recommend they contact Kronos, and ask if it is possible to do what they wanted.

UKG Ready Feature Ratings

Employment history
Organizational charting
Organization and location management
Pay calculation
Support for external payroll vendors
Report builder
Pre-built reports
New hire portal
Manager tracking tools

Evaluating Kronos Workforce Ready and Competitors

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I was not involved in the decision process, I was not working at this company at the time. When I joined there were already 5 plants implemented. I implemented 6 more. But if I had the chance, I would go with Kronos because of its features and reputation. I do not have any ideas on other systems or Kronos WFC, but my experience with Kronos Workforce Ready is generally positive.

Kronos Workforce Ready Support

I like the support call system. You do not need to wait minutes or hours to talk to somebody. You mention your problem, and somebody who knows that subject calls you back. They generally help you right away. They also teach how you can correct the issue next time. Sometimes they take 24 hours to call you back though.