Lansweeper. Great for Small businesses, seriously lacking for bigger companies.
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July 10, 2018

Lansweeper. Great for Small businesses, seriously lacking for bigger companies.

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Overall Satisfaction with Lansweeper

We selected Lansweeper after reading reviews and talking to other users. It was being used to address license compliance in our varied network which included a few business units, mobile users, and home workers. The best thing about Lansweeper is the price - it is cheap. The other thing is that it can pick up all the hardware assets on our network and we can make a diagram about where everything resides. However, we found that agentless has a huge drawback - it will only scan what it can see. In our varied network, we didn't see some users for weeks, other networks and business units were invisible and this really wasn't a product for our environment. We needed agents.
What really hit home was the recognition or lack of. Microsoft recognition was not bad but the datacenter needed total manual intervention. Office 365 wasn't picked up and no usage statistics. Anything beyond Microsoft/Adobe Acrobat/Sophos was a challenge. In conclusion, if you're 50 or 100 users, go for Lansweeper. If more complex, don't waste time or embarrassment in having to change the product later.
  • Picks up items on the network such as switches printers. I like the fact that toner is running low but to a large business like ours, that doesn't make much difference. For small businesses, that would be good.
  • Connects to Dell/HP to get warranty info. Not always but good to see some areas populated.
  • The scan is quite quick, will bring back some useful data.
  • Can only scan what it sees. Doesn't show every item on the machine. Patches are also absent.
  • Software Recognition is OK with Microsoft. It is dire within our network of multiple products. Recognition is at about 35% with constant manual work needed to baseline for each manufacturer in each network
  • Datacenter compliance is a manual project. We used Excel extensively.
  • License optimization is limited to installations v surplus licenses. We need to know who's using what and how.
  • I would consider that ROI has been achieved - it wasn't expensive. However, Spiceworks could have done the same for free.
  • Too much manual intervention. Not strong beyond basic Microsoft products so we had to keep an eye on everything.
  • Great sniffer of hardware on the network including switches, routers, printers.
  • Lack of features that are essential for enterprise ITAM.
Two very different products. Snow has agents, Lansweeper is agentless with massively different functionality. Lansweeper will be good for 150 to 200 user businesses, Snow is better for anything larger. Lansweeper has little software recognition beyond Microsoft. Snow has better recognition. Lansweeper picks up every device on the network - Snow will only report on devices it has an agent deployed on. No switches, routers etc
Suited for the basic x86 environment of Windows machines and those looking for hardware discovery. I would say 150 to 200 device companies it is recommended. Unfortunately, for our environment, it lacks the detailed data, software recognition, coverage and functionality to be considered encompassing.

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Software and hardware inventory tracking
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