Best Lead Generation Platform Ever
Kim Yalong | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 29, 2017

Best Lead Generation Platform Ever

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Overall Satisfaction with LeadFuze

I am using LeadFuze to generate leads for the whole company. We are a B2B sales coaching and recruitment company and we are often looking for decision makers to connect with. This is incredibly hard to do manually but LeadFze has the capabilities to reduce my daily grind from 3-4 hours per day to about 45 minutes. I was spending too much time trying to find leads that I was neglecting to nurture them. Leadfuze does it for me and as a result, our business runs a lot smoother.
  • The quality of leads that I am generating is phenomenal. In all honesty, the information Leadfuze gives me in 30 seconds, is something that should take me hours.
  • The automated email sequences are brilliant, they allow me to set it up once and the platform will monitor and filter for me. This filters out the people who aren't interested and allows me to see the ones that are and direct them into my pipeline effectively.
  • The customer service is one of the best I have ever come across. I had a few little issues when implementing what I wanted to address and the customer support team was amazing, making sure to follow up my query and check back in with a solution and still followed up after to make sure I was good
  • Some companies have multiple directors or partners, it would be good if you could separate them into companies so I don't send them all the same message.
  • Some places are not available when you search for them on their own, but when you cast a wider net they are. Example, I cannot search Brisbane Australia but if I type Australia, Brisbane is one of the areas I can see.
  • Sell it to me in AUD, that would be amazing!
  • I have saved myself 60 hours a month in lead generating which has freed me up to make better decisions and work more on my business than in it.
  • The quality of leads I am getting has [increased] my conversion rate up by 200%.
  • I don't have to think so hard about where to look and when, LeadFuze does it for me, gives me the leads and automates the email sequence for me.
Personally, I found that having to pay for someone else to do my lead generation and wait for a week for them to get back to me painful. I also found with LinkedIn that even though I could inmail connections, I was limited in how many emails I could per month and this restricted my lead generations efforts. Given the price point, I can see why you would as it's fairly cheap to use LinkedIin but I would prefer to spend a little bit extra for a massive range of options and quick functionality.
If I could give this an 11 I would. I have found since setting up with LeadFuze that the power behind this platform is brilliant. Need to find someone specific? Look it up. Need thousands of leads? Look it up. No matter what I need, Leadfuze has a solution for me which is brilliant!