Leadpages Could Really Help You Get Ahead!
February 05, 2018

Leadpages Could Really Help You Get Ahead!

Greg Dungan | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Leadpages

I have used Leadpages mainly to host landing pages for email and digital ad campaigns. I have run Facebook Ads that drive traffic to landing pages hosted on Leadpages. I have run email campaigns using Leadpages to host the landing pages that inform customers about my products and services. I have used Leadpages' Leadboxes product to place call-to-action buttons on client websites. I have even used Leadpages in conjunction with WordPress to host pages on client websites, because the design tools were easier to use and they produced a more professional looking page.

Leadpages is an excellent, low-cost product that allows companies to provide the benefits of automation with out breaking their budgets. It offers good analytics, excellent integration with other services like AWeber or Constant Contact, and an easy-to-use interface that makes designing simple and quick. And now, since they introduced Drip to handle email campaigns, Leadpages can handle more than ever before.

The other nice thing about Leadpages is that there are so many design templates and training videos on the web for it, because it is so widely used in the Digital Marketing industry. Their support is responsive and friendly. Their product is reliable. And I whole-heartedly recommend their service.

  • It hosts landing pages like a champ. This is especially helpful if your website is not built well or is difficult to work with.
  • It provides special interactions like Leadnumbers for trackable, clickable phone calls and Leadboxes for attractive call-to-action buttons on your website. This helps with customer interaction and getting eyeballs on the content you want them to see.
  • It makes designing landing pages simple and quick and even helps you to SEO them for good link juice. This keeps you from having to hire a designer to create every little thing. And, if you have a designer, it makes designing landing pages super simple, so it can be done and up fast.
  • It provides clear and comprehensive analytics that you can read and make sense of easily. This lets you evaluate your campaign and quickly make informed decisions about what to do next.
  • I think that Leadpages has come a long way from when I first began using it. The addition of drag-and-drop page building was a big help. Also, the development of Drip to manage email campaigns bought a whole level of functionality to the product.
  • I would like to see them provide integration for chatbots and live chat features.
  • I would also like to see them provide more interaction for social media posting and Facebook Ads.
  • Leadpages is still my go-to solution for marketing clients who have small budgets and little to no experience with automation. It allows me to run campaigns complete with landing pages even if I don't have access to their website. This is especially helpful for local franchises who have very little access to the company website.
  • Leadpages' Leadboxes have been especially helpful when building sites within the Real Estate market. I cal place an eye-catching call-to-action message anywhere I need to, connect it to a form, and track the submissions to measure its effectiveness.
  • When I was first starting out as a digital marketing firm, Leadpages allowed me to offer services that larger firms were offering at a price I could afford. This was pivotal in securing some of my early clients and building my company.
I believe that Leadpages is the most full-featured and reliable solution for hosting landing pages and creating forms. What it didn't offer until recently was the ability to manage email campaigns and customer lists. Their Drip product offers some of that functionality now. It won't replace a robust CRM platform or an ATS solution, but it will offer some functionality to a growing company.

I chose Leadpages for it's ability to host professional-looking landing pages and forms. I was using AWeber at the time to manage my email lists and Leadpages was the landing page solution in my tech stack. I'll still use Leadpages for clients who need limited but reliable functionality on a small budget.
Leadpages is an excellent product for small businesses with limited budgets. It doesn't provide the automation abilities of a product like SharpSpring, HubSpot, or Marketo. However it provides the basic for getting started with marketing automation. You'll still need to use it as one item in a tech stack of things, but the value you get for the money you spend usually makes it worth it if you're just starting with this kind of stuff.

Where I would not recommend Leadpages is to larger companies who can and should be using enterprise-level solutions like the ones I mentioned above. Once you have mailing lists with thousands of people on them and you're funneling tons of internet traffic through your site, you'll need tools with larger capacities and more robust features. Please understand, though, that my lack of recommendation to large companies has nothing to do with the quality of Leadpages' product or services. It's simply based upon the needs of bigger companies.