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May 10, 2018

LinkedIn Talent Finds the Talent

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Overall Satisfaction with LinkedIn Talent

Our organization has licenses for LinkedIn Talent accounts. Most recruiters are afforded the ability to use only the LinkedIn Recruiter function, or more to the point, the InMail feature, which allows us to source both active and passive candidates. Our organization does have some job postings, but they are very limited and most recruiters, myself included, do not have the luxury of taking advantage of them.
  • Absolutely the best in sourcing high-level candidates that are both actively and passively searching for new job opportunities. The advanced search feature, and the ridiculous number of filters, really helps you identify the best talent that is perfectly suited to the positions you need to hire for.
  • Metrics! I rely almost exclusively on InMail for my recruiting efforts for higher level positions, and LinkedIn provides a number of key metrics to ensure I am optimizing my InMail messages. Notably, you can track the positive response rate of different templates, which really helps you hone in on what type of message works best for beginning the conversation with potential candidates.
  • Project organization. Typically, I work on 3 roles at a time. Often times while sourcing for my active reqs, I come across candidates that I think are really great, but just not a great fit for anything I am working on. Being able to save them to various projects based on skill set helps me to quickly find qualified candidates as soon as a new job order opens up.
  • When running an advanced search, you can sort out individuals that have previously been contacted, tagged, or saved to a project. I wish they would add to this list the ability to sort out profiles that you have viewed within the last day, week, month, etc., to help me avoid accidentally looking at the same profile over and over again.
  • I wish job postings were more affordable. This is a feature that I would like to be able to take advantage of, but my understanding both from current and previous use is that job postings on LinkedIn cost an arm and a leg.
  • I would appreciate if I could either see if a profile has already been added to our resume database so I can check to see if another recruiter is actively working with them or if someone possibly has in the past. Although rare, I do sometimes run into candidates that are already working with another recruiter in a different position. It is unfortunately not feasible to check every profile against our database before sending an InMail if I hope to have an even mildly productive day.
  • My AWGP from hires sourced on LinkedIn is over $2,000 in approximately the last 4 months.
LinkedIn Talent is in an entirely different league than ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter simply does not stack up in terms of finding the same high-level, professional talent. If you are sourcing for lower-level positions, Zip will probably give you a bigger candidate pool to fish from, but the majority of candidates and resumes you find will be worthless. If you are looking at things in terms of quality vs. quantity, LinkedIn Talent is the obvious choice.
There is no platform I would rather use for sourcing candidates. Instead of waiting for people to apply for your job and hoping they are qualified, you have the luxury of being able to go out and find qualified candidates yourself.

LinkedIn Talent is poorly suited as a bonafide applicant tracking system. It won't be ideal for helping you track people from start to finish in the hiring life cycle, but I do not believe that has ever been the goal for this platform.

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