Learn to never stop learning. Learning (
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May 12, 2017

Learn to never stop learning.

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The whole world is moving to an online method. has quickly become an incredible vehicle for knowledge transfer and learning. Someone can learn what they want, as often as they want, entirely at their own pace. Excellent quality lessons available for all shapes and sizes of use-cases.

Though my experience is based on personal usage, it's easy to see the positive impact can have within an organization for any number of use cases. Excellent training content can help with ramping up employees, onboarding, learning new programs, use-cases, tactics, tips, etc.
  • Providing a large amount of content, with well-executed training content. Able to choose areas of interest and begin the learning process at your own pace, taking on courses and content ranging from completely beginner levels up the scale to advanced learning.
  • Very easy-to-use interface that allows for an easy adoption and to hit the ground running with little to no need for instruction or hand holding.
  • Ability to set playlists lets a user browse through and tag content that they're interested in, able to tackle at a later date. Allows for better organization, structure, and ultimately helps lead towards similar content that's of interest to the user(s).
  • Easy to point the finger at pricing. Though in my opinion content is priced fairly, paying less is always of interest to society. That said, should the content suffer, lowering pricing wouldn't pose as a benefit to their offering.
  • Perhaps more of a tiered or a la carte model would attract more users: particularly low-usage users.
  • For personal use, it is difficult to associate an ROI. How do you put a price on knowledge? On entertainment? Ultimately provides both, and at a fair market price for the tools being provided. Ultimately you can make your own experience, based on desire and dedication to your goals.
  • From a business standpoint, could certainly pose beneficial in the training and onboarding of employees, developing new content knowledge, making technical and vendor decisions, etc. There's no such thing as too much knowledge; is the vehicle to a lot of vital knowledge.
  • YouTube is sort of a glorified way to locate and manage worthwhile content, with the content itself being verified and administered. Though it comes with a premium, there are distinct advantages to for learning content. Convenience comes at a premium: such is life. People shop at convenience stores despite higher prices because, yes, it is convenient. Same logic applies to online learning content, especially for higher quality. is a great tool for personal use, or for usage in an organization. Considering the vast amount of content, ranging from personal to corporate usage, users can vary their experience based on the scenario. Since the courses range in difficulty and familiarity, it's easy to attract individuals to new solutions, tools, use-cases, etc. All in all - a great tool that can be leveraged for a number of different needs.