TrustRadius (now offered as part of LinkedIn Learning) is an elearning course library acquired and now supported by LinkedIn in May 2015. is such a great investmentAt a higher education institute, is available to students and staff for professional and personal development. is available across the whole institution., has a variety of courses that can be applicable to anyone. The cost of use is free for us in our institution. There is access to different supplemental resources in each course., can be overwhelming at times and the resources are not always organized in a conducive manner for learning. I think there is room for additional courses on certain topics like how to use statistical packages such as R, Stata, SAS.,10,Overall, has provided me with a good ROI because it allows me to be efficient and knowledgeable in my job tasks.,Coursera,Microsoft 365 Business, monday, Blackboard Learn, Skype for Business (formerly Lync)Lynda: The Best System for Personal or Professional DevelopmentCurrently, Lynda is being used for department-wide professional development. We have been focusing on specific topic areas that would help us be better professionals and educators. For example, a topic we as a department were trained on was Emotional Intelligence. Our HR rep took us through a couple of modules and we were tasked with finishing modules at home to complete the course. You can see a large difference in decision making and intentional conversations that staff members have had post-Lynda training. Lynda has helped solve the issue of providing amazing professional development for staff members with a limited department budget. Lynda offers a wide range of modules that can be taken in a group setting or at-home.,Lynda is user-friendly, even for those who are not as tech-savvy. This enables staff members of all ages to be able to participate in training leaving the feeling of confusion behind. Lynda offers a wide variety of learning courses to its users. This is especially important for business who rely on Lynda for professional development opportunities. Lynda is cost effective and makes the larger business money when they subscribe. Lynda provides an avenue for businesses to invest in their professionals which can help increase business outcome and even increase revenue.,Not too many cons other than some course certifications do require payment.,9,Lynda has helped increase professional certifications within the department. Certifications have made the professionals who desire to move up or out of the company more competitive. Lynda has provided professionals with an opportunity to self-develop which has enhanced the quality of our professionals.,Coursera,Google Forms, Qualtrics, Blackboard,17Excellent educational resourceAt my previous position at a state university, we initially signed up with to provide training videos for employees and staff. has a huge collection of educational material that is accessible in a very interactive manner. Following the success of the website with employees we rolled out a campus initiative to allow access to students as well. It was a huge success and we gained lots of positive feedback for that.,Has a huge collection of training videos and courses. Videos are appropriately tagged and all helper files for following along with the course are available for download.,Overall, the content available through the website is sufficiently large for most users. However, I did feel as if the website did not have the latest courses on newer or upcoming technologies in the software development field.,8,In our use of this website, we've received tremendous positive feedback from the users. A lot of employes and students are benefiting from this service to help improve their skill sets.,Udemy for Business and Coursera,BlueJeans, Adobe Analytics, Adobe PhotoshopGreat educational is an amazing instructional, educational website. We have contracted with Lynda to serve up instructional videos that our internal staff and administrators use on a regular basis. We use it for enhancing our workforce's skill sets., has a wide range of instructional training videos on a lot of different subjects. The training videos can be watched as one-off or users can enroll in specific courses giving them more in-depth knowledge about the specific studying material.,Filtering through the content by searching on specific tags can sometimes reveal erroneous results, and video content can quickly become outdated.,8,Ever since we've adopted the use of this website for employee training, we've received excellent feedback from its users. It has proven effective in improving our employee's skill sets gradually.,Oracle Advanced Analytics, Oracle API Manager, Oracle Access Management, QlikView, Tableau Online, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft BI, Microsoft Data Protection Manager, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon CloudSearch, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)LYNDA.COM > Great Learning Product!Currently, my organization is not utilizing, nor the departments. I personally utilize it for educational purposes to either refresh previous training in programming, infrastructure, or business practices. I do have plans to have plans to recommend it as an avenue of re-education or continued education in-line with certifications that would be utilized in the current industry.,Concise video segments that allow for easier knowledge absorption. Associated with the continued education process for all manner of certifications and knowledge obtainment. The continually updated knowledge base to choose from in the Lynda Library.,Needs more options for practical examinations for learning paths. Options for Audio only learning. Upon successful completion of an examination, I would like to see discounts available for CE. This, I understand, is dependent upon partners.,8,N/A N/A N/A,ITPRO.TV, New Horizons Computer Learning and FedVte,Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft SQL ServerConcise review of lynda.comWe use it for mostly business productivity applications training. Any graphics design training needs we need have also been met with The entire organization has a login by the department. Now, has expanded into many areas of programming and IT operations support and applications.,Their customer service is superb. They have always been willing to solve any technical challenges and follow-up. The sale representative always contacts me ahead of time in the renewal window. He does everything to help. Their site is well designed, easy to administer, and it is easy to track learning paths.,When they were acquired by LinkedIn, the next invoice barely noted the invoice was for I at first thought it was a phishing attempt using LinkedIn as a front. The invoice should be from the domain and NOT from LinkedIn. Account administrators should be able to change passwords, and see passwords, for the license entities they manage. Also, all email notices to users should be duplicated to account administrators.,10,We have always renewed because of the convenience of the whole learning system. Flexibility In-depth knowledge transfer.,Pluralsight,FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Office 365, VMware vCenter Server, LansweeperReview of is used as a resource for software training for both instructors and students. It is used by all areas of studies as the website contains numerous software training that is relevant to the courses offered at the Art Institute. also provides completion certificates that instructors can use to apply as professional development points.,The training is clear, you can access it on any device. The instruction covers all areas of the software in question. It is updated on a regular basis to keep up with software updates. Files from the course can be downloaded and used for practice. Able to link students directly to another valuable resource for learning (only the free videos), pretty much covers all of what I need. The only thing is that it is not free and many students don't have the means to subscribe to the training. Perhaps a student price?,10,I can't think of a negative impact that has when it relates to the extensive library of training software that is available to subscribers. I'm lucky that my job provides a free subscription for instructors. I use to hone in on my technical skills.,Pluralsight,Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop, Google Classroom, PowerSchool Learning, massive and passive software training libraryAll of my comments about are my own personal opinions and do not represent the views of the firm. I'm providing my personal views independent of my current employer. I can't really speak to how others in my organization use It is not a part of any of our formal training programs. I use it outside of work when I need to brush up on my software skills. I know that others do as well, but it would not be accurate to say that it is used by our organization.,Variety: the library is enormous. In fact, it can be a little overwhelming when you sit down and search. Depth: training videos are very detailed. High quality: videos are delivered by knowledgeable experts who have great screen presence.,Passive content: I would like to see training that is more interactive. videos are purely passive. They do provide source code so that you can follow along. But this source code does not take the place of skill checks. Learning plans: I think that can do a better job of providing users with more direction when it comes to selecting related training. Most people do a search for the software they need to learn to use, such as Photoshop. And, has hours and hours of Photoshop training. But, it would be great if the platform asked you to identify the projects you need to do and recommend relevant supplements. If you need to learn Photoshop, you probably also need to know how to use Illustrator, InDesign, etc.,8,ROI has been positive. I've needed to know how to use an application, and has helped me develop my skills. I know more after taking a course than I did before it. That increase in knowledge and skills translates into greater productivity. To be fair, I've never paid for a license. I've used the licenses of former employers, and our public library has licensing deals with for patrons. Since I have $0 invested in, any knowledge gains represent a significant ROI.,Treehouse and YouTube,Articulate StorylineLynda: Must Have Self-Discipline To UseWe used in my previous organization as a counterpart and aid to media marketing, specifically used for people not involved in the production who needed to get up to speed on projects, software, certain tasks, etc. Lynda was used as an introduction and informative partner in various types of media, particularly video production.,An in-depth tutorial, training, and reviews. An influx of information and specialists/experts available to help. Online courses for a multitude of topics—we're talking hundreds of videos. Able to take this on the go. Don't have to be in a desk at work to use,Different results depending on each person's learning style or each expert's teaching style. Like in school, not all matchups will be beneficial and totally, completely informational. Sometimes the videos can be long, which means it can be easy to get distracted/not pay attention. Sometimes long videos are warranted, sometimes they're not. Lynda is best for candidates with the self-discipline to stay committed.,7,Provides onboarding, which helps keep staff up-to-date on the latest software, etc. Its assistance also helps save us time. Lynda is something that can be done out-of-office, which means we can get more work done during business hours.,LinkedIn Publishing Platform,Smartsheet, Clarizen, Trello, Hootsuite EnterpriseLearn to never stop learning.The whole world is moving to an online method. has quickly become an incredible vehicle for knowledge transfer and learning. Someone can learn what they want, as often as they want, entirely at their own pace. Excellent quality lessons available for all shapes and sizes of use-cases. Though my experience is based on personal usage, it's easy to see the positive impact can have within an organization for any number of use cases. Excellent training content can help with ramping up employees, onboarding, learning new programs, use-cases, tactics, tips, etc.,Providing a large amount of content, with well-executed training content. Able to choose areas of interest and begin the learning process at your own pace, taking on courses and content ranging from completely beginner levels up the scale to advanced learning. Very easy-to-use interface that allows for an easy adoption and to hit the ground running with little to no need for instruction or hand holding. Ability to set playlists lets a user browse through and tag content that they're interested in, able to tackle at a later date. Allows for better organization, structure, and ultimately helps lead towards similar content that's of interest to the user(s).,Easy to point the finger at pricing. Though in my opinion content is priced fairly, paying less is always of interest to society. That said, should the content suffer, lowering pricing wouldn't pose as a benefit to their offering. Perhaps more of a tiered or a la carte model would attract more users: particularly low-usage users.,8,For personal use, it is difficult to associate an ROI. How do you put a price on knowledge? On entertainment? Ultimately provides both, and at a fair market price for the tools being provided. Ultimately you can make your own experience, based on desire and dedication to your goals. From a business standpoint, could certainly pose beneficial in the training and onboarding of employees, developing new content knowledge, making technical and vendor decisions, etc. There's no such thing as too much knowledge; is the vehicle to a lot of vital knowledge.,YouTube,LinkedIn Sales rocks!I use it for my job to learn new skills like advanced Excel skills, SharePoint, AEM, Visio, JIRA, etc. I look there before anywhere else. I'm glad my company purchased a license for my group.,Love the practice exercises. Clear explanations with examples. Thoughtful progression. Can start where you left off.,Just add more technologies and new apps, [such as] Data Science, BI reporting [topics]. I would like to see more advanced JIRA videos.,10,Very positive. I was able to implement our group SharePoint site after watching the training and now I'm the SME in my group. Same for JIRA.,,JIRA Service DeskStrengthen Your Employees & Employers with Lynda.comI as well as everyone in my company are encouraged to set aside time in their schedules to utilize this amazing tool every week. I have used it to brush up on my Excel skills and to learn how to better myself and make myself more useful to my company by learning about project management. I can learn from so many areas of education with, from creative and design, to IT programming to computer basics.,Great variety of classes! Breaks down each subject and lets you bookmark where you are and save it. Has great materials (workbooks) to accompany the class.,I find it helpful to have more interactive pieces to accompany the lessons and not just the workbook that you do as you watch the video. But something to practice a few more times after to make sure the lessons sink in.,10,Makes employees more valuable to the company and can help them with upward mobility and expand their skills Can help employees gain cross-departmental skills (creative, programming, project management, organization).,None,Box, Vocus PR Suite,200,,Project Management Microsoft Office Video Editing Programming and coding,Project Management,10,Finding videos Watching videos Using workbooks that accompany the videos,10Lynda - Blessing in a sea of online platformsIt is being used as a medium to train people on various finance and accounting topics. We have also used it to help people clear CFA Level 1 exams in the past. The most important problem that Lynda solves is [having] the connectivity to a wide audience and it makes it easy to market your course. Also Lynda is important in terms of using online resources during video classes to help my clients to better understand a concept., connects you to the most diverse and wide set audience. It helps you market your course/videos. It is very cheap and economical when compared to some of the other competitors.,Safety of videos is important. Lots of videos are leaked on Torrent and other sharing sites. This is very demotivating. Trial period is really too short to make a call, it should be 1 month at least. Should be available in live format as well as recorded videos format.,8,Improved the topline of my business within about 3 months of me joining It helped me save a lot of marketing expenses as now I pay at a single point, Lynda. It is not easy to trust and give your credit card details initially, which makes it difficult to trust without a proper trial period of a month at least.,WizIQ,WizIQ LMS, Skype, WebEx Meetings,8,8,Marketing Sale Ease of access,Use it to also store our backup videos and materials Use it for more than 1 type of course,If the live interactive medium is improved, we can use Lynda to a greater extent,8Lynda organize the training videos is being used within our organization for technical training. Our team uses a number of technologies to help with building mobile apps and web applications. Our team checks the video training on Most of our software engineers use for training videos. We use it to train our team for various technologies., training videos are really easy to understand. The trainers have done an excellent job to walk us through the courses. Their English is easy to understand. The exercise files are helpful along with the videos. It helps with practicing the explained courses within video training. Videos are organized well within categories which helps with searching for a video easily.,A few new tools and technologies are not available to learn in So if they can get all trainings available immediately after a new tool comes to the industry, it would be great. CRM training would be great to have within PipeDrive. User management would be great. If I can have multiple users for my team under my account, then I can manage access easily.,8,Quick and easy learning for our team. Sample exercise files provide access to the great code files. Productivity improved.,YouTube,Apple iCloud, PineappleHR, PipelineDeals CRM, Pipeline SuiteDevelop both Professionally and PersonallyWe are using across the whole organization as a tool for our employees to develop themselves both profressionally and personally. The library of courses enables us to offer a wider variety of training videos than we would be able to develop on our own or purchase from a third party vendor (which would not include as many and would be much more expensive).,Variety of Courses Volume of Courses Easily Accessible User Friendly,From a management perspective, it can be difficult to manage the users' rights as you purchase rights. Some of the courses have been reported as boring or monotone. I think the addition of interactive videos in the future would be beneficial.,8,The positive impact has been on our employees. They are able to access these videos from anywhere. Another positive is that is much more affordable than many other third party providers. It also is extremely easy to use and links up with your Linkedin profile so you can update your skills after developing them.,BirdDogHR,BirdDogHR, Vista by Viewpoint, Microsoft Office, GoToMeeting, MS SharePoint / SQL, Oracle PeopleSoft HCM
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LinkedIn Learning (
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Score 8.7 out of 101

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About LinkedIn Learning ( (now offered as part of LinkedIn Learning) is an elearning course library acquired and now supported by LinkedIn in May 2015.
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