Matillion Review
Updated June 29, 2021

Matillion Review

Sudarshan Kothari | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Matillion

iQuanti is a Digital Marketing organization, which drives strategic decisions based on a data-driven approach and for this we use Matillion as our ETL solution tool for our organization, which is consumed by our Data Management team. We have large numbers of the digital platform from which we report and analyze the performance. Matillion helps us to automate most of our reporting needs by providing connectors to digital platforms like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing, JIRA, Google BigQuery, and various Data source connectors like Postgres, SQL, MongoDB along with AWS support as SNS, S3 etc, which provides lots of flexibility in today's world.
  • Supports a wide variety of digital platform connectors, which could be helpful for any industry working to automate any of their reporting needs.
  • Support for AWS technologies adds to greater advantage.
  • Takes up unique functionality provided by the database into account which is very helpful.
  • Also provides direct SQL query feed-in option for any migration of existing solution.
  • With the added functionality available in Matillion, the understanding to use complex features becomes challenging for a new development team.
  • Updates are regularly provided by Matillion support team but then they fail to specify the release document, new features or updates carried out in each update.
  • Validation failure in scheduled jobs is sometimes encountered without any reason or proper RCA.
  • Complex user management flow.
  • Our organization focuses on Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategies, so not investing time and resources on getting the data, we ensured the time utilized much more in analyzing the data and for this purpose, Matillion was our solution and was right on a positive track.
  • Matillion has been performing positive since it's consumption in our organization in terms of investment.
  • With increasing functionality and stability in Matillion system, we could look for greater return than just replacements.
Matillion providing underline features of the database and unique functionality in connectors, increase our day-to-day work solution using the tool. For example, Snowflake database supports for JSON file system and thus using Matillion with Snowflake offers to flatten as an additional component is exceptional. Another example: Data could relive under FTP, sFTP, Cloud system (S3), databases and matillion have support to all, thus increasing the usability.
Matillion being ELT cloud tool offers easy to implement which requires an AWS EC2 instance and licensing.
Training on Matillion and getting the development team on-board was quite a challenge. Would require immense experience to explore the core functionality of Matillion. Matillion was running with-in a week time after acquiring a license but for the development team to work efficiently it took a couple of weeks.
Scalability is only one of the things which we need to keep back of our mind. While using the product for more than 18 months, we have expanded our team from 2 users to 10 users and increased utilization, Matillion performance is not par with the expectation and maturity. We always encounter the Matillion broken or cool-down period too long.
Matillion offers the unique capability of digital platform connectors (API connectors) and special functionality for Snowflake (which is our primary database). Also various sources including AWS S3, sFTP and various databases connection. In Pricing, the matillion option has economical than Informatica with our usage and Talend doesn't resonate well with flexibility, which we were looking for.
Matillion works best when automating the workflow from the various digital platforms. It provides the best use-case for automation of any dashboarding/reporting requirement where data is stored in one of the databases and updated regularly. Matillion might not be the best use-case for core ETL operation as it lacks stability for enterprise (but is improving to high standards with every update).

Matillion Feature Ratings

Connect to traditional data sources
Connecto to Big Data and NoSQL
Simple transformations
Complex transformations
Business rules and workflow
Testing and debugging

Evaluating Matillion's Business Outcomes

Yes, there were absoultely increased in reporting speed that our team was able to delivery. Intially we had our own scripting tool to generate result which took 2 weeks (around 80 hours of development time + testing time) whereas using matillion we were able to complete the development in 32-40 hours including one round of testing. I could say we were able to bring down 50% of development time. Please note this is after the team had grasp of matillion enviroment. Initial time taken was different. Also the quality of reporting improved.
While moving away from legacy system towards matillion it offered some significant cost on matillion hosting and licensing part but we were able to save some on legacy system hosting but majority of saving where on people resource which was huge cost saver for our organization. along with that team was able to deliver at much higher pace which was very important in service based organization to retain the client.
Our organization work in digital marketing industry and matillion do provides lots of connector related to digital marketers. Matillion was able to solve 90% of our data sources connection problem but there were few of the rarer sources which matillion din't provide the connection to. Hopefully thats part of their roadmap for near future. With being able to connect to most of the data source through matillion we were able to better estimate the development time vs older time, which required to study the connector before commiting any deadlines. And once the connector is available with Maitllion, most of the scaling problem was taken care by matillion.
Our team member had already the knowledge of other ETL tool in market which made us easier to transform to Matillion as ETL tool. Initally when there were more rigrous update on tool, it took us few months to understand all the different features of the product and use them. We used to reach out to support team regularly for clarity purpose and they were very helfpul. So that helped us to make most the maitllion tool. Once the team adapted to various naunces of the tool, we had internally developed a process/framework which made our onboarding process smoother.

Using Matillion

10 - The team is divided into 3 parts namely:
1. Solution Architect: Solution Architect helps to come with solution design of entire data flow taking into Matillion features also.
2. Developer: Developers are the person who actually develops in Matillion.
3. QA Team: QA team verify the functionality is correct as per the problem statement.

8 - Experience in ETL tools like Informatica or Talend and working with SQL queries.
  • Digital Platform Connectors
  • Automating & scheduling Jobs
  • Interacting with wide sources of systems
  • Automating the reporting
  • Monitoring & tracking the scheduled jobs with automated variables option
  • Making Grid variables as an alternative to For loop
  • End-to-End Tracking of all the Jobs
  • Additional Connectors and Custom connectors building option
  • User Management Policy
With the current experience of Matillion, we are likely to renew with the current feature option but will also look for improvement in various areas including scalability and dependability.
1. Connectors: It offers various connectors option but isn't full proof which we will be looking forward as we grow.
2. Scalability: As usage increase, we want Matillion system to be more stable.

Evaluating Matillion and Competitors

Product Features was one of our primary factors to consider ETL tool.
We were looking for a product which can justify to our needs like JSON support, digital API connectors, various database connection, FTP and AWS support with the scheduling feature.
Price was also another factor while bringing in any tool onboarding into the organization.
Evaluation criteria based on cloud services supported and various out-of-box support availability.

Matillion Implementation

We were able to control on access and built various enviroment for implementation
Yes - We had adopted software life-cycle for implemenation- Development, QA and Production Deployment.
  • was not aware of different features availability such as shared jobs
  • The timezone difference and setting configured in databases are not automatically reflected
  • Parallel jobs running are limited 4

Matillion Support

The support team was always very helpful most of the time, only have faced few issues because of time-zone difference when solutions are required immediately and I couldn't reach to anyone. In most of the cases, the support is exceptional.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
There are a couple of times when Matillion support team provided its extraordinary brilliance.
I would like to point out an instance when we were trying to implement tracking & monitoring in place for scheduled jobs and Kalyan (from the Support team) helped us to implement tracking which is still very helpful for our team without manually going to individual job to check the success.
Team provided the idea of "Task History Export" and another instance of using automated variable "Matillion ID" for tracking needs.

Using Matillion

Like to use
Relatively simple
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
Lots to learn
  • Intergration with Cloud Services like AWS, Azure
  • Integration with Databases
  • SQL script functionality
  • Differentiate Orchestration & Transformation layer
  • Create Custom report using API integration
  • Group policies configuration