Ease and complete tool, I would suggest it!
Updated July 08, 2021

Ease and complete tool, I would suggest it!

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Overall Satisfaction with Matillion

We have been using Matillion for a specific project in the SupplyChain area. The ETL works well and it was really easy to implement. We didn't use many objects, but we still were able to implement everything we needed, such us datamarts and file exports. We also tested the connection with SAP and we were happy to see it worked correctly. Something I think could be useful is a tool to move jobs between different environments: export/import upload. Json is ok but doesn't allow us to manage to version, and moreover, if you are moving many files, you need to manually substitute the original job with the new one.
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible in the use of parameters.
  • Well integrated with insertable Json code.
  • Tables comparison automation works well.
  • Pay for use
  • It was difficult to understand how to use parameters.
  • Job validation takes long when you run a job.
  • Logging for debug is not always so clear.

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  • Less effort in development.
  • Low costs as it is possible the "pay for use."
  • If you don't trigger Matillion, switch off cost are considered also if no job is running.
It is good. Matillion is easy to use, the connection is web-based, fast, and always works. The "search" into each object simplifies the construction of transformations and joins. The SQL is always retrievable from jobs, therefore the debug phase is also easy to analyze. Moreover, in case of need, you can also write your own SQL into the appropriate object.
It took some days in order to figure out how to configure the environment and all the basic configurations. Writing simple jobs took a really short time to learn (hours), while in some other days I was able to prepare a full orchestrator. Parameters configuration is a little more complex and I had to figure it out in some hours together with a colleague of mine.
I appreciate that you can execute every needed step without the necessity of creating a full orchestrator. Therefore, when developing many jobs, you can test and monitor each of them in an easy way. Sharde jobs are really useful when you want to simpify the development and standardize some common steps.
Matillion is cloud-native, therefore it doesn't need virtual machines to set up. It is easier to use compared with some of them. It always does query pushdown, while other ones don't'. It is integrated with Snowflake, while other ETLs need to use workarounds in order to perform the same steps.
It is useful when you need to create a Datawarehouse and put together a complex workflow. The development time is reduced compared to other ETLs. When you are more confident, you can also create complex flows using different job parameters and orchestrator jobs. Buttons for start and end success/end errors are also useful. Connection with source systems is also good.

Matillion Feature Ratings

Connect to traditional data sources
Simple transformations
Complex transformations
Business rules and workflow
Testing and debugging

Evaluating Matillion's Business Outcomes

We're using Matillion for ELT and processes are slower. It is a mix of Matillion efficiency and DB performance, but the total result is better than before. We are using a Large account and it is the right choice, while with the Medium size we weren't able to performe the same results and we had some issues related to extraction from source systems, as the in memory loads we're huge.
We are reading from many different sources. Extraction times are better than before and we found almost all the connectors we needed and the support helped us to obtain the best extraction performance. Matillion costs are coherent with the usage, and it is useful that we are not paying when the system is shut down. A good improvement would be if we could not pay if there isn't usage also when it is switched on.
We were able to connect all data source, but we had some issues with SAP: the native Netweaver connector do not allow to read SAP tables in join, as the 2 tables are loaded in memory and the join is apply at the end. Therefore we had "out of memory" issues with this strategy. But we could find other workarounds that were useful as well.
Matillion is really easy to use, so we were able to start writing our flows easily. The activation is still easy, but you need to have some tech skills to work with putty and install what is missing (specific ODBC etc). For these aspects we moved questions directly to Matillion's support and the helped us a lot.

Using Matillion

10 - We are consultants that works for customers in different business areas. We are using Matillion for Fashion & Retail, IT companies, Consumer Goods. We'd like to extend to other sectors in the short term, as we think the tool could be useful in all areas.
10 - People should have skills related to Data Warehouse construction, modeling skills, SQL and python skills. Usually people that are skilled with other tools can easily learn Matillion as it is easy to use and understand.
Some IT skills are necessary in order to set up the environment and check the system.
  • DWH Migration from other tools
  • DWH construction (master data; fact tables)
  • often Sales and reveniews
  • Performance issue
  • ELT logics instead of store procedures
  • parameters flexibility
  • Create complex DWH
  • Integrate all funcions of the company
  • create a flexible environment omogeneous with cloud services in a complex architecture
Matillion is easy to use and flexible to debug. Performance are good and support is giving us a good service level. There are still some technical points to be developed more (such as SAP extraction). but easy flows are really fast to be developed. We are also using a tool for migration from other tools, and it is useful as Matillion is producing XML code.