Miva Merchant - A developer's point of view.
March 28, 2014

Miva Merchant - A developer's point of view.

Jeffrey Collins | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We use Miva Merchant for ourselves and use it for our clients. The only drawback as a reseller is the cost is prohibitive to host outside of Miva Merchant's own hosting solution.
  • Ease of use. Very easy to set up and use.
  • Expandability. With the use of various Modules already available it is easy to expand Miva Merchant. If there is not Module available, there are third parties who can make one for you for your custom application.
  • Miva Merchant will work for 95% of the target audience without the need of additional Modules.
  • Miva Merchant should have built in Soft Goods Downloads.
  • Miva Merchant should have a built in way to make a Subscription Site to serve videos and protected content.
  • Miva Merchant should have a built in way to output to a PDF to support catalogs and flyers from Miva Merchant.
  • We are primarily a Miva Merchant Module Provider, so this question really does not apply to us in house.
  • Some clients make the switch to Miva Merchant because they are fed up with the limitations of their current software choice.
  • Some clients have switched to Miva Merchant to a lower cost solution. I would say over 90% came back to Miva Merchant because of scaling issues with new choice or usability issues with the new choice. Those clients that did not come back we smaller clients.
Miva Merchant for me as a Module Developer I believe scales better than the above. Has better customer support, and as a developer has the most open API.
Unless something new comes along I cannot see myself moving away from Miva Merchant as a platform for in house use or for developing Modules for.
There is only one Module I know that allows you to sell Soft Goods or Down Loads with Miva Merchant. This is a big weakness. You cannot make and easy Subscription Site with Miva Merchant.

You pretty much have to host with Miva Merchant it you are a reseller for Miva Merchant. They have made the licensing cost prohibitive to be a reseller for Miva Merchant.