Outstanding Database Tool
Michael Timms | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 27, 2018

Outstanding Database Tool

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Overall Satisfaction with MySQL

The team that I supervise is used as sort of a "whatever is needed" type team, we have the label of desktop support, but our duties extend to much more than that. Some of us were web developers in the past and when building and managing a website MySQL is almost always the first database management tool that anyone uses. Hostgator was the first website host that I worked with and itw has MySQL and PHPmyAdmin support built in and that was my first experience with database management. Since I had zero experience up until that point, I could not have done my job without it. Now since I am not a database administrator by trade, every time that I needed to work on a database after this I would habitually grab MySQL. I have only used SQLLite so I do not have much else to compare it to, but I will say this: MySQL has never failed me when I have needed to do database work. I usually have to Google the functions that I need, and I almost always have to re-learn the language, but the tool works and it is free.
  • The free version does every thing that I have ever needed it to do when working on a database. Some of our developers have the enterprise version, and swear that it is great but I cannot attest to that.
  • MySQL is cross-platform. I have only used it with Windows and Linux, but there is MAC and BSD support as well.
  • MySQL is very fast and can handle thousands of database records with ease.
  • Search function on the MySQL website it horrible. Spiceworks and StackExchange have far better results.
  • Documentation is in no discernible order, and there is plenty of documentation on the website but because of the poor cataloging I have never been able to find what I need quickly.
  • Takes a good amount of time to learn, I have been playing with it on and off for almost 10 years and I still am nowhere close to an expert.
  • The last time I used it (around March 2018) I was able to manipulate a database which helped us make a choice of a new asset management software, which has saved us untold dollars.
  • The enterprise version has been in use for several years, and would not be used if it were not cost effective.
  • The free version has all the function needed to work with a database for a website, so an enterprise license cost was not needed(emergency use needed earlier this year).
SQLLite was not a choice on Trust Radius, and it is the only tool that I have used similar to MySQL and the use was several years ago, so I do not remember the exact reason but there was some function that I needed that SQLite could not perform, and I had to download MySQL to complete my work.
For what I usually need which is to quickly manipulate a database and then more than likely never touch it again, the free version is perfect. I have never used the enterprise version, so I can not speak to its functionality, but I work with other users that have used the paid version, and they tell me that they prefer it over others they have used.