NINTEX Workflow Taking Pen and Paper Approvals to the Electronic Age!
Lukasz Kokot | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 19, 2017

NINTEX Workflow Taking Pen and Paper Approvals to the Electronic Age!

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Nintex Workflow for Sharepoint

Overall Satisfaction with Nintex Workflow

At our organization we use NINTEX Workflow for SharePoint across our Americas Division (Canada, United States, and South America countries) across all departments. Nintex Workflow is being used for any processes that require user approvals that used to be done with pen and paper or through email. Some of the processes we used Nintex Workflow for are: performance review, bonus, budget, engineering gate approvals, new vendor approvals, and many more.
  • Nintex Workflow has a really well designed user interface (UI) for creating the workflows. It closely resembles Microsoft Visio which makes designing the workflows easier on the user since it's very visual compared to the out of the box SharePoint workflows which is closer to computer programming.
  • Another example of what Nintex does well is the ability of letting the users and admins delegating the approval tasks to other users. That feature is very beneficial for scenarios when a task needs to get approved, but the user is out due to vacation or sickness.
  • Nintex Workflow history/audit is another great example of a very useful feature. Having a detailed history/audit is great for scenarios when 6-12 months down the road you need to go back and see what was approved or rejected when by who.
  • We dislike the fact that there's no easy way to re-send the task notification email to a user; adding that feature would be great.
  • Another example that could be improved on with Nintex Workflow for SharePoint is that not everything can be migrated when doing a migration of SharePoint 2010 to 2013.
  • Adding the ability of adding "Ad-Hoc" approvers without the need of stopping and restarting the workflow would be great.
  • NINTEX Workflow had a positive impact by providing us with a tool that let us take bunch of processes that were done with pen and paper to be done electronically now.
  • Another positive impact NINTEX Workflow had is that it took approvals that used to take 2-3 months to 2-3 weeks.
  • With electronic history/audit now we can provide the history in case there's an audit which we previously could not do. ISO 9000 is an example when it was useful to our overall business objectives.
We compared NINTEX Workflow against K2, but in the end decided to go with NINTEX. After evaluating both solutions we went with NINTEX incited of K2 for several reasons. One of the reasons why we went with NINTEX was the overall cost of the solution; K2 was way more than NINTEX. Another reason was ease of use; NINTEX was easier to use by the average user and developers creating the workflows.
Nintex Workflow is well suited for a situation when a process needs 3-6 electronic approvals without the need of adding ad-hoc approvals. For scenarios when the process requires the ability to swap approvers without the need to stop the workflow, Nintex Workflow for SharePoint would be less appropriate. Another scenario that Nintex Workflow would be less appropriate for is when the task approval emails need to be resend.

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