Simply The Best Productivity Application on the Market!
Ash Sharma | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 16, 2018

Simply The Best Productivity Application on the Market!

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Overall Satisfaction with OmniFocus

Every employee within the business uses OmniFocus. It is the primary tool for management of projects and activities for each team member. The primary use case is for effective control of current and future work activity; however, given its power and flexibility everyone also uses its for personal task management as well. OmniFocus provides a platform for ubiquitous capture, organisation, scheduling and execution of work (everything from simple chores and tasks through to complex projects).
  • Rich in functionality but flexible at the same time meaning that user adoption is rapid and friction-free; more exotic features and functions can be introduced over time as the user builds his/her familiarity with the product
  • Allows my users to follow their productivity method of choice (most of us are fans of David Allen's GTD method but OmniFocus isn't rigid or prescriptive in its implementation
  • Cross-device synchronisation means I can seamlessly switch from desktop to laptop to tablet to smartphone and have access to my data in real-time; this means I can always have access to the data no matter where I am or what I am doing
  • Apple-device compatible only so Windows users can't use the product
  • No web-interface available to allow me access via a web browser
  • A few features not available on iOS implementation that are available on MacOS such as being able to set projects as auto-close on last task completion - not showstoppers but minor inconveniences
  • By introducing OmniFocus into my business I have been able to implement standardised working practices across the team; it has made the adoption of the GTD method much easier for the employees who had never come across it before
  • The flexibility and richness of the application mean that all team members are constantly living with OmniFocus - we have virtually eradicated all other modes of activity and planning capture, so no bits of paper or post-it notes, no emails to self, no accumulation of files with crib notes, no illegible notes scribbled in books, etc. Everything is captured at source in OmniFocus. Project meetings with clients and internal team meetings are driven via OmniFocus so we always know "what's next"
  • As a team I've seen improvements in morale and attitude as OmniFocus has enabled them to cultivate the right habits around effective productivity; these improved working practices in the office via OmniFocus are now also being put in place at home for some of the employees giving them a greater sense of control and visibility in their professional and social lives
The market is flooded with productivity apps; I have field-tested a large number of these, and continue to do so.
However, without fail, I always come back to OmniFocus - it outstrips the competition by far.
The sheer richness and flexibility of the product has no peer worthy of consideration in my eyes.
Key reasons for selecting OmniFocus versus the rest:
- Supports offline working
- Native applications across my devices
- Non-rigid design
- Constantly being updated by its author
- Very high quality support provided by vendor
- Supports full implementation of GTD
1) Great for managing your work and personal activities.
2) One of the best implementations of the Getting Things Done method.
3) Not really suited for collaborative work management; OmniFocus is managed on a per-user basis so you can't share/assign tasks.

OmniFocus Feature Ratings

Task Management
Resource Management
Support for Agile Methodology
Support for Waterfall Methodology
Email integration
Mobile Access

Using OmniFocus

10 - Sales & Marketing; Finance & Accounting; Senior Management; Consulting Services; Support Desk; Project Management Office; Development; Business Intelligence Services
1 - Minimal skills required; once you're up and running it's very intuitive.
  • Task and project management
  • Project definition, scheduling and execution
  • Implementation of the GTD method
  • Meeting minutes capture and follow-up
  • Client calls and engagements actions capture
  • Work delegation control
  • Collaboration coordination and control
Over the past 4 years of use I still haven't found any product that comes close in terms of capability