OutSystems is changing my life
November 10, 2016

OutSystems is changing my life

Willem Norval | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with OutSystems Platform

I started doing an online course from OutSystems. The front office will be using it for improved communication with clients.
  • I need to develop an application fast and do not have the time to learn to code. OutSystems does the coding part for you and the developer only has to understand the logic. There is no coding.
  • Although I am a beginner I have managed to build and publish my first "exercise" application within two weeks. Even if I did know some coding I would not have been able to manage the construction and logic for the application within the next ten years.
  • I have always been curious to develop applications but never managed to build anything. Getting my hands dirty is exciting. Any newbie can fire away from the word go.
  • Another absolutely fantastic feature is the visual design and structure of the application's logic. I may be uninformed, but I have never seen anything like it.
  • Doing an online course - i.e. no help - took me some time to get the hang of navigating in the development area. Hopefully their course developers will use questions and errors from novices like me to improve the course design where needed.
  • Although the theory videos are well meant I can't wait to work through them all right now. I will come back to them later. Perhaps that's one of my mistakes. I want to get my hands dirty - NOW. I would much prefer it if the theory could be "built into" the practical exercises. But that's just me.
  • Initially I got stuck here and there, but Outsystems ALWAYS managed to assist me to get past a problem. I appreciate that tremendously. The community forum is a great help. Sometimes answers or suggestions to solve errors may take a while because of my time zone.
  • I am a bit concerned that it may be difficult to do a design model of my own. Having to figure out the data types and the detailed logic without the guidance of a designed exercise, but being a beginner I trust OutSystems has something in store for me in the "Intermediate Level".
  • Well, the online training is free. My only investment is time. For now I am happy with my progress.
  • Like I said - I am literally saving YEARS of time not having to learn to code.
  • Please keep in mind that I am doing this on the side and stated that I am a beginner. Yet I believe I will soon accomplish a small design to solve an administrative/communication problem that has been bugging me for years. I can see myself getting my hands dirty with more.
I tried to use WordPress with some success. Also looked at Joomla. But when I saw OutSystems I knew I had been wasting my time there. It takes you longer to get going with OutSystems - but even I as a novice realized immediately that Outsystems is simply in another league. Outsystems is powerful. (Can you compare WordPress and Joomla to Outsystems - I don't think so).
This is a tough one! I am over the moon that OutSystems enabled a novice like me to publish an exercise app in such a short time. So beginners can also feel welcome. In my opinion OutSystems appears to be a truly powerful platform that can be used for any application. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for me in the next courses. I will dare to say that you can probably do just about anything with OutSystems - and here I mean "complicated" stuff. I would absolutely love it if OutSystems can provide some "practical" courses involving Arduino and RaspberryPi employing mobile and web apps. I haven't had time to explore this far yet - does Outsystems incorporate the capability to work with map data (ArcMap).