PeopleSoft, overall good product, but has its shortcomings...
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December 14, 2018

PeopleSoft, overall good product, but has its shortcomings...

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Overall Satisfaction with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

It is being used mostly in the Career Services Department and across the organization. It's intended to assist with record keeping, rostering, scheduling, and keeping track in general of information for recruiters to help employees, students, etc. Resumes, personally identifiable information, grades, schedules and other important information are stored there.
  • It organizes data and information in a more concise and easy to follow manner. I think this is a strength for PeopleSoft due to the user interface and layout.
  • You can easily run reports out of it and customize them to a certain extent as well. The customizable fields aren't endless, but it gives you enough options to report out what you need. This is a strength because every organization has different needs and wants to uncover different information, so making it customizable is great.
  • The training modules and sessions were helpful and easy to follow. They don't inundate you with information you don't need and only give you things you do need. It's also presented in a clear and concise manner, easy to follow and easy to remember.
  • There was sometimes a lot of lag time between clicks and commands. I'm not sure if this was an issue related to the platform itself or the server, but there were long delays sometimes.
  • Creating more customizable fields and options for reporting would be nice. Although it does give you some options and variability, offering more with newer releases or updates would be best. Again, every organization needs different information and more options would help other companies adapt and get what they need.
  • There weren't many upgrades or releases to the platform. And the ones that were released rarely offered anything of great value. There were small security updates and glitch fixes, but nothing earth shattering that set it apart from the others.
  • It has streamlined some processes and made things easier and eliminated clutter steps which in itself cuts down on wasted time, effort, and resources.
  • The cost of the platform should be looked at carefully because it is not cheap. It's probably more suited for organizations that mature and are out of growing infancy stages.
  • This system is much better and more advanced than our previous system, so that in itself is a ROI for streamlining processes and making things easier, faster, and more efficient.
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is probably the best out of the 3 options indicated above. I think the ease of implementation, the training modules, and clear concise material that both makes sense and is retainable is a huge advantage. Although it may fall short in other areas, the aforementioned items make up for what it lacks. You can't find the perfect system.
PeopleSoft is well suited in the education industry, especially for smaller schools that need varying functionality related to scheduling, rosters, grades, curriculum, storing sensitive data, and student information, etc. It's not as well suited to true business models that may have less or more needs for reporting functions or that don't involved scheduling, rosters, students, etc.