PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Eval
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November 15, 2018

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Eval

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Overall Satisfaction with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

PCS is the backbone of our Student Enrollment base. All enrollment type information comes out of CS. I provide query, reports, and dashboards on a daily basis for consumption from almost all functional areas around our university. Major business decisions are made based off the information we provide. We also pull CS information to provide data for a number of surveys as well as Institutional reporting.
  • Organization of data. The menu type layout makes it easy to navigate to an area of interest. Once there, the pages are fairly intuitive.
  • Data Input. Data is entered into the system in a very logical way and most data is effective dated. This means you can pull your data for just about any 'snapshot' in time you are looking for.
  • Data Extraction. Querying data has been made easy using PeopleSoft Query. It's a SQL language developed for Oracle products. It's very similar to standard SQL and by using features like Expressions, it can be pretty powerful.
  • There are some nuances that could be improved upon. One would be the issue of not being able to cancel a query once you launch it. They provide a button to cancel the query, but it actually does nothing. Sometimes, if the query is large, it will time out and lock up your screen or simply boot you out of the system.
  • Scheduling queries could be much easier. There are several steps you need to get familiar with if you want to, say, schedule reoccurring queries and have the results emailed to select recipients. It can be done, but not without a bit of procedural training.
  • One positive impact was replacing a limited, dated, proprietary system for tracking out student base with a real-time, dynamic, expandable system. The user interface for functional areas is intuitive and can be customized.
  • There has been both a positive and negative impact on staffing. Whereas you had most of the current staff get on board and learn the new system, there was that small group that either didn't, or couldn't, embrace and learn the new system. So, although we did lose some staff because of the PeopleSoft implementation, we also added some very experienced talent that has helped us move forward.
  • Cost was a factor as well. Upfront costs, as well as maintenance costs, are not cheap and something to be considered. Although it has been a huge benefit for procedures and functionality, the ROI is not immediate and takes time to recoup.
The only other system we used was our in-house, proprietary system. Our home grown system could not do a fraction of what PeopleSoft offers.
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is perfect if you are looking for a way to house and report on student enrollment data and everything that has to do with the enrolled life cycle of your student base. i.e. enrollment info, class info, graduation rates, persistence, retention, etc. If you are looking for data about your student base prior to enrollment (inquiry stage, application stage, etc.) then you would want to look at a separate system such as PeopleSoft CRM (customer relationship management) or Salesforce.