PlayFox "Playvox"
December 25, 2021

PlayFox "Playvox"

Abdelrahman Madyan | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Playvox

Playvox helps to detect, follow up on, and work to correct errors. Companies are guaranteed to develop by developing people, detecting where errors are, and working to avoid them. Playvox helps to develop the negative aspects of individuals that necessarily reflect on organizations. By saving the time that workers in organizations are able to learn other things that help them to do business, Playvox contributes to the development of individuals and organizations.
  • A good example of what Playvox presents is a special presence to learn, with Assignments within this department, which helps speed learning and track progress and knowledge
  • Another coaching section where the team manager sends individual errors to each team member to help him or she recognize the errors and not repeat them
  • Having a quality department helps a person figure out how many errors they have made and compare their percentage to the percentage of the total business they are doing
  • Another advantage of Playvox is that it's easy to track mistakes from the day they were recorded because Playvox keeps a percentage each month at a time.
  • Playvox is one of the easiest sites within institutions to help people to get better, but if we can think of some examples that can improve, it's the learning section, and we need to add courses that can help people get better, with clear learning plans.
  • Playvox can make it easier for individuals to edit their profiles or access site Settings.
  • You can also add a feature to display the percent of all months combined and average performance so that everyone in the organization knows their average rating
  • I solved a lot of problems by using Playvox it's a lot to name but a few I released a lot of agents problems and most failures mistakes in every weak
  • sent coaching to agents using playvox its a very helpful tooI solving a lot of problems
  • Playvox helps to have a positive impact on business goals by keeping track of mistakes, minimizing and avoiding them, and raising productivity for individuals and the organization.
Playvox is one of the easiest programs to use in terms of ease of use within the Playvox site and ease of navigation between the sections of the site, which makes it easier among peers from similar sites, as well as easy access to the mistakes made by individuals through the dynamic work of the site, which works automatically and makes it easier for users to ways use it.

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It is a good idea when Playvox nominates a friend or coworker to make it easier for them to track the mistakes of the employees they work with, helping to track and minimize mistakes and I like the idea of coaching in Playvox it is a very useful tool to every team leader to use it and sent weakness points and strengths point to every agent in his team

Using Playvox

150 - They are the work quality control team within the organization, where each one of them monitors the quality of work for the agents working inside the organization by using Playvox, This team tracks the mistakes of the agents and sends the errors to them, with an explanation of the percentage of errors and the percentage of their impact on the workflow within the institution, which helps them to avoid them and avoid them from falling into them.
3 - Playvox requires people with specific determination. These people are very focused, notice the smallest and most accurate details and must have a complete calm and extreme intelligence, which helps them to discover mistakes.
  • bug tracking
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of agents and work on them
  • Raising the level of agents’ work and pushing them to learn and build experiences by learning from mistakes