Pure storage, set up in a Flash.
Paul Phelan | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 31, 2019

Pure storage, set up in a Flash.

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

Currently, we use the M 20 Pure FlashArray and I have to say it is pretty great. It took little to no effort to set up so from an engineering standpoint we had very little need to go through in depth training and setup like other storage arrays such as Dell, Hitachi, etc. We use it primarily for our virtual desktops to have redundant fast storage.
  • Their support is outstanding, always quick to respond with valid answers each time.
  • Updates are completely seamless with never a drop to service for our users which is really helpful with us being a hospital.
  • The product just works. The intervention and maintenance in this is slim to none. It makes it really easy to implement and maintain.
  • They are still a growing company so there are always some things that you aren't sure if you could meet the actual expectations that they put forward.
  • Some of the events I go to are very geared towards sales and making you want to buy the product, not really learning about them as a company.
  • More things to add to a storage array that don't include additional costs.
  • Due to the lack of necessity of a storage admin, that has been a huge impact on things.
  • Not needing to be so involved with upgrades and how seamless everything is makes things so much easier
  • There have been zero issues so luckily, knock on wood, we have yet to have any issues whatsoever from the product!
We have seen that although the usage is incredible and the support is impeccable, the price also follows this. So while you don't have to have a dedicated storage admin and you get some of the fastest storage around, it is one of the higher priced storage arrays. I still think it is completely worth it with the time you save and the uptime which is just incredible.
We've benefited from this array because we are a shop that is a jack of all trades location. With that being said we use all types of storage arrays. By far the least difficult is the Pure Storage FlashArray and it seems to be the most efficient as well. With our VDI systems, we get almost a 9:1 dedupe rate which is pretty awesome.
The most appealing feature that just came out not too long ago is the fact that you can get VM stats within the Pure console. Being a VMware admin, it gives me a ton of insight into how my hosts are interacting with the storage and if there is any latency or issues. It gives me even more insight through a single pane of glass which just makes life easier.
The impact has definitely been felt as users are able to receive their virtual machines quicker and from our end, their machines are provisioned so much quicker so they have to wait less time for a virtual machine. Their operating systems are so much quicker and they noticed almost immediately once they were cut over to the Pure. The response times were so much better! I love my Pure array.
High usage servers that need the I/O to stack behind with storage is where Pure Storage should be. It also works great in an environment when there is no stable storage engineer that understands the backend of storage array 24/7. This is great because it takes maybe an afternoon to set up, and once you have it done there is very little to no need to go back around to tweak the setup. After that, all you have to do is maintenance that Pure Storage support assists with and provisioning a LUN is a breeze.

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