Like an extra member of our team
August 06, 2019

Like an extra member of our team

Bill Saffold | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Quantum Metric

There is a LOT of information and data the tool provides, the organization is clean but can be overwhelming. Omni Search functionality is helpful though. Date range selection operates differently than our other tools, which can lead to making a mistake selecting dates - not the end of the world but just something that trips me up occasionally.
The Customer Success team is fantastic to work with. I feel it's sometimes like having an extension of my own team. We rely on them A LOT to help surface issues and assist us in recognizing the opportunity to QM tool is discovering. Within the Quantum Metric tool/interface there is a pretty decent help function that I believe is getting more robust as time goes on. I thought at one time there was a live chat for help... but I might be mistaken.

Implemented QM for our outlet eCommerce business. It is primarily being used by the sit managements team to explore UX issues to understand user pain points. Additionally, the team has found great value in leveraging the tool to understand and research user errors and site functionality errors and issues.

Having QM has solved the issue our team had of quantifying potential opportunity/errors thus helping for business case development and prioritization. Additionally, it has been incredibly useful being able to leverage heat maps and user replays to help communicate with development and UX teams when addressing issues and enhancements.

  • Assessing and quantifying value of specific events.
  • Event tracking.
  • Customer service/success help and guidance.
  • Replays and heatmaps.
  • Amount of information available through QM can be overwhelming... deciding where to start.
  • Positive impact: increased efficiency among our team.
  • Positive impact: focused team's efforts.
  • Positive Impact: Increased sales through enhancements we have implemented thanks to discovery through Quantum Metric.

We have used - as an organization - multiple products that each fill a roll or task Quantum Metric provides...however I think there are very few tools or SaaS solutions out there that bundle so much into one solution. QM was better than the replay tool another group was utilizing (Mouseflow) because with our contract we could capture and review way more replays as well as have those replays married to actual, quantifiable data. From an analytics point, is so much easier to install event tracking as opposed to our basic Google Analytics implementation. However, I would still use GA as a primary record for measuring overall site performance since QM doesn't have robust product sales tracking.

At one point we did review a competitor called Content Square. They seemed very focused on heat mapping.

I've recommended Quantum Metric to a few different colleagues, as I believe this tool is excellent for taking eCommerce user research to another level - gaining not only deeper insights but also quantifying the impact. I would not us QM solely as an analytics tool and/or replacement to something like Google Analytics... especially if you are a retailer looking to analyze product sales.