Qubit and data driven decisions for the win!
August 04, 2017

Qubit and data driven decisions for the win!

Neil Majithia | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Qubit

Qubit is used to enhance our websites across all of the business for CeX (but not for subsidiary Designer Exchange for contractual and cost reasons). It has been deployed on websites for all 12 CeX territory websites. The use of it is driven by members of IT (including myself) and Marketing. It allows us to try new ideas quickly without interrupting internal resources, therefore can respond quicker to certain things, we can a/b test those ideas, and use the data to determine if they are of benefit or not, putting an end to many conflicting opinions because multiple ideas can be tested. We can also personalise those tests and experiences using the data we pass to Qubit, which we are not currently able to do. That all applies to the Qubit Personalisation product along with Universal Variable. However we also use product recommendations which piggybacks of the previous mentioned products to produce something we would not be able to create in house at the same speed and quality. WIth the data we send Qubit, we and they can develop many more uses which alone we would struggle to build, such as personal and targeted email marketing and many other website enhancements.
  • Market sector and industry knowledge. Using this, they have given us some excellent advice of what experiences to try, and using the data they gather from all clients are able to provide continual feedback and suggestions. This is a a credit to the staff they have exposed us to.
  • The platform performs amazingly well. We have almost zero issues or downtime in the time we have been using them.
  • Web experiences produced by Qubit always come out at a very high standard.
  • Guidance / training on how we can run our own experiences if we have the resources.
We have been able to test many of the experiences that both Qubit and we have come up with, and have been able to prove that they had the desired or undesired effects that they had. This has enabled us to make a definitive decision on many ideas where before we would just have to try and hope for the best. Where we see the experience has led to increased conversions, we can assume the experience has been better, or at least easier.

Our use of Qubit has most certainly allowed us to make more money, at a very good return of investment, which is ultimately what we judge Qubit on.
At the time of taking the product, we found no comparable alternatives. Since then, the product has only grown from strength to strength, so it still does not have any comparable competitors that offer both the technical product and business knowledge that Qubit can. Google appear to offering a competing product which may be one to watch in future, and something for Qubit to keep an eye on.
  • Targeted website personalisation such as first time visitor prompts, market segmented content, feedback collection and many more.
  • Product recommendations, starting from the data they collect on what our customers do and buy, to calculating products to recommend and then delivering the content.
  • Email targeting - We are running email campaigns using data gathered by Qubit to drive when emails are sent and the content in them, and the delivery of those emails.
Its used to segment customers and deliver personalised content. As mentioned in previous questions, this data is used to drive that. We use that to personalise the experience for customers so its more useful to them. However we could be using this much more.
It's well suited to an ecommerce environment where goals can be measured with sales and similar measurements. Also, to really make use of the A/B testing with statistical significance, you need to have good traffic numbers.

However, while a low traffic retail site would still benefit from many of the other features of Qubit, it's less appropriate for any other type of website where the goals are harder or impossible to track.