Great tool to build business apps, but the quality, usability and maintainability of the apps are still the result of who designed them.
April 30, 2020

Great tool to build business apps, but the quality, usability and maintainability of the apps are still the result of who designed them.

Christopher Verhulst | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Quick Base

Quick Base is for us a low cost and easy way to quickly organise, expose and structure data and processes. During the years a lot of company data spreads out over different systems like spreadsheets, docs, wiki's, and other systems. Quite a bit of data gets duplicated because if you start using different systems (eg. CRM, asset management, HR database), data is often necessary in multiple systems. This results in:
  • effort to keep data in sync in all systems
  • the risk that people no longer know where data is stored
  • having to look in different places to find data you need
We use Quick Base to bring all back-office data (asset management, GDPR registers, meeting data, CRM, etc.) together and link it in a structure way. This helps us in creating one source of truth. Also back-office processes become more structured and it helps in getting things done in a uniform way.
  • Quick and easy development of apps that help in structuring data.
  • User friendly way of introducing automation in simple processes.
  • Accessible way to learn the system.
  • Providing good support.
  • Creating multilingual applications.
  • Still improvement possible in user friendliness, some features are not always well discoverable.
Quick Base clearly served our company in quickly and at a low cost structuring data and making it easily accessible. Questions to adapt and extend functionality can easily be answered. On a regular basis we discover new opportunities to extend the usage of Quick Base and can do this in a very agile way.
Although also a nice competitor, it is still very linked to the Microsoft ecosystem which we do not use that extensively. Also building apps and linking their data was more straight forward in Quick Base.
  • Building and deploying business applications faster
  • Improving our ability to drive insights from our data
  • Improving collaboration across one or more teams
We were able to make a lot of spreadsheets, docs, wiki pages and domain specific applications obsolete and consolidate everything in Quick Base. The way we can now use all that data in our daily operations is currently much more pleasant because:
  • Data is easy to find
  • We can make very clear reports from this structured data which help us in getting better insight
  • We can easily protect data and decide who can view which data without the need for additional duplication
  • Process are more structured and some automated which helps in our efficiency
Additionally we could help some smaller companies and startups to solve their business problems without the large cost of custom software development.
We continuously update applications and create new ones based on the progressive insights our administration and management obtains by using the Quick Base apps and the data and processes that they contain. This all works well and swiftly and can be done rather rapidly. A lot of changes can be done in a couple of hours.

There is only one big pre-condition. The maintainability and flexibility of Quick Base apps - and that is so for all developed software - always depends on how thoughtful your apps are designed. So whatever tool you use, insights in building software and structuring/organising data is a skill that is almost indispensable. Everybody can use a hammer and a saw, but making a cupboard or a chair is something else.
Quick Base is very good for those areas in a company where expensive software development is not realistic (for example because not revenue generating) but where structuring data and processes could really increase efficiency of the administrative work. Also for smaller companies that want to prepare themselves for growth, but don't have the funds for large investments in software development, Quick Base can be a very decent start.

I would hesitate however to build my core processes in Quick Base, because you are really limited by its boundaries. You might start using hacks to work around them but at the end that will bite you back. So there I would be careful in selecting Quick Base and evaluate very well upfront what flexibility you expect to need in the future. On the other hand if you only have limited funds you can start with Quick Base, at least your data - when set up correctly - is already available for migration to other more custom solutions.

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