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Anish Vaghela profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Quick Base is being used for business process management. It is used across the whole organization from operations through to sales reporting to allow for visualization of metrics across the board. It allows users fast access to data across multiple streams of business processes. It alleviates the need to manually communicate menial updates to the team.
  • Automated data management
  • Graphs and reporting tools
  • Communication is automated via email, and even text messages
  • More storage space on the Quick Base server
  • Lower prices for higher volume users
  • Mobile app log in with fingerprint
Well suited: Data management to internal team members who have access to a computer or need to send notifications to external parties. We use Quick Base to manage orders and communicate to our customers on the status of each order.
Less appropriate: As an interface to customers to allow for direct communication into Quick Base - users can access a survey page, but there are limits on engagement with the app not being user-friendly with the latest features like fingerprint reading or face ID.
Quick Base was entirely citizen developed with the help of some IT implementation. We were able to use the software company-wide. Our citizen developers that used the software were not previously exposed to developing Quick Base solutions and learned relatively quickly. Quick Base also offers courses and instruction on how to best use and build the app. There are tons of resources available for anyone willing to learn how to self develop.
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Rama Davis profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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As a Quick Base Solution Partner, we both use Quick Base for our own project management purposes, as well as implementing and managing many applications of all sorts for our clients.
  • Quick Base handles all forms of project management very well! At MCFTech we use it for our own project management, and resource loading practices, as a service-based company, this is extremely helpful to customize the applications to suit our specific business.
  • Quick Base also handles CRM very well. Again, we use Quick Base to handle our own internal CRM, as well as building and managing CRM applications for many clients.
  • Quick Base integrates with other systems quite well. The recent acquisition of the CloudPipes iPaas adds to their already robust and easy to use options for integrating Quick Base applications with other data sources.
  • Quick Base has room for improvement in the UI features. I know the product team at QuickBase is hard at work on these things, and I am excited to see how the UI changes in the future to more modern standards and elements.
Quick Base is very well suited for almost any kind of business application. The ease of development and robust capabilities make it perfect for customizing business applications to the specific needs of any business.

For intensive accounting and finance applications, I would recommend software that is designed specifically to handle these tasks. While Quick Base applications can certainly be designed for these purposes, the more specific financial programs will have functionality that is designed specifically for accounting and finance, and features that are extremely helpful in these areas.
Quick Base is really tailored for the 'do it yourself' business users. New builders can learn the skills quickly in the Quick Base University, and create impactful applications very quickly and easily. However, the platform also lends itself to the highly technical builders as well as non-technical users.
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Nima Shafaee, MBA, PMP, B.Eng profile photo
Score 2 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Quick Base to capture issues, triage them, and assign them to different people. We have also linked it to email accounts so that when customers send us emails, it automatically populates a quick base ticket to get triaged.
  • Automated linking to emails.
  • Assigning tickets quickly.
  • Email notifications on updates.
  • The new updated interface is needed.
  • Mobile-friendliness.
  • No ability to have a private chat with another user (only emails back and forth).
It is useful for very basic ticket tracking and assignment, but for smaller teams, it does not have advanced real-time collaboration features needed for bigger cross-functional teams that need to interact quickly and often. There is no ability to drag and drop tickets to different teams and categories, and no ability to drag and drop files or view screenshots without download. It is a very primitive interface and technology compared to today's standards of functionality and design.
Technical knowledge is required by the IT team to setup Quick Base. It took us a couple of weeks to get going on it.
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Wendy Shoef profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
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Our main reason for using Quick Base is for case management. We have to report to several different government agencies as well as track and manage data for our clients. Within case management, we have implemented task management and template based correspondence. We also use it for other issues such as employee onboarding, employee equipment tracking, supply ordering, scheduling meetings, resource list, contact management, and community outreach.
  • Easy to get going quickly. With just a few clicks, a little data entry, then voila you have a form and report automatically created by Quick Base for you.
  • Great support team. They're super quick to get back to you when you can't find an answer in the knowledge base or community.
  • Customized dashboards based on user role makes it easy to make sure each team member has easy access to the tables, forms, and reports they need.
  • Availability across multiple platforms and devices. Our team has such a variety of devices. Some use PC's, some Macs, some tablets. Having it all online and accessible has been super useful.
  • Customization is lacking. Font sizes, background colors for form fields, adding images to forms and reports, etc. These are all big issues for us. We keep working around it but it's not ideal and we have to use a lot of hacks and a lot of unnecessary development time that could be better spent in other areas. Not being able to have a customized header and footer has been really difficult. We have to use a lot of forms for our reports because they are easier to customize but when you email and print they don't look good. We've had to lower the quality of our deliverables to our clients which we get complaints on frequently.
  • Notification emails only allow for a predefined user list or one email. We often have to send a notification to multiple people. So rather than everyone getting the same email at the same time, we have to send out separate emails or email ourselves then forward so everyone can respond. Once again, extra time and effort that could be better spent providing services to the community (we're a non-profit).
  • Lack of integration. You can use third parties but the cost becomes too much especially as a non-profit. It's hard to justify spending thousands a month on integrations for our team when we work off of grants and charitable donations. So being able to integrate with Outlook or Word to get around the lack of customization is not affordable and then you're dependent on a third party as well as Quick Base.
  • Inability to perform searches on the data directly. Having used Access, SQL, and MySQL it's very limiting being restrained by Quick Base. Report links and lookup fields work but it's ridiculous that the workaround is including (sometimes hundreds of) lookup fields. This, of course, adds to the time of development needed and also slows down the tables.
  • Not having many-to-many relationships. While the hacks work, for the most part, the amount of extra development time that is needed to tweak the tables, the forms, and the reports adds up. This is also why reporting can only come from child up which once again, you have to spend so much time on hacks to display the data you want.
  • Lack of instructions available. While Quick Base university is quite good, doing a google search usually entails wading through a bunch of Quick Base community questions. At the beginning of development and for simple things, it's always easy to find the answers but as development continues and more customization to your company's business model is required it gets harder to find solutions. I'm sure as time goes by it'll be better as there will be more information available.
Quick Base is well suited to a company that can spend substantial funds on integrations, or if they only need data collection and are not concerned with the way in which the data is delivered. I would not recommend this to small businesses that are on tight budgets or that want reports that are easy to understand, look nice, or have a lot of requirements.
For simple data collection and management, Quick Base is really easy especially if you use their Quick Base University. By far the Quick Base University is a huge selling point and a major factor in getting over the learning curve. There are plenty of examples and the Quick Base App Exchange is great to get an already working template that you can customize.
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Samantha Crandall profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
Quick Base is being used by our customers in order for them to share biology sample data with our company in a live manner.
  • Live updates - when our customers update the data, our company can see it right away.
  • Downloadable reports.
  • Easy access anywhere with a Wifi connection - just needs the URL.
  • Very customizable to the fields you need.
  • Not all of our customers have added a date sorting area so this may be unknown to them on how to use.
  • Visibility 'look' - lots of scrolling involved in the spreadsheet-like data.
  • Not intuitive to go to reports and charts in each tab to see pre-made reports.
Quick Base is great for live data reporting for multiple stakeholders to access. It is great for highly detailed data and for viewing that data in various formats. It is not as good for the presentation of the data. The charts and downloadable reports would need to be adjusted for live presentation to those not familiar with the data.
Multiple of our customers have been able to build applications on QuickBase who do not have computer tech skills. I do not think they would have to get help from IT personnel, as long as they were not quite at beginning levels of computer savviness (using computers currently for at least 5 years). The time required to build applications has usually been less than 1 week.
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No photo available
October 24, 2019

NonProfits on Quick Base

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
It is being used across the whole organization from IT to Reporting to Timesheets and HR.
  • Customizable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Sometimes, it's a little clunky.
  • The solutions need to be designed by your team unless you want to spend lots of money.
  • Mobile is not good.
Well suited for nonprofits and companies with very specific and different projects where something on the market just won't do. Not great if you need mobile usage.
I think it does take a while for someone to pick it up if they are completely a novice on the technical side of things. I think for first time builders it will take a couple of months to have a firm grasp of how to do things but they can start doing basic building withing a couple of days.
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Laura Linssen profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
Quick Base is currently being used across our whole organization. There are a variety of ways that we are using it, however, the main one is workflow. We have created a network of Applications that talk to a variety of Departments and can connect and report to each other. It has streamlined so many processes and we have dramatically reduced our paper consumption by going electronically with our workflow.
  • Quick Base is a great way to take information that would normally be collected on a spreadsheet and explode it out so that you can do so many cool reporting things with it.
  • The Automations, rules and functionality make it so easy to build an application that works for you, instead of you having to work to use a boxed application.
  • Being empowered to create, change, update and manage my own Applications without having to wait for someone else to do it has created so many possibilities for use cases in our department that this success has caught on to other departments as well. The freedom to make changes and come up with new ways to do it is awesome.
  • Having more native integrations would be nice. Currently we are working with a partner of Quick Base to hook our Outlook program into it. It would be great to not have to have a third party link.
  • Sometimes the Tables can move slow the more information you use to create forms that you want.
  • The fact that it can't read my mind yet!
Quick Base is very well suited for data collection, reporting, workflow, etc. However, if you need to have certain formulas that are easy to create in Excel, sometimes they are not so easy to replicate in Quick Base. Knowing your way through formulas definitely helps when building. Quick Base is well suited for such a variety of scenarios, that it is really up to the user on how far they want to go.
I started out as a non-technical builder and by playing around and using the Quick Base University, I was able to become an Expert Builder. With the enhancements that they roll out each quarter and the continuous education you can take through their University, even someone who has never felt Tech Savvy, can feel like a Rock Star!
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Mark Lind profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Our company uses Quick Base across the majority of our company/organization. It's been able to assist with better managing where our fleet equipment is, to assisting operations teams with better, more comprehensive tracking of work sites in real-time. Ultimately, it has helped move us away from using old, outdated Excel spreadsheets to track daily business operations, while being able to improve the end users' experiences. Previously, the spreadsheets would have to be checked out by each person who was working in that project, whereas now they can all access the project from wherever they are, and it also reduced the number of copies that were being saved locally back in the Excel days.
  • Their support team has a good record of listening to feature enhancements by their customers.
  • Their Empower gatherings provide great opportunities to hear from fellow customers, as well as hear about new product plans before they are published electronically.
  • They roll out feature enhancements in a timely fashion and allow early adopters to opt-in for these features to get familiar with them, as well as provide constructive criticism or praise accordingly.
  • The inability to further customize the end users' ability to request app creation as an account administrator. The only way to currently turn this ability off is to remove a very useful portion of the product.
  • Sometimes, but not always, when a bug is noticed and brought to their attention, the communication of when the fix is deployed gets lost.
  • As an account admin/realm administrator, I've noticed that sometimes the navigation experience between the various areas of the product seems to function slightly different depending on which page you are on.
Quick Base is a great platform to use if you have multiple offices doing similar work, but each one is located in a remote location. As long as the end users have Internet access, they'll be able to access the app within QB. It also provides for better versioning control, since users are able to save a copy locally, something that Excel falls short with. The rapid application development available within Quick Base is also one of its very strong points since the app builder can usually make form and report changes on-the-fly to accommodate the app owner's request.
As long as the citizen developer is able to comprehend and retain knowledge, Quick Base development is usually relatively simple for new app builders to pick up on it. Quick Base also provides its own university program, which allows app builders to review the product's offerings, get a hands-on feel for what to expect when they begin building out their own applications and provides assessment/quizzes along the way to test your knowledge of the product. Our IT team is always available to help resolve issues and to help build out new applications to help ensure that the table structures make sense, but for the most part our citizen developers 'run the show' for their app. We do conduct reviews of apps either annually, or after significant app enhancements have been made to ensure that best practices are being followed and to help support scalability in the future.
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Stan Witkowski profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are leveraging Quick Base for asset management and cost allocation.
  • Ease of use.
  • Easy to configure dashboards.
  • Fast implementation.
  • Overlapping features, there are several features which perform essentially the same function, however, it is not clear on which one is better than the other. Such as Actions vs. Automation, at the end of the day, they basically do the same thing.
  • Emails to end users directly from Quick Base are not ideal. Not every user should have the option to build an app in Quick Base. When end users receive product emails from Quick Base it creates confusion within the user pool which then creates work for the product owner answering question from the user base.
Need a database to keep track of a person, place or thing? Quick Base works great.

Want a social media platform for marketing? Quick Base may not be a great solution.
Regardless of the system can anyone build a functional app? NO. Some basic knowledge or understanding of data relationships is required to build any type of spreadsheet or database app. With that said I found Quick Base very easy and intuitive to use, a user with a base understanding of data rules and relationships will find build in Quick Base easy.
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Dinesh Vijayakumar profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
QuickBase is used in some departments here. I administer, manage and help the users of QuickBase in a few departments where the customer representatives log in to the QuickBase app and create the requests to order the spares. The Spares team takes up the requests and handles them until closure. This involves maintaining many SLAs and KPIs that are effectively monitored and managed in QuickBase.
  • QuickBase can be effectively used as a database application which allows many customizations through open HTTP APIs. This gives more room for customizations and integrations with other applications.
  • Workflows can be effectively implemented in QuickBase that helps in managing approvals and notifications among various groups of users designated with different roles. Roles management is easy and effective in QuickBase.
  • Great customer service support and the active community forum combined with periodic product updates are very much encouraging to use QuickBase.
  • Quick Base automations is the newest great addon that is built to implement the workflow process better
  • Forms are easily customisable and can be made specific to different set of people based on the different roles defined
  • The reporting capability needs to evolve more. The axis scalability and option to edit the legend texts would be very much important and useful to make QuickBase reporting more mature.
QuickBase is well suited for the following:
1) If the application involves many workflows
2) If the data are inter-related and needs sophisticated relationships between data
3) If there are different type of users who need a varied level of access to data

QuickBase is not well suited if
1) Charts and Visualizations are the primary objectives

The main benefit of Quick Base platform is that the business users can easily adapt the navigations and steps to build forms/reports in Quick Base. So, it doesn't need IT to support to build small to medium level applications but only some basic training is needed
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No photo available
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • Team: Sales
    • Organize leads
    • Track sales opportunities
    • Assign sales opportunities to sales managers
    • Maintain product catalog and pricing
    • Calculate quotes
  • Team: Support
    • Track user support tickets
    • Relay information from our technical team
    • Manage project timelines for implementations and on-going SOWs
  • Team: Technical
    • Manage project timelines for implementations and on-going SOWs
    • Track bugs
  • Super easy to learn how to build apps- I had no technical background and was able to get up-to-speed in 2 months.
  • User access is very flexible and easy to customize based on team roles.
  • Automations allow us to streamline rote functions
  • API integrations are not as business-user-friendly as the rest of the application.
  • There is no out-of-the-box 'audit log' functionality
Well Suited: Organizing workflows across different teams, where it is imperative that information be comprehensive and accurate. This is specific to project management and sales operations in our case, but applies to much broader business cases.

Less Appropriate: Tracking revenue over time- I've found that it tacks a bit of work to track year-over-year growth performance, specifically for our account managers who want to track how their business is performing.
I am our primary app developer, and I have no technical background- so the proof is in the pudding! Not only was I able to pick-up basic QuickBase app development, but the ease of learning encouraged me to learn more complex techniques, such as HTML and automations.
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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quick Base is being used by everyone in our organization. It is being used for multiple functions from Project Management & tracking to HR functions.
  • Quick Base is very easy to create basic applications but also allows for very complex ones as well.
  • Quick base is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Quick Base has great uptime and communication with its community.
  • Sometimes features are pushed out with no way to opt out of them.
  • There is some automation which I feel should be present that isn't.
We were using lots of spreadsheets which were becoming very large. By using Quick Base, not only have we created a better way to track these things, but also a more reliable, easier, and less error-prone system.
It is not very hard for citizen developers. We have had a number of non-IT people take on the roles of getting certified and building their own apps for use within our organization.
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No photo available
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I am a contract Quick Base Developer. Prior to becoming a contract developer, I built Quick Base applications for a construction company where I was previously employed. The company used Quick Base to run the entire back-office operations from Employee Time Cards, HR Benefits Management, A/P Invoice approval, and Project Management. Time cards for all employees used to be paper forms or faxed in from another office. Every employee or their supervisor entered their own time cards.
  • Quick Base is scalable. One can easily add tables, fields, and features to an app as business process rules change, or new ones become policy.
  • Quick Base has plenty of help and reference sources (Community Help, Knowledge Base and videos). As I was learning to solve a particular problem or apply a formula correctly, I was always able to find a solution in one of these sources.
  • Quick Base is a non-coder platform that most anyone can learn and learn quickly. Applications can be built without requiring some IT folks to do it for you. For smaller companies that do not have IT staff, you can build business process apps yourself.
  • It would be nice if they could have a " Process Builder" where you can lay out your business process and the application would create tables, fields, and maybe relationships.
  • The Sync function would be better if you could change the sync source.
  • When you use the help function and enter search criteria, the help feature does not return you to the list of help choices once you have opened on up. You have to go back and search again.
Suited for business processes where approvals are required throughout the process. Use of notifications or Dashboard Action Data Points ends internal phone calls and emails.

Quick Base is not particularly suited for databases that use algorithmic calculations to derive specific data relationships.
I would say that one does not need any technical know-how to build robust applications in native Quick Base. I am a prime example as I had no coding experience when I started building Quick Base apps. There are so many apps in the app store that you can download one that might fit your process and adapt it from there. There are so many resources to teach you, including Quick Base University and help videos you can find on YouTube.
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Katherine Valentine profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our company uses Quick Base in our Electronics business group to manage data for medium to very large projects (i.e. months or years to finish, and a budget of over a million dollars for design). At a high level, this data includes scope, schedule, budget. We sometimes also use it to track details for parts of the project that have lots of things to keep track of, so it doesn't get lost in a mess of spreadsheets.

There are two main reasons we use Quick Base rather than another solution: 1) It is easy to give access to companies we are collaborating and still have peace of mind that all the data is secure, unlike a solution hosted internally and 2) The needs of our project rapidly change, and only Quick Base allows us to adapt to that change quickly enough.
  • Quick Base is easy to change, allowing us to adapt to our clients' changing needs. It's even so easy that sometimes project managers can make the changes themselves, rather than relying on a person dedicated to software development.
  • We don't have to worry about hosting and security. We can simply use it and share it with collaborators without going through all the red tape of exposing an internal server to outside parties.
  • The features of Quick Base allow us to do almost everything we need natively, so there's rarely a need to build custom solutions or hire third-party developers.
  • The biggest missing feature I run into is a lack of an ability to run a report across multiple tables, like you can with a SQL database. You can add lookup values to child tables, it's true, but that doesn't help you run a report that includes all records from both the parent and child tables, even if some parents have no children.
  • The second biggest feature I wish QB had is a way to intercept deletions and other actions of that sort. You can react to those actions (which is great!), but sometimes we want to prevent deleting records in specific cases, or would like to "archive" them instead of deleting outright.
  • It seems some formulas get cached and will have stale values, which makes it difficult to test if everything is working properly, especially if you're using formula fields to manage access.
  • It is a burden to manage access for a lot of users across many apps, especially if you are trying to balance giving access to those who need it and removing access from those who don't, so you can keep license fees down.
For us, Quick Base gets used when we want to collaborate across companies (or even distant offices internally), when we have a need for a database come up on very short notice, and/or when we expect the needs of the application to frequently change. Quick Base allows us to manage all of those things easily, and we have not found another solution that does so.

We don't use Quick Base if there are very complicated rules for data integrity, relationships, triggers, etc. We also don't use it to generate complex reports, although the data often resides in QB.
My experience is that anyone with a rudimentary understanding of relational databases can hack together something that will work, but it is often very messy, and they eventually hit a point where they can no longer manage it. At that point, a technical expert has to come in and refactor it, which can take longer than building it properly to begin with. If a technical person with the training to properly plan and organize an app builds it to start with, then it is generally possible for a non-technical person to make tweaks as needed, perhaps with occasional consultation with a technical expert.

I would guess that 90% of our development is by technical experts, not non-technical "citizen developers".
Read Katherine Valentine's full review
Taylor Adams profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quick Base is being used in a few different business units within the company to manage data associated to our portfolio of assets. Like many other companies, we struggled with having multiple spreadsheets and documents where information associated to our projects lived. We needed a cloud-based solution to consolidate the data sources into a dynamic database, and we have found a solution with Quick Base.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Building apps is reasonably easy
  • Quick Base is customer focused and is adding functionality regularly
  • It's a database but we would like to use the tool for analytics due the type of information we have in it.
  • They're working on a true mobile app now but that has been something we have wanted.
  • System reports could used some better formatting.
We use Quick Base for both recurring and ad-hoc type reporting. For example, if I need to see what our current portfolio looks like I can just press a button and the report comes up for me to digest. This is something that would have taken much more time if it were in Excel and this why the tool is so valuable to us.
Where we get pushback from users is when they are trying to do weighted averages or complex formulas in a report that needs to go to management. It's not a financial modeling tool, but we want to get out of Excel as much as possible so it would be ideal to be able to do more formulas in the tool.
If you start building an app without any real experience I would say it's going to be challenging. The interface and controls they have in place make it really easy for an experience builder, but I am not sure if a non-technical user would be able to just hop in and build an app. I would recommend using the training programs they offer or hiring a consultant build your app.
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Drew Woods profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Previously, we had information stored in multiple systems. It would take 3 or 4 different searches just to be able to figure out what account we were trying to troubleshoot. Having Quick Base connect each of these systems we're able to find multiple sets of information now from one single search. The process requires less switching back and forth and copying and pasting and allows for more time to simply focus on the issue at hand.
  • Customizing forms for different departments speeds up processes because you don't have to read or fill out unnecessary information.
  • Customization allows for multiple work styles to work simultaneously while not interfering with each other.
  • On the fly updates make sticky points so much easier to fix. Frustration is lower because you know that if it really does bother you, there's probably a better or faster way of doing it.
  • There are still some control element styles I'd like, namely with tagging and searching multiple choices. It would be nice to be able to search and hit enter and have the first entry populate rather than having to click it and the search begin again. Kind of like tags work in YouTube.
  • Speed is always an issue. Loading pages sometimes can take a while. But usually that can be changed by improving the forms or relationships, but it's not always apparent how to do that.
  • I'd really like to be able to click on a location/section and have an option to exclude it from view or functionality based on specific users or roles.
Quick Base is great when you have multiple spreadsheets, multiple systems or simply no system when you want to track business operations and stats. If your business process is simple and lightweight with little data, you might get by with a spreadsheet or one or two systems, but generally the more complex the system and more information you want to collect, Quick Base quickly becomes the better solution.
I think it really depends on how customized you want your app to be. The more complex requirements, the better understanding of relational databases is needed. I have a base knowledge and even then I get stuck wondering why I can't just choose a field from another table or why it's taking me to the other one and not the one I want. See, my terminology is even off, and if that's not well defined, you can have a bit of difficulty, but the nice thing is that the support is excellent, so even if you are stuck, there's usually some there to get you un-stuck.
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Joe Scola, CPP profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quick Base is used throughout our payroll division in North America. It's become a true cradle to grave application that allows us to manage our business while integrating with many platforms of our own. Its flexibility has made it an aggregator of data that allows us to get a consolidated view of our division.
  • Integration with Salesforce, CSV files, QuickBooks, SFTP, Drop Box, Drive, and our own Sage Intacct.
  • From simple to complex applications
  • Great community of users to share and find solutions
  • Email integration is available for Outlook and Exchange but it's not practical to store each users email in a separate table
  • The admin user should have better control over the UI as well as communication with end users
On a scale of 1-10 I'd give Quick Base a solid 11. It's well suited for just about any business solution you may need.
The beauty of Quick Base is that you can build applications that match your own skill set. Without any "technical" skills you can customize and implement an application from the library of hundreds of template applications. If you have the expertise to develop applications you can put them to good use as Quick Base allows for you to build the applications as you want them.
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Sam Shannon, CAPM profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have used Quickbase as our primary ERP software for the past several years. We use it to allow our employees to manage top down from the director level to the project manager to the inside field manager to the technician on site. It allows us to capture virtually any type of data (time on site, specific inputs, etc.). It also allows everyone to see the work loads and individual schedules.
  • Flexible - It allows for virtually any type of input and in many ways is limited only by the skill of your programmer.
  • Segmentation - Allows for as many parents/child tables as necessary allowing you to store your data however you choose.
  • Simple - The coding was relatively easy to learn and straightforward.
  • Limited user permissions - The permissions in Quickbase are done by role rather than user. It would require creating individual roles for each user to restrict views and also enable views. Dashboards and all tables are limited by roles rather than users.
  • Limited support - Quickbase does not have the support that other more widely used softwares do. This cannot make learning the code for difficult solutions even more difficult.
  • Single Table Views - I am not able to create multiple table views for the same user. All of the data must be included in the same table and manipulated by the inputs within the table. This is still very flexible, but can be rather cumbersome to code.
  • Limited Data Extraction - They have a data cap for .csv extraction. I was required to purchase a third Party ODBC to be able to pull data from Quickbase into Crystal Reports. This solution, however, worked great.
I would recommend Quickbase for virtually all small business project management applications. It is flexible and simple to use, but it will require an in-house developer as most ERP softwares do, but due to its simple nature this person could be trained in-house. If you are a larger organization I would recommend looking elsewhere for something more robust.
As I have mentioned earlier, the language of Quickbase is relatively simple and similar to that of Excel. Simple applications could be created by people with limited developing experience, but to create more complex and robust applications it will require time and experience. Application creation can range from a simple application being created within an hour to very complex application requiring days or even weeks. Application creation time is, obviously, dependent upon the individual's experience and ability.
Read Sam Shannon, CAPM's full review
Beth Hilleke profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quick Base is our primary (and only!) CRM solution. We use it across the organization to manage lead generation, to track the sales process, and to provide everyone with immediate access to our customers' - past and current - contact information, product license information, and past history of support issues.Additionally, we use it to track the features, release dates, and other pertinent information about our software.

Quick Base has solved the primary issue for which we implemented it. We were using three, or maybe even four, completely separate CRM systems for sales, support, and general info. Quick Base has allowed us to get everything into one system, and to clean up the widely-disparate styles of data entry.

Reports that used to take days to generate using SQL queries from the various databases, spreadsheets, and good old pencil and paper now really and truly are generated with about four clicks of the mouse. Choose the report, choose the filters, and go.
We love Quick Base.
  • Rapid development and implementation of the solution. No database experience is necessary (though it can be helpful). No coding experience is necessary. A completely new user can have something quite respectable to show for his/her work in under an hour. Of course, a more complicated database/app requires more work.
  • Quick Base is scalable. I personally know people who use Quick Base in organizations that are thousands of times larger than ours.
  • Quick Base support is amazing, as is the Quick Base customer community. I have yet to have a question that someone can't answer, and answer understandably - and often the answer already exists.
  • Quick Base allows (depending on permissions) each user to pull his/her own reports, style the data pages in ways that fit their needs, and push information to others in a meaningful and useful way. Admins have different needs from tech support, yet they can all use the same database, just view the information differently.
  • Some of the scaling on the screen doesn't always play well, particularly when printing a report.
  • The on-screen form view constrains fields oddly. But you can work around this by judicious placing of fields on forms.
  • The labels on checkbox fields are in an awkward place.
Price-wise, unless you are a very rich small business, it doesn't make sense for anything much under 10 employees. I would love to use it for my church, but the price is prohibitive.
Amazingly well-suited for a company that wants one platform to solve multiple problems.
Quick Base is accessible from wherever you are via your phone or tablet or laptop/desktop. On the road? No problem. Working at home late at night? It's there.
A great time-saver is the dynamic search - a common thing, to be sure, but one that is very useful. Start typing in the search field and it filters as you type. I love it.
Absolutely no help required from IT, unless of course, you are not allowed to upload or download information. (Uploading spreadsheets is a great way to get data entered in the first place.) It is all web-based, so really all you need is a browser on a computer. A desktop/laptop works better; I personally wouldn't want to try developing an app on a tablet or phone.

A basic knowledge of relational databases is useful, but it can also be picked up on the fly. And there are a multitude of how-to posts and videos available to walk you through just about anything you can't figure out.

A rather sophisticated application can be built in about five clicks if you download one of the many amazing pre-built apps in the Quick Base library. They can also be customized with great ease, renaming fields, removing fields, and adding relationships.
Maintaining an app is almost not a task - Quick Base does a fantastic job of updating the back end on a monthly basis. The only maintenance necessary would be of the internal "why do we even need this field" sort of thing.
Read Beth Hilleke's full review
Michael Barrow profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
We are an Internet marketing and website development company, founded in 2001. We use QuickBase across our entire company. We have about 45 employees in Golden, CO and another 25 technical developers in India. We use it to manage all of our processes and relationships. The main applications are CRM, project/task management, billing, time tracking and actuals-vs-budgets analysis, client lead generation tracking & analysis, employee role and team management, attendance, and a million other details (like client login accounts and information) that we need to manage our business.
  • project management and creation of new projects from templates
  • very flexible and adaptable database setup of tables, fields, formulas and relationships
  • low overhead scripting with Javascript, but usually not necessary because point-and-click setup features are so rich and adaptable
  • investment in the continued development of the platform has added many goods and used features since we started with QuickBase in 2015
  • I hate needing to go outside the QuickBase platform to do things in PHP and cron, but right now cron-based automations and actions are still weak
  • Performance can be a bit slow for bulk updates of 20k records or more
  • integrations with Google Apps are hard and require developer assistance
  • formula functions are good overall but several are very wonky and hard to implement, and overall functions would be much easier to use if they emulated industry standard platforms like Microsoft Access & Excel
  • I really miss the level of ease and functionality for setting up add/change/delete log tracking of records and fields that came built-in with Salesforce. From what I hear this is in the near future development pipeline for QuickBase.
  • there are ways to get around this limitation with a bunch of development work, but I really wish that QuickBase would implement real database integrity so that when a parent record is deleted, all of the children get deleted as well (obviously with confirming prompts and such)
  • Validation rules need to get broken out from forms and stand on their own within the database platform architecture. The big problem is that updates that are made through grid edit and through the API will not know about or adhere to validation rules. This is a terrible thing that can cause problems, and as far as I'm concerned, it is the single biggest loophole that QuickBase developers need to plug. At first, when we started with QuickBase, I almost felt like it was a deal-breaker, but overall we have lived with this limitation reasonably well. What I have to do is run through a long list of monthly integrity checking reports to find anomalies in the database that have crept in through this loophole.
  • Having a hard limit of 500 MB for a single table 's maximum size is rather harsh, and I have two tables in particular that I have to constantly beat back through various maintenance techniques to keep from running out of space. This is a big waste of my time, and we have to archive or purge a lot of data that our CEO would otherwise like to retain online!
It really shines for small companies who are constantly evolving and changing their business processes (e.g. all of us). It doesn't scale particularly well for larger companies who need to deal with millions of records and high performance. Overall, the performance is good. we have 79 different tables, and some tables have hundreds of thousands of records.
I think this area is very over-hyped by QuickBase marketing. I have 40 years of custom application development experience for small businesses. It takes a fair amount of knowledge, experience and aptitude to do custom application architecting and development where the app is done right the first time, and will work well in the long-term as future application additions and changes are thrown into the mix. Anyone can get anything working in a Google Sheet, but that doesn't mean it will be a good app that is able to be supported and extended going forward. Same thing with QuickBase. There is a little bit of investment of time that is required to be a good administrator, system architect and developer, even on QuickBase. Even with the depth of my experience, I still used a 3rd party QuickBase development partner for 3 to 6 months to learn the ropes quickly and get up to speed so that I wasn't creating a crap application. It really helps to understand how to think and develop in QuickBase before you start. It's different from Access, Excel, Salesforce, etc. Once you know how to think in QuickBase and some of the good tricks, everything flows very nicely. But there is a learning curve for anything as complex and sophisticated as the QuickBase platform.
Read Michael Barrow's full review
Kelly Hayes profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
QuickBase is used throughout our organization in various capacities. It has addressed a number of business problems - job tracking, storing travel information and data about previous trips, project management, scheduling, reporting, and many others. We have been able to successfully integrate it with other software to build more robust apps.
  • The ability to integrate natively with other software is great - software like Salesforce and Zendesk are widely used, and setting up integrations with them is a snap.
  • Personalizing dashboards allows our users to only see what is relevant to them, so they are not bombarded by extraneous data.
  • Reports are easy to build and can be done on the fly, which is necessary in a fast-paced business.
  • I would like to see reports be more customizable. The reports that are available are not always able to be as complex as we would like.
  • Even though I am not on the billing account, I would like to be able to see a list of current users so that I have that information available when requesting approval for new licenses in my company.
In almost every case where a spreadsheet is being used to track information, QuickBase can provide a more effective solution. It is very appropriate in situations where multiple users must be able to access data at the same time.
A non-technical user should expect to spend 1-2 months learning the bones of QuickBase, and continue building their skills from there. No previous coding or IT experience is necessary, although understanding the rules of good database architecture will make the process of building an app much easier.
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Gina Corona profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
It's used across the entire organization and addresses a multitude of business process. From customer data, event management, project management, survey capturing, contact us forms, customer care ticket log, to communications management etc.
  • Easy to learn and flexible in use - It's very easy to learn and extremely flexible in use. Highly customizable. Provide training, help blogs & ready-to-implement templates.
  • Seamless flow between data capturing, business process & metrics - If you're going to capture data in QuickBase you'll automatically set up business process & metrics along with it.
  • Great Customer Service and regular enhancements - Their customer service is fast, friendly and helpful. Monthly releases ensure QuickBase stays flawless. At least 5 big new enhancements a year.
  • Calendar reporting
  • The calendar view of reports needs to be updated to function and look better.
I can't think of anything that I wouldn't be able to use QuickBase for. In some cases, it may require an expert to build out exactly what you need, but you can easily build your own application to manage projects, warehouse inventory, CRM, approval processes, budget tracking, event management, event registration, sales funnel analysis, volunteer management, employee management, collateral library etc.
If you know how to create an Excel sheet that fits your needs, you'll be able to create a QuickBase application. If you understand data relationships you'll be able to build more complex applications. If you know how to code, you can pretty much do anything you need. We have several non-technical employees that have built their own successful applications that are used to manage projects or for interacting with customers.
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Laura Thacker (prev. Hillier) profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Quick Base to manage my consultancy, manage time and generate invoices every month. I build and manage Applications for companies in 4 countries. Every client is in a different industry and uses Quick Base for different functions and purposes.
  • Quick Base enables effective, fast, centralized data capture and storage making teams more closely connected and integrated.
  • Offers reporting at a granular level and high level for management ensuring everyone is making the best decisions on the same data set.
  • Add new fields instantly, build reports in just minutes or an entire App in hours. Fastest no code development for non programmers.
  • Quick Base is online, so it is everywhere you are. This is critical for business travelers who need to connect with teams but build the business.
  • Background management of form rules and email notifications could be improved
  • Logging of individual activity does not yet exist natively
  • File attachment management, upload, and download needs improvement
Quick Base is not your accounting system replacement, but it is fantastic at CRM, Project and Program Management and everything in between. If it is on a spreadsheet Quick Base will do it better.
You do not need to know coding, HTML or javascript to start, but you should be ready and willing to learn basic elements through examples and help from the Community Forum which is an excellent source of help and has over 10 years of information most of which is still relevant today.
Read Laura Thacker (prev. Hillier)'s full review
Alex Molochko profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quick Base started for us as a fairly standard way to meet our needs in the CRM and ITSM spaces. We added some knowledge generating functionality for our sales and marketing arms and things snowballed from there. Now we use it to track and manage a very wide range of functions across our operation. It's gone from being primarily used by our sales and support teams to capturing and managing core functionality for our primary service delivery vector.
  • Spreadsheet killing. Can't stress enough how effective it is at replacing outdated, inefficient management techniques like Excel with streamlined, 100% customized workflows.
  • Reporting is easy to develop and filters are easy to manage so you can show anybody anything at your own discretion.
  • Many CRM-style implementations of business software like Quick Base rely on extremely high levels of buy-in because it's necessary to bend your users' workflows to the process in the software. Quick Base is the polar opposite - you can make the platform reflect the actual facts on the ground so precisely that your users will actually learn more about what they do by the process of mapping it into the software.
  • Mobile integration. Would love to see a native mobile app; as it is the mobile experience is pretty good but there are weaknesses associated with being wholly browser-based.
  • Flexible licensing model is a necessity. Right now my company can't necessarily accommodate paying user licenses for everyone we'd like to potentially be able to access parts of the system, but there are use cases we'd love to capture within the platform that do require that sort of ability to interact with our apps on a limited basis.
I genuinely can't think of a business scenario where Quick Base is poorly suited as a solution because it's so flexible and powerful. The specific situations where Quick Base is going to help you is a business situation where you have a workflow or process that you want to codify, customize and create a single source of truth about. What isn't in that category?
Our citizen developers easily and quickly build their own reports and charts. Outside of that, our organization has one overarching single application because our industry and positioning require our Quick Base app to talk to many other systems to the extent that building out those connections to more than one app was not the direction we chose to go. Both our IT director and 'low-code' support specialist are able to accommodate any other development requests from users very easily. Ongoing maintenance is virtually zero.
Read Alex Molochko's full review
Kim Gaston profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use QB to manage our projects at energy generating facilities. We use it from idea through approval through execution and completion of all generation projects. This helps us keep track of ideas and assign resources to project tasks. This also helps us in our budgeting and resource planning.
  • Data consolidation - We no longer have to gather emails, scraps of paper, and notes to enter project ideas. No more lost ideas and notes as it is all in one place.
  • The simplicity of QB makes it so that even the most novice computer user can quickly figure out how to enter useful data. Even if they don't understand databases, they can fill out forms to provide information to others.
  • The reporting feature makes it easy to customize the information for the audience. For example, our VP doesn't need the same granular detail that a field supervisor needs. With the personalized reporting, we can provide the customer with the appropriate amount of data.
  • We have had to go to an outside service provider for a useful Gantt chart function. This has been cumbersome and costly. This is an area for improvement.
  • It would be nice to have an onboarding experience for someone who inherits apps when an administrator leaves. It would be great to have a workbook or training on the top things to do to get to know your app.
  • A cheat sheet of some kind of formulas would be good. The formula helper is better, but I would like to see something like what is available in Excel.
Well suited to replace shared Excel spreadsheets and MS Access databases.
I took an HTML class in college when Al Gore was just inventing the internet. Since then, I have no coding experience. However, after a short lesson or two, I was able to build and customize my own app and make it useful for my customers.
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