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Swapnil Gyani | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 17, 2020

Use QuickBase to develop robust business applications quickly and easily

Score 8 out of 10
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We've developed our entire human resources information management system on QuickBase. The HR department uses this application for managing and storing employee records, while every employee of the company uses it for managing performance reviews, time and attendance, personnel requisitions, travel requisitions and so on.

Additionally, we've also built various project management and workflow management apps (both for in-house use as well as for clients) on QuickBase.
  • QuickBase allows you to quickly and easily put together a working data-driven application within minutes, without the need for programming or database administration expertise
  • If you do have programming and / or database management expertise, QuickBase allows you to develop extremely powerful functionality into your applications
  • QuickBase provides a great library of in-built apps that you can use and customise to you liking
  • QuickBase has a vibrant community of enthusiasts and experts who can help troubleshoot any issues you may be facing
  • QuickBase offers extremely limited options for customising the user interface of your applications
  • Inter-table relationships have some odd peculiarities and are not very robust
  • While QuickBase has offered a way to plug other platforms and services into their applications, that selection is very limited at this point and has some staggering omissions (Office365, for instance)
At the risk of over simplifying QuickBase's powerful toolset, if you currently use an Excel file that's shared by multiple users, QuickBase will offer a far more robust solution. A big part of this robustness comes from the ability to design custom reports that allow you to slice, dice and analyse your data very quickly and easily.

If UI / UX customisation is at the top of your priority list, you won't be happy with what QuickBase has to offer.
Yes, we absolutely have. Like I mentioned earlier, we've developed a suite of powerful business applications that are used by our entire employee base (as well as some of our clients) on a daily basis. Over time, we've become better at getting the most out of the powerful and flexible toolset that QuickBase offers.
One of the great things about QuickBase is that even a person with zero technical ability can create a fully functioning data driven application. You do not need software development, programming or database management expertise to develop and maintain an application on QuickBase.

What is required, however, is the ability to think logically and analytically, along with a willingness and ability to learn something new.
The QuickBase support team consists of experts who do a great job of understanding and resolving customer issues. You can initiate a support request on their portal, and their experts will be in touch with you via email or phone, depending on the complexity of your query. However, this makes it difficult to get urgent, round-the-clock support.
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Brad Eisenberg | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 15, 2020

The Best Platform for Custom Business Apps

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
I create Quick Base applications for businesses to help them operate efficiently, measure how they're doing, and achieve transformation improvements to their business.

Use cases are varied including CRM, Project Management, Scheduling, Inventory Management and more. Many businesses come to Quick Base because they're struggling to run their business off of spreadsheets, off-the-shelf tools that don't work for their business, or across multiple unconnected systems.

For my small business clients, Quick Base is typically used across their entire organization. Larger companies tend to use Quick Base at a departmental level.
  • Can be completely customized to the needs of your business.
  • Can be implemented at a fraction of the time and cost of a custom coded solution.
  • Can easily scale with the changing needs of businesses.
  • Has limited "in-the-box" integration options.
  • Automated workflows aren't very comprehensive.
  • BUT will be rolling out a new tool called "Pipelines" to improve on automation & integration.
Quick Base is great for companies struggling to run their business off of spreadsheets. It's also perfect for companies who operate in niche industries or have complex requirements that can't be met by an off the shelf solutions.

Most use cases are for business who intend to use the app internally to improve business processes. Creating applications that are intended to be used primarily by customers wouldn't be the best fit.
In both current and past roles, I've been involved with building business applications with Quick Base, with full-stack software development, and with other tools. Quick Base is by far the fastest and easiest platform I've used to build and maintain apps.

While the platform is powerful and easy to use, building fast does not mean building well. I've worked on a lot of "home-grown" apps that were built by business users the wrong way. For more complex apps, an underlying understanding of how to construct an application is more important that how easy the platform is to use.
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Sam Goldman | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 10, 2020


Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have developed multiple custom applications to manage a wide array of business processes. It has been especially valuable to us in managing operational risks through our home grown validation of control application. It is used by over 500+ employees across multiple lines of business inside one of three corporate groups.
  • Quickbase allows us to create and customize forms and fields that can be tailored exactly to our business vernacular and needs.
  • Ad hoc reporting allows us to slice and dice all of our information in endless ways that help to serve a multitude of audiences.
  • By building applications in Quickbase, the platform enables us to model our business that helps us identify and implement process improvements.
  • More granular role-based access reporting would be useful.
  • Easier to use smart forms that incorporate conditional drop down boxes (if this... then that choices)
Quickbase's largest challenge is to overcome the inherent risk of our company data being stored on a third party's data center. Quickbase would be smart to continue to push and market on the steps it takes to secure our data.
We have built over 5 very different custom applications that each meet and simplify different business challenges. The flexibility and customization capabilities are one of Quickbase's greatest value-adds.
Little to know technical knowledge is required to develop application in quickbase. Most important is to have a strong grasp on the business challenge and available (or required) data necessary to solve the problem.
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Surya Avantsa, MS, PMP, DTM. | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 08, 2020

QuickBase, the defacto standard for developing Business applications for the Web.

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
QuickBase is being used at a federal agency that I worked at, for their core business activity. It helps the management and the staff alike be able to track their cases across all the 5 major departments within the organization. It also helps the public file their legal cases with the agency electronically thus reducing the time and improving the accuracy of the filing.
  • QuickBase is a SaaS product. Therefore, it eliminates the need to have a dedicated department full of people to manage/administer servers for databases, websiites, web applications and so on and so forth.
  • It helps application developers get started with application development right away, without having to install any other software.
  • With an extensive point and click system for application development that still encompasses almost ALL types of programming situations, it makes it easy and quick for developers to build solutions by focusing on the business needs rather than the nitty gritty details of the implementation of the small programming components.
  • QuickBase is based on HTTP API calls and because of this, one can build custom applications using languages such as Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, .NET etc so that the custom application can be the front-end while QuickBase is still the database and the backend as a service, including email as a service.
  • There are several third party products that work as an extension of QuickBase. I have personally used Exact Forms Plus to be able to generate documents based on data coming from QuickBase applications. This is possible because of the HTTP API calls that come with QuickBase This makes QuickBase extremely extensible.
  • Webhooks is a major extension of QuickBase that allows "triggers" to handle your business processes across a variety of other 3rd party SaaS products as well.
  • Automations (now integrated with Pipelines) go beyond webhooks. They use drag and drop, drop-down select type of coding with wizards such that one can't go wrong. It improves the productivity of the application developer by at least 100x
  • There have been several areas for improvement that QuickBase has collected over the years from their users via uservoice. Many cool features have been implemented.
  • However, I still feel that they should either get rid of the limitation or expand the number of form rules one can use in a form that has formula fields. Currently it is at 20!
  • I want QuickBase to seriously consider increasing datastorage at reasonable expense for developing applications that handle large transactions.
  • Get FedRamp certified. Get FedRamp certified. Get FedRamp certified. Do whatever is necessary for that. But don't move to AWS for that. Amazon is a monster. Stay away.
If you want to track something, such as a business process, use QuickBase. For all other type of business applications, where you might want to have a custom user interface, you should still use QuickBase, because you can't find a better product that can act as a Backend-as-a-Service.
However, due to the limitation of the amount of data that you can store in QuickBase, avoid using it for applications that involve large transactions processing.
Like I mentioned in the pros of using QuickBase, this product can shred the amount of time one needs to design, build and deploy web applications, with as little infrastructure as you can. At the federal agency I worked, we migrated from an Oracle Forms based case tracking application to QuickBase. As a result, the cost to hire and maintain Oracle DBAs, Unix System Administrators was totally eliminated. QuickBase takes care of it all!
So as application developers, we could move quickly from requirements gathering to systems design to development, testing and deployment in weeks as opposed to months and years for each component. We didn't have to worry about load balancing, maintaining our servers or maintaining our platform etc.
QuickBase would like to think or have customers think that this is a citizen developers' tool. But I beg to disagree with that because, one needs to have knowledge of relational databases, the concepts of normalization, the need to normalize, how relationships work, how the summary fields, lookup fields work, etc to be able to develop a meaningful and useful application that can be maintained in the future.
I have first-hand experience developing applications for some DC Govt agencies where they had "citizen developers" such as administrative assistants, finance managers, and human resource managers develop applications only to have me come in and redo them "correctly." As an example, when you had to modify the name of a person, the systems developed by the citizen developers were such that one would have to modify the name of the person in 8 different tables, all in the same application! But I designed the systems so they can change the name in just one Employees table and the lookup fields would take care of effecting the change across the applications.
Thus, I would strongly recommend that businesses should consider having experienced professional programmers who have experience and education in developing applications do the job.
Read Surya Avantsa, MS, PMP, DTM.'s full review
Jessica Curtis, CHFP, CRCA | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 07, 2020

QuickBase Customer Service = Squad Goals

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quickbase is used across our organization. We track, trend, and report data from our Quickbase system. It eliminates the need for multiple versions of spreadsheets being passed around and enables us to have real-time alert notifications and subscription reports. It also allows us to set up appropriate roles for our users depending on their needs and security levels.
  • Their customer service is best in class! Responsive, helpful, and always willing to go the extra mile.
  • Ongoing training and conferences are available to new and advanced users. Beyond just the company of Quickbase, the universe of users is such a large, connected, and friendly community of empowered citizen developers.
  • Ease of development - non-technical users can learn to quickly develop applications with Quickbase to solve longstanding business problems.
  • More advanced free-placement reporting, such as is available with Business Objects/Crystal Reports/SAP type solutions would be great.
  • More integrated advanced features into Quickbase itself rather than having to pay a third party "Quickbase Solution Provider" would be helpful also!
I think QuickBase is very useful to almost any business who uses spreadsheets or needs a common system to access data and reporting from. If your budget is very small or your number of employees is less than three, it may be too expensive for the value it brings depending on the business case.
Yes we have! We can easily build a new app in a day to conquer a business problem. Adding tables, importing data and fields, setting up relationships, and building reports are quick and do not require programmers to accomplish. There is also a community exchange of "shared" apps we have taken advantage of for common applications such as project management and resource tracking.
It is so easy to build an app in Quickbase as a non-technical person. They have training videos, webinars, and an extensive online help community to help you get started. Importing data to a table, building a relationship between tables, and creating reports, alerts, and subscriptions is very simple and straightforward after you review the initial training materials. Setting up users and roles is also simple. The more complex your app becomes (more tables and fields), the more time it will take someone new to understand what is going on with your app and also be able to appropriately assign permissions and things like that. Someone should be the "owner" of an application and be the main contact to maintain and continue building the app, but it is very easy to share responsibilities and build together when needed also.
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Richard (Ric) Hazel | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 07, 2020

QuickBase quickly gives you a base to build your foundation for your project or department.

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use QuickBase as a repository for documents and as a way to create forms, reporting, and metrics for our Learning/Training Department that serves our greater IT org, Customer Technologies. We have yet to delve as deep as we can into its potential uses, but at present it has addressed our problem with where to store documents and files, as well as, a way to manage and organize our current restructuring of our department's policies, procedures, and development.
  • It is very easy to create apps specific to our needs.
  • It is a great way to manage and store documentation on many levels.
  • It gives us a one stop location where we can organize our entire restructuring effort.
  • I would like to be able to upload and store larger video files and Captivate files without having to zip them.
  • In our Learning/Training Department we have a need to share files so that we can have multiple sets of eyes on things as we design and develop learning elements. An easier or more intuitive method to share larger files would be great.
  • It may be because I am still relatively new to QuickBase, but it is not the easiest to navigate when trying to add new users, edit functionality of an app, etc.
QuickBase is well suited for a department that has multiple users and has a need to store and share documentation across that department. It also is very good for departments or organizations that need to measure and report on specific activities and customize apps to make those measurements. It may not be the most appropriate for users who have a need to store or share large files.
We have achieved this benefit to a certain extent, but have not yet realized the full potential of the product. I anticipate that as our restructure effort moves forward we will have ample opportunity to test this and realize even more benefit from using the product. From what we have seen of it up to this point it has been indispensable for us as a means to organize our restructuring.
It can be difficult for non-technical developers to navigate through the creation of applications, however, with that being said, QuickBase help is very efficient and accessible when trying to build something from scratch. Their customer support is top notch and responds quickly to every inquiry for assistance that I have made so far.
Every issue or question that I have had has been addressed quickly and answered expeditiously. They are very good at what they do and I have absolutely zero complaints. It is rare to find a Customer Support department that is as knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient as QuickBase Support. Well done!!!
Up to this point the product has done everything that I have needed it to do. When I have needed assistance I have received it quickly and efficiently. As a repository it has been an indispensable tool and will continue to allow us the flexibility we need to move forward.
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Dinesh Vijayakumar | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 20, 2020

Effective Business Application Development Platform

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
QuickBase is used in some departments here. I administer, manage and help the users of QuickBase in a few departments where the customer representatives log in to the QuickBase app and create the requests to order the spares. The Spares team takes up the requests and handles them until closure. This involves maintaining many SLAs and KPIs that are effectively monitored and managed in QuickBase.
  • QuickBase can be effectively used as a database application which allows many customizations through open HTTP APIs. This gives more room for customizations and integrations with other applications.
  • Workflows can be effectively implemented in QuickBase that helps in managing approvals and notifications among various groups of users designated with different roles. Roles management is easy and effective in QuickBase.
  • Great customer service support and the active community forum combined with periodic product updates are very much encouraging to use QuickBase.
  • Quick Base automations is the newest great addon that is built to implement the workflow process better
  • Forms are easily customisable and can be made specific to different set of people based on the different roles defined
  • The reporting capability needs to evolve more. The axis scalability and option to edit the legend texts would be very much important and useful to make QuickBase reporting more mature.
QuickBase is well suited for the following:
1) If the application involves many workflows
2) If the data are inter-related and needs sophisticated relationships between data
3) If there are different type of users who need a varied level of access to data

QuickBase is not well suited if
1) Charts and Visualizations are the primary objectives

Yes, QuickBase helped to build the functionalities faster and keeps the maintenance effort easier. With the effective implementation of workflows and reports, many Excel sheets and macros were eliminated and gave many visible benefits ranging from reduction in the maintenance and build cost, reduction in the manual efforts of managing data and reports and increased productivity.
The main benefit of Quick Base platform is that the business users can easily adapt the navigations and steps to build forms/reports in Quick Base. So, it doesn't need IT to support to build small to medium level applications but only some basic training is needed
Read Dinesh Vijayakumar's full review
Christopher Verhulst | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 30, 2020

Great tool to build business apps, but the quality, usability and maintainability of the apps are still the result of who designed them.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quick Base is for us a low cost and easy way to quickly organise, expose and structure data and processes. During the years a lot of company data spreads out over different systems like spreadsheets, docs, wiki's, and other systems. Quite a bit of data gets duplicated because if you start using different systems (eg. CRM, asset management, HR database), data is often necessary in multiple systems. This results in:
  • effort to keep data in sync in all systems
  • the risk that people no longer know where data is stored
  • having to look in different places to find data you need
We use Quick Base to bring all back-office data (asset management, GDPR registers, meeting data, CRM, etc.) together and link it in a structure way. This helps us in creating one source of truth. Also back-office processes become more structured and it helps in getting things done in a uniform way.
  • Quick and easy development of apps that help in structuring data.
  • User friendly way of introducing automation in simple processes.
  • Accessible way to learn the system.
  • Providing good support.
  • Creating multilingual applications.
  • Still improvement possible in user friendliness, some features are not always well discoverable.
Quick Base is very good for those areas in a company where expensive software development is not realistic (for example because not revenue generating) but where structuring data and processes could really increase efficiency of the administrative work. Also for smaller companies that want to prepare themselves for growth, but don't have the funds for large investments in software development, Quick Base can be a very decent start.

I would hesitate however to build my core processes in Quick Base, because you are really limited by its boundaries. You might start using hacks to work around them but at the end that will bite you back. So there I would be careful in selecting Quick Base and evaluate very well upfront what flexibility you expect to need in the future. On the other hand if you only have limited funds you can start with Quick Base, at least your data - when set up correctly - is already available for migration to other more custom solutions.
Quick Base clearly served our company in quickly and at a low cost structuring data and making it easily accessible. Questions to adapt and extend functionality can easily be answered. On a regular basis we discover new opportunities to extend the usage of Quick Base and can do this in a very agile way.
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Rick Hasebein | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 20, 2020

Quick Base Gold

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quick Base is used across the entire organization. From CRM to scheduling and work performance. It solves everything from the time a customer calls in for a quote on their project to the invoicing at job completion. It also monitors the status of the job for each step along the way.
  • CRM
  • Job Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Notifications
  • Reports need to be beefed up. Setting up reports is not that easy.
  • Error reporting is sometimes vague. More detail about the error would make it easier to figure out what's broken.
Quick Base is well suited for running any business where data, KPI, scaling of the workforce, are important to collect the correct data and implement into readable reports that assist you in squeezing the most out of the operation.
Easy it is not. We have spent a considerable amount of time and money on getting where it is today. Long-term, we will benefit in cost savings from manual entries that we used to perform.
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Abigail Field | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 20, 2020

Quick Base - rapid development of customized workflows & reporting analysis/insights

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our program developed apps to automate a workflow across a distributed team and manage the application deployment process. This includes obtaining real time operational metrics, processes to manage exceptions, management of multiple
environments, centralized tape library, contacts & management reporting.
  • Very agile & flexible. Apps can be developed very rapidly; it is also easy to make modifications to an existing app based on new requirements.
  • Multiple reporting formats. Can provide information quickly when adhoc requests are received from stakeholders for information.
  • Excellent customer service. The turnaround time to respond to questions is always very fast.
  • Easy access to educational tools via their on-line resource centre, Youtube & user community.
  • While 'Automation' is a very useful feature, performance is poor when processing a large volume of transactions.
  • The maximum number of dynamic filters in a report is 5. As a workaround a report is created with required filters as a result of this limitation.
  • Limited data storage for a table. While the reporting capability is excellent, workarounds have to be implemented to prematurely purge data & maintain the previous record status.
A centralized library in Quick Base was created to manage media received from external stakeholders. Prior to this, there were multiple Excel spreadsheets in different locations making it very difficult to determine the status.

Reports can be generated very rapidly in a very dynamic environment compared to MS Excel. The use of customized dashboards makes it easy to share information with other team members.
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David Fradin | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 19, 2020

Quick Base: It just works!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Quick Base in a number of ways. One is to make reservation requests to rent my vacation rental at the Mana Kai Maui. Another use is to load into it the NAICS data, which enables tagging records and makes sorting and selecting a lot easier than in a spreadsheet. Another use has been to identify job skills required by product managers to be able to succeed. Another is tracking the status of multiple chapters and videos for my Wiley book entitled "Successful Product Design and Management".
  • Ease of configuration
  • Ease of making enhancements
  • Rapid report writing
  • Helping database managers understand how Quick Base's relational database features work and can be set up.
Anyplace where a quick to create and use database is useful. Frequently to replace error-prone spreadsheets. I have used it, for example, to provide a place for questions for my Wiley book. I have also used it to identify sized and target markets. Before Salesforce, I used it for multiple salespeople to track sales leads through the sales cycle.
Yes, like in the examples mentioned before. I wanted to be able to flag records, sort, select and build custom reports quickly. Quick Base enables that. Before Quick Base, I used File Maker Pro but since File Maker Pro was not cloud-based, Quick Base fit my needs. I also wrote, deployed and reported on Oracle employee's satisfaction survey.
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Minda May | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 18, 2020

Quick Base: I LOVE IT. A great low-code platform for business processes and reporting

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We offer Quick Base consulting and development. We use Quick Base as well as other tools to solve business problems and build custom solutions for businesses. Some things we do with Quick Base include process improvement, establishing workflows, reporting, and workflow automation. It is a really flexible program and you can build it into pretty much whatever you need for your unique business.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Training and documentation provided online, including Quick Base University self-paced courses.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Dedicated development team adds quality new features and invests in product enhancements.
  • I have a hard time thinking of anything about Quick Base that disappoints me. It’s by far my favorite computer program of all time.
Well suited for business profit improvement of all types.
Yes, we can roll out an application quickly to address needs. It’s possible to launch a basic app the same day to get an initiative off the ground.
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Miguel Sanchez | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 18, 2020

My personal experience with QB

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It's been used to estimate projects, update shop drawings, and markQuick Basective, done, on hold, drop, etc. We use it for the whole company. The problem for me is there is no "for loop" or at least I can't find information about how to use it in Quick Base.
  • It's easy to understand, don't need to be an expert to use it.
  • Have a lot of people supporting the platform.
  • Make the charts more easy to customize.
  • Compare rows and columns in the same table to filter data. For example, know your top 5 clients.
Personally, I think Quick Base is great at project management, lead times for products, the time needed for the production of finish the product, etc. Where I think it is less appropriate is when you want to use it as a time clock for your employees.
In order to make a product, the project first goes to our Estimate department where they estimate the project in Quick Base based on all the materials, labor, and tools required. Ince the job is approved, they notify engineering and thery start the drawings for production. It's an efficient way to manage information and pass it thought departments.
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Gregori Lewis | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 18, 2020

Happy API Customer

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it to house data that is passed between it and the system out employees use as a front end.
  • Pricing
  • API
  • Customer Service
  • Front End Customization
I think Quick Base is better suited when used along with its API. It's super quick and reliable. Only problems we've had with it where due to other systems or providers. I would like to see it improve in the flexibility of how it can display data to a user. There is some room for growth here and could really help set them apart even more.
That is why we went with QuickBase and we were able to deploy within a week.
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Mike Sebo | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 18, 2020

Success with Quick Base isn't by accident, they give you the tools to build your solution the way you want it.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quick Base is currently being used to organize incoming projects from clients with the focus being on providing metrics on how the projects are being handled from start to finish. It is being utilized by 80% of the company daily. We have been able to consolidate many of our previous processes to one system, instead of the 4 systems we were using previously to track this information.
  • Reporting on ANY given information criteria.
  • Organizing of data in an effective way that streamlines our daily tasks.
  • Customization is as easy as right clicking a form field.
  • For us, and we are a very specialized company, I would like to see more mapping features natively supported by Quick Base. Currently limited to 100 entries, limits us on how we are creating reports for our project managers.
  • The app for mobile devices is good, but it needs more tools for the administration of our Quick Base apps.
  • Price: Quick Base is an expensive solution when being used by medium-size or larger companies that will require a lot of logins.
Depending on the management pool trying to implement this solution, a roll out to a new company could fail pretty easily. We reached out to a known Quick Base architect to get us going. Once I saw how it all works, we've been able to customize and maintain our apps without any problem. Bottom line, it's a technical tool, the more you embrace it the more you will get out of it. It's a great tool for what we needed it for. Organizing 8000+ jobs annually has become much easier after creating the Quick Base app.
We have achieved what we initially set out to accomplish with our custom Quick Base app. It's intuitive enough to allow us to modify on the fly and improve any aspect of the app as it runs today.
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Ben Tiggelaar | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 17, 2020

QuickBase for a growing small healthcare company

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
QuickBase is very flexible and can be used in a variety of business use cases. We started off using the system as a typical CRM but then started to add other modules and workflow components. The customization Is really what makes this product special. Every business is unique and if you want to spend the time to model out your own workflows, automate tasks, and have data stored in one place, then QuickBase might be a good solution.
  • Support response is phenomenal
  • Create your own workflows
  • Reasonably priced HIPAA compliant solution
  • Continuously adding functionality and features (automations are one of their main objectives this year)
  • More integrations and ones that out of the box solve immediate business needs (ex: Mailchimp, keep a list of newsletter audience bidirectionally up-to-date)
  • Mobile view/app is still terrible as the system has been built for desktop (lots of data rows)
  • More examples of truly complex (best practices) applications for easier planning of development
It can be used in a variety of business types and sizes. I’ve seen larger organizations use QuickBase and also as a small healthcare business we have found its benefits as well. You need someone with some form of technical skill, or you simply won’t get that extra value that is inherent in customizing workflows. You may have to budget a consultant if you don’t have anyone in-house, which can be expensive. Routine maintenance, feature adds, etc. are a necessary part of QuickBase to ensure it’s being used at its full potential. These costs might even be greater than the subscription itself, but it’s where you will drive most of the value and opportunity.
It’s been a fit for us and we have found value in it. We do set aside time to create features within the system that will ultimately reduce cost or save time in some way. We have gone through a few consultants who have worked on an hourly basis who have been helpful in achieving our vision.
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Bryan Newell | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 17, 2020

Inventory, field service, and invoicing in one app.

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use QuickBase as field inventory control, quoting, service tech dispatch, cloud-based paperwork storage, customer tracking. We have another system for corporate accounting, but it didn't address our need for a system to handle manufacturing and field service.
  • Ease of use, doesn't take a lot of training to be able to use our system
  • Provides good work flow
  • Easy to modify the program in-house as needed
  • I find the app difficult to use on a mobile device
  • It's a little pricey
QuickBase is well suited for its highly-customizable apps. QuickBase is very good for companies that manufacture equipment and do the field service themselves.
We have developed an in-house app that manages inventory and allows us to dispatch field installations and service work.
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Ken Williams | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 17, 2020

Quick Base Review

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quick Base is being used to correlate diverse data systems into a unified view. We link physical assets to operating metrics to improve business decisions and direct resources.
  • Linking and updating from a variety of data sources and types
  • Editing existing records and making mass updates
  • Flexibility to make changes on the fly as users request
  • Native ODBC API without purchase of 3rd-party software
If you are looking for a product that allows you to be your own IT database manager and build your own relational database based on user input rapidly, then Quick Base is your tool. You don't have to be formally trained in data management, you just have to understand what business problem you want to solve. No waiting on long IT queues to make changes or getting lost in translation. Users can make the changes they need on the fly. This is the real value.
We are achieving benefit from Quick Base on a daily basis.
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Alexander Kennedy | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 17, 2020

QuickBase - Much more than it seems

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
QuickBase is a godsend. Three years ago I began what felt like an exhausting search for the right fit of CRM. Coming from Microsoft myself, I was used to big CRM data and tight information management. I literally checked over 15 potential options for a CRM type software. Some were great, and some fell short of my expectations. After several demos, and downloads I felt like giving up and offering a CRM/software management company a contract to build a custom CRM for our company.

Enter QuickBase.

At the time, QuickBase was still new to the market and I was familiar with Intuit as an accounting software business, so I felt relatively comfortable trying out QuickBase. QuickBase not only came in as the savior with a cape, I was able to implement company-wide protocols, procedures, and a solid strategy without having to attend a coding conference or school to write custom code. The option to do so was absolutely available, but with the ease of use, it did not seem necessary. QuickBase addressed our procurement bottleneck, customer management, sales, internal equipment, employee performance reviews. I could and can make anything that would make sense for our company to come to life with QuickBase.
  • Ease of use when starting from scratch. The ability to clearly understand how your data is being used, and how it links together is what really makes QuickBase a solid choice.
  • The community revolving around questions, real-life scenarios, and examples of fully built templates to gain inspiration and or use is a great stepping stone.
  • Price point is one of the best I have seen on the market.
  • I would like to see more integration with other vendors with employee time tracking, expenses from mobile apps
  • If there could be a functionality for a customer-facing portal or a front-end to interact with our data. We offer an online store that is linked through API to QuickBase, but we had to build the website to work with QuickBase.
  • Aside from the custom ability to create reports, I would like to see the ability to change the GUI in a drag and drop type functionality with Apps.
I am a firm believer that if you can think of a solution you can build that solution with QuickBase. The scenarios that may not be possible will likely deal with coding and adding in specific functionality as it relates to unique requirements per a specific application. If you are a single person business, this is a good way to manage data and have it accessible, however, the limitation is that you need to purchase at least 25 licenses for users. While it is not very expensive in relation to other options on the market, the need for 24 additional licenses may seem a little overkill until they offer a single license format for 1 or 2 member companies.
We have achieved a lot with QuickBase. Building and deploying apps on the simple side is very easy, and very straightforward. I can certainly attest to the benefit that this has provided to our company with increased turn around time, order tracking, customer management and information retention per each specific sale has been a huge leap for us.
Read Alexander Kennedy's full review
Jeff Klok | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 17, 2020

Quick Base can give you a quick means to develop what you need. No Coding Required.

Score 8 out of 10
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QuickBase is used in several departments. It allowed us to create a unique and efficient way to organize our work and projects. It allowed for a custom-tailored development without needing to involve IT, which was faster and cheaper to the departments.
  • Data Input
  • Filtering Information
  • Organizing workflow
  • Types of reports
  • Types of output material
  • Cost per user per month
Quick Base is well suited to project management, high-volume data retention, and flexibility in builds.

It still has some arbitrary limitations on filtering that limit is ability to be useful in some instances.
We did. We were able to build a custom-tailored, complex project management and databank within a couple of weeks versus months with IT support. It has become the cornerstone of all the work we complete.
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Craig Millward | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 15, 2020

Easy to customize, to fit your specific needs. Customer support is amazing!!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have implemented Quick Base as a CRM, and are also starting to develop apps for managing inventory, purchase orders, vehicle maintenance, and sales data.
  • The automation and triggers to move data from table to table is very convenient.
  • The ability to organize apps and tables to display info that is most relevant, as opposed to some other programs that have "cookie-cutter" home pages.
  • There could be some more specific training available to learn some of the more complex formulas. There is a lot of trial and error, although I will say that the "help requests" are answered very quickly.
  • A decent understanding of MS Access and Excel will help you in designing your apps, but Quick Base does use a different format for creating formulas, so there can be some frustration when trying to create some automation in your tables.
Quick Base is a very good option for maintaining a database for your company. We specifically use it as a CRM and order tracker. The basic included functionality is very handy for database operations alone. There is a lot more that can be done if you opt for some of the partnered add-ons for an additional cost. As a standalone solution, it is not best for use as a POS replacement. With some integration and certain payment processing providers, this can be accomplished.
Our business has seen an improvement in the processing of customer proposals and orders, thanks to the ability for each of my stores to be able to see on the dashboard where each customer is in the process, and what steps are needed to be made. Follow-up is at an all-time high.
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Jesus Mata | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 15, 2020

Quickbase for Manufacturing Structural Steel

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Quickbase is being used by the entire organization. We use it to track all current inventory, to create new orders, follow the orders, check them in, get them to the jobs that require the material, view the process of the job and all related tasks, make sure it's ready to be shipped out, and track it to it's destination.
  • Everyone has the access to the same information at the same time
  • All edits made can be instantly viewed and reflected on
  • It has great control over users access and permissions
  • Great ability to use different applications for different needs in the company
  • Customizable with layout as desired and adding personal code and scripts
  • Some times, it is difficult to search through some tables and applications
  • Grid edit needs to be used in a slightly more integrated way with APIs
  • Speed is a great concern for us, and when Quickbase is slow or the database is dragging along, we're hurting.
Inventory control, tracking work/jobs, project management
We have been able to make great use of the applications. It has aided us to view the jobs we do and maintain great track of them.
There is hardly any difficulty at all, thanks to some great templates that anybody can use. They also come with examples sometimes, so that you can see how the application is intended to work. There might be some need for IT aid when the solution requires programming languages, but Quickbase can be run quite smoothly with little to no programming knowledge.
Always a quick response and accurate response
Despite it's amount of slight issues, the usability is still very easy
It has evolved really well with our company, but there is a hard limit to the table size that has begun to affect us and not let us grow. The table size limit is set at 500 MB and we have had to jump through quite a few hoops to be able to get by.
No - None that we have been made aware of. Everything has worked swimmingly for us.
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Malena Eckenrod | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 15, 2020

Quick Base is Cool

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
QB is a database for housing all of our properties. Corporate and Site Level staff have access to enter data within various apps. It is also used as a ticketing system for marketing/website requests.
  • Looks nice.
  • Different apps allow for diverse functions.
  • Connection between apps gets finicky.
Appropriate for smaller companies as an information database. Larger companies have too much information, especially if attempting to store files over several years' time. Apps run out of attachment space fairly quickly, and there doesn't seem to be a workaround other than dumping the historical data into a different app.
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Michael Buller | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 14, 2020

You Name It, We Track it with Quickbase.

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our organization has a lot of uses for it; my department uses it for a variety of functions. The main areas are for tracking creative projects and web development projects, and managing content (assignment, approval, channel, etc.). We also use it to track budgets, ad performance, and contacts. We also have a separate app for tracking our student intern program.
  • It's immensely flexible and customizable, within each app and across different apps. The ways that you can use it are limited only by your ability to think about what you need. I haven't got much into script building, but have had some developers do that for us and that has extended its customization.
  • Reporting and notification. Again, customizable to the nth degree. If you can ask a question about the data in your app, you can build a report, notification, etc.
  • Reliability -- it's always working. Always up.
  • The email function. When you email reports and records to people, it bccs people so no one can see who else is getting it.
  • The search. It's almost too powerful and so when it returns records, it brings back so much that it's hard to go through. Granted, there's the advanced search, but it would be nice to have a down and dirty search that returns based on one or two main fields and returns results from newest to oldest. (We've built a report that does just that).
Quickbase is teriffic for any kind of tracking function - budgets, projects, content, contacts, you name it. It's also great if you have different levels of your organization that need to use the app differently. With roles and permissions, you can customize it so that it feels like that even with one app, you can have multiple uses. And, if you have the aptitude and need, it's pretty easy to build multiple apps that talk to each other.
Yes, we've definitely done just that. We looked at a bunch of different content and creative project tracking products. But the off-the-shelf products didn't offer us the full functionality that we get in Quickbase. In fact, we even tried one to use side-by-side with what we built in Quickbase. After a year, we got rid of it, because what we could do in QuickBase was quicker, better, and more powerful.
I'm just that. A citizen developer. If you have logic and aren't afraid to poke around and explore, it's easy, and I'd also say fun, to build things. There are some levels of administration that get beyond me - script writing, for example, and some of the more technical table and app relationship. But basic functionality (user administration, table and form administration, notifications, even formulas) are very easy to pick up.
It's easy to set up. Easy to create new apps. Easy to build forms and reports. You don't have to be a developer to understand it. ANd it's completely modular - so you can build something basic and then make it better. A lot of the higher level functionality needs to be done by developers but that's fine.
Read Michael Buller's full review
Martin Gaudette | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 14, 2020

A great way to complement commercial software with custom apps

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We create custom Quick Base applications to optimize our client's workflow, provide better control, and improve security. Uses include the replication of existing manual workflows, the capture of additional data for business intelligence purposes, integration, and improvement of approval processes as well as applications to integrate HR, production, inventory, field services, job costing, and more.

Quick Base allows us to do all this with minimal disruption and very high reliability.
  • Reliability. We build apps, they work well and kept working flawlessly for 10 years.
  • New features are being released all the time.
  • Flexibility in building and modifying apps
  • English only, I would like french language support or at least French accents.
  • More flexibility to create visually appealing forms
  • Calculated fields aren't updated dynamically when editing a form with detailed records (ie: line items in an invoice form)
QuickBase is well suited to improve processes, manage approvals and create custom applications that integrate all aspects of a department. Great for incremental development that can be adjusted as it progresses based on user feedback.

Less appropriate for accounting and invoicing--it's best to connect QuickBase to a commercial app that does the core of the job well.
Being able to build, deploy, and maintain our custom business applications is a great advantage for our customers and we use it all the time. We think it often makes more sense to develop in low-code using Quick Base because it accelerates the development phase and saves our customers a lot of time because the flexibility to correct as we go allows for less planning and meetings.
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Quick Base aims to empower businesses to quickly turn ideas into applications that make them more efficient, informed, and productive. The vendor’s value proposition is that by using Quick Base, anyone — regardless of technical background — can quickly create business apps they can use and share with others.
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