QuickBase Customer Service = Squad Goals
Updated April 08, 2020

QuickBase Customer Service = Squad Goals

Jessica Curtis, CHFP, CRCA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Quick Base

Quickbase is used across our organization. We track, trend, and report data from our Quickbase system. It eliminates the need for multiple versions of spreadsheets being passed around and enables us to have real-time alert notifications and subscription reports. It also allows us to set up appropriate roles for our users depending on their needs and security levels.
  • Their customer service is best in class! Responsive, helpful, and always willing to go the extra mile.
  • Ongoing training and conferences are available to new and advanced users. Beyond just the company of Quickbase, the universe of users is such a large, connected, and friendly community of empowered citizen developers.
  • Ease of development - non-technical users can learn to quickly develop applications with Quickbase to solve longstanding business problems.
  • More advanced free-placement reporting, such as is available with Business Objects/Crystal Reports/SAP type solutions would be great.
  • More integrated advanced features into Quickbase itself rather than having to pay a third party "Quickbase Solution Provider" would be helpful also!
Yes we have! We can easily build a new app in a day to conquer a business problem. Adding tables, importing data and fields, setting up relationships, and building reports are quick and do not require programmers to accomplish. There is also a community exchange of "shared" apps we have taken advantage of for common applications such as project management and resource tracking.
  • Building and deploying business applications faster
  • Improving our ability to drive insights from our data
  • Improving collaboration across one or more teams
  • Solving a specific business challenge
  • Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs
It is so easy to build an app in Quickbase as a non-technical person. They have training videos, webinars, and an extensive online help community to help you get started. Importing data to a table, building a relationship between tables, and creating reports, alerts, and subscriptions is very simple and straightforward after you review the initial training materials. Setting up users and roles is also simple. The more complex your app becomes (more tables and fields), the more time it will take someone new to understand what is going on with your app and also be able to appropriately assign permissions and things like that. Someone should be the "owner" of an application and be the main contact to maintain and continue building the app, but it is very easy to share responsibilities and build together when needed also.
We update an application that tracks our team projects and timelines all the time. It is easy to go into the app, delete old tasks or mark them as completed or archived, add new tasks and notes, assign tasks to new people, etc. We change deadlines, add new tracking fields, and customize the layout of our dashboard to add new widgets and reports. It is done live on our team call and doesn't require any special talents.
I think QuickBase is very useful to almost any business who uses spreadsheets or needs a common system to access data and reporting from. If your budget is very small or your number of employees is less than three, it may be too expensive for the value it brings depending on the business case.

Pipeline and Governance

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Excel
We integrated Quick Base with a MySQL database by working with a Quick Base solutions provider to sync data from Quick Base to MySQL on a nightly and on-demand basis. We are moving many tables and hundreds of fields seamlessly. The integration required defining field mappings because our desired field names in MySQL were different than those in our Quick Base tables, but once each field was defined the project was not difficult.

Our Excel integration involves a button in Quick Base that generates Excel workbooks with data from our MySQL database. The most difficult part of this integration was defining the report format and fields/tables, but once that was established the integration itself was not difficult. Quick Base is very easy to use with other systems, and their engineers and solutions partners are always willing to help make efficiencies and integrations possible.
We just turned on pipelines and attended the introductory webinar today at their virtual summit. Tomorrow we will attend the session on integrating pipelines into our ecosystem. We are looking forward to integrating more tools through this new feature. Quick Base's dedication to enhancing their product and supporting users through education and technical expertise is unmatched!
The realm management in Quick Base is one of the reasons we chose this platform. We are able to create roles and user permissions on the field level, and do so very quickly. We utilize role-based permissions to control much of the security throughout our system and also frequently reference the "last modified by" and created/modified date fields in reporting for audit purposes. Quick Base's attestations and military grade security for their data centers ensures optimal system readiness, security and performance. We are very confident in the protection of our healthcare data and regulatory compliance data on this platform.