If Excel and the Internet had a child, QuickBase would be it
Updated April 07, 2020

If Excel and the Internet had a child, QuickBase would be it

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Overall Satisfaction with Quick Base

We leveraged Quickbase to meet a client need for a scalable web-app to rapidly build capabilities they couldn't do with some of their on-prem ones.
  • Online databases
  • Project management
  • Web forms
  • Mobile apps / better native mobile support
  • User interface
  • Pricing (too high for some organizations)
We have achieved this benefit for a client to make building, deploying, and maintaining custom business applications faster and easier - primarily, this lets us leverage a web-first approach to automating some of their more manual processes.
Quickbase was the most modular and could be custom tailored above and beyond simple service/support apps and web docs applications
  • Building and deploying business applications faster
  • Solving a specific business challenge
Developing was easy - really it's not developing at all since you can point & click through the various wizards and configuratiors Quickbase has. On top of that, there are thousands of pre-built app templates on the marketplace so chances are someone has already built something very similar to what you are looking for.
When the needs for updating a custom driven web form arose from what was previously used in Quickbase, all it took was a few minutes of brushing up on the syntax and we were able to drive a very complex custom formula to adjust to what the customer needed. No massive re-write of the app needed and within a few moments we were able to fix the problem.
Can best automate processes done manually via Excel today for an organization.

Pipeline and Governance

  • Zendesk
  • Dropbox
Somewhat deep - for various use cases, we've looked to identify ways to expanding access to Quickbase from apps already in use within the enterprise for a customer of ours. With many of these integrations already built in, we were able to integrate Zendesk (for customer support tickets) and Dropbox (for customer file tracking) easily. We've also used these as ways to bypass typical integration time and testing (by no longer having to worry about REST API calls or ETLs) making Quickbase a very simple integration point for our other apps.
Ease of use across apps we've already used (and that our customers used). We always prefer first-party integrations and having these connections supported by Quickbase out of the box were a no-brainer. These also made sense for finance and made us best friends with internal audit (since we had ample documentation about how this information was being moved and how it was being secure). Thumbs up all the way around!
While we haven't yet automated our governance and compliance functions using QuickBase, we've got projects in the works now to build some rapid prototypes for compliance tracking and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). While there are other products that can do this in standalone environments, for some of our customers that simply do not have the IT budgets to buy the top-tier compliance tracking solutions (that come with top tier costs), we're finding opportunities to do a lot right out of Quickbase, including the following:
  • Vendor Risk Assessments and ongoing Vendor Risk Management
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Breach Reporting Forms
  • Incident Tracking, Case Management and Monitoring
All of this while using many of the out-of-the box dashboards QuickBase does so well. I'm sure there's even other opportunities we haven't come across yet but that's what makes Quickbase so great - because it's low-code, chances are we can probably rapidly prototype it and get something up and running in no time.