Quickbase powers our whole business.
Updated January 09, 2023

Quickbase powers our whole business.

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We use Quickbase to run our entire business. We're a Quickbase partner and solution provider for Quickbase, so when customers need a solution on the platform, we build those solutions to spec from the ground up. What we build depends on the client's needs. They might need an inventory solution, a purchasing solution, a CRM, or an HR management solution, etc. But we drink our own Koolade, and use the same platform extensively in all areas of our business...from quoting, invoicing, time tracking and ticket management, HR/employee onboarding, quarterly reviews, vendor/partner management, marketing campaign management, and more. As a CRM tool, we use Quickbase to manage all of our clients, prospects, sales pipeline, and open opportunities for each client. We're able to track all the activities and conversations so that anyone from our team can pull up a client and know where things are at, status, next steps, etc. And, we've built out extensive reporting and KPI Dashboards so our leadership team has strategic visibility at a high level, and the ability to drill down into the details as needed. We couldn't run our business without Quickbase!
  • The best use case is taking those clunky Excel spreadsheets and building an app that enables a workflow to be built around the data and exponentially improving collaboration and reporting.
  • One of the areas that Quickbase could be better is on connectivity to other products. Quickbase is building out an integration platform called Pipelines, and does have an Open API, so the ability is there. It covers the major hitters, like Salesforce integration, Gmail, Google Docs, etc. But, the world is full of apps and there's people using thousands of different tools in their business. QuickBase can actually take some of those tools and build out the solution within its own platform, making some of those other apps obsolete. But as a business, I might have 10 different tools that my client or staff is using, and changing isn't in scope right now. Quickbase doesn't have a plug and play solution to integrate everything a client might be using. So being able to connect to more of the tools that everyday businesses are using would be an area of opportunity. But the list of capabilities IS growing every year.

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We have absolutely achieved this benefit. Not only have we done so in our own business using Quickbase, but we've built countless apps and solutions for our clients to do the same.
Quickbase is just a very user friendly, low-code, robust solution that doesn't take a highly paid and extensive IT staff to maintain. There are certainly high-end features which benefit from skilled technical staff or outsourcing to a solution provider, but for day to day use of the platform, Quickbase is built to be a self-service tool. We don't like solutions that can't be maintained by the users after we build them. Instead of handcuffing a client to a solution and needing us for every little thing, we like that Quickbase can be a right fit for different types of clients, large and small.
  • Building and deploying business applications faster
  • Improving our ability to drive insights from our data
  • Improving collaboration across one or more teams
  • Solving a specific business challenge
  • Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs
I come from an MIS background. I've built databases on several platforms during my career. So for me, it's a little bit easier. But a normal user can get into Quickbase and build basic applications without a highly technical background. Application templates can help folks get started, and it's a pretty visual tool too. Building reports is also pretty easy and intuitive. Automating workflows requires a little more technical ability and learning. Also, structuring a database well is something folks go to school for and isn't something the average human knows inherently how to do. If I'm trying to track basic data on a customer, such as phone, email, company name, first name, last name, etc, those are easy. But when I'm building out a system that can do more for me, with relationships and automated workflows, that's where help is sometimes needed. So you don't have to be a developer to use and build basic solutions. When people approach us for help, it's usually because they've taken it as far as they can take it, and now they need something a little bit more elaborate, more robust, more scalable and sometimes untangling a little bit of the mess they've created. When companies know that their solution is going to be more involved from the beginning, they also reach out for our expertise before starting anything.
We provide Quickbase consulting, and it's all billable time. In Quickbase, you can build out a time tracking solution using native tools. But there are also very robust tools in the marketplace that handle time tracking for projects incredibly well. A perfect example is QuickBooks time (formerly TSheets) by Intuit. We use QuickBooks Time every day, and are completely integrated with Quickbase. We can pull time in, attach that time to projects, and then flow things into our billing system. Being able to build out that workflow makes managing our projects very streamlined.
This is the core of what we do every day. We update our Quickbase solutions all the time, both for ourselves and our clients.
Quickbase is geared towards companies that have at least 20 users or more. And it can handle thousands of users if needed...so very scalable. If you're a company that's growing and scaling and you've got 20 users, 50 users, 200+ users, etc, it's a very powerful and scalable platform. And it's less expensive than some of the more common enterprise solutions out there. But it's really not for super small companies where 3, 4, or 5 max users are expected unless you have a high revenue business supported by a lean staff. We have clients of all sizes, and Quickbase handles the workload very well.

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