The answers you need from social media...
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November 02, 2013

The answers you need from social media...

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Radian6 is helpful in locating target audiences by allowing the user to set a wide variety of preferences. This is hugely important to the interest of saving time.
  • Radian6 has evolved to display results in graphs that make it easy for viewers (at all levels) to interpret. This cuts down on the extra work you have to do in order to present your finidings to clients and/or executives.
  • Perhaps most useful, Radian6 quickly and accurately analyses trends. It really takes some of the guessing work out of crowd listening and allows the most up-to-date information to shine through the noise.
  • I was honestly able do to what I needed to do (and more) with the platform the way it is...
  • The data retrieved from Radian6 allowed up to increase app downloads by 12 percent over a 6 month period, which surpassed our goal. Since we were able to find the consumers most likely to download the iPad app, we were able to engage them in/on a couple blogs and chat rooms. That was great for spreading the word.
The platform is most useful for B2C purposes. I love the product, but I'm doing a lot of B2B work right now, and my target audience is not heavily engaged in social media.
I'd certainly recommend if for colleagues working in advertising and B2C spaces. My advice would be to DO THE TUTORIAL! There is so much available that it's makes more sense to get a lesson or two instead of just trying to dive in blind.