How Remote Desktop Manager makes my day easier!
Updated November 16, 2017

How Remote Desktop Manager makes my day easier!

Ben Liebowitz | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Remote Desktop Manager

I use Remote Desktop Manager on a daily basis. I use it to RDP to the servers I support; I use it to open SSH sessions to VMware hosts. I use it to launch the VMware VI Client; I use it to launch multiple websites I use regularly. I do all of these things with embedded passwords so I only have to enter my password into the credential repository once and from then on it can be used for multiple entries. Using this tool saves me from having to install multiple other tools on my PC to manage and support my environment. I'm able to quickly search for entries, use the password generator to great passwords for service accounts (choosing length, characters to include, etc), and I find the Keep Tab On Disconnect feature to be a very helpful one. As someone who works in IT and has to reboot servers on a regular basis to fix issues, upgrade, etc. This feature is great and keeps me from having to keep trying to reconnect, etc.
I don't know what I'd do without this tool! It's invaluable!
  • Manages all your entries in an organized fashion.
  • Keeps all your credentials in one place for easy management.
  • Has multiple add-ons and integrated tools to accomplish many different tasks.
  • There are so many different features it can be overwhelming. There are many I don't use.
  • It's not a complaint that I have but I've had coworkers complain, "oh, look RDM is prompting for another upgrade." To me, having to install an update once a month or so isn't a bad thing. They're fixing bugs, and introducing new features.
  • Sometimes, finding where to change a specific setting can be rough, with the properties for an entry having multiple sections, sometimes you have to make the change globally from the main settings section, etc.
  • I find using RDM has helped my productivity. Each time I work on a new server, I add it to RDM, so it's there next time I need it. Now, I go to the search box, start typing in a name and find my server easily. I can quickly connect since I've already assigned the proper credential from the repository, etc.
  • Being able to work on multiple things at once, all within the same application has really helped as well. Instead of having 5 RDP sessions open, I have 5 tabs in one application. Typically I also have a tab open for my IPAM solution, my AV software dashboard, etc too.
  • I haven't seen any negative impact as yet.
  • Remote Desktop Connection Manager and Royal TS
1. Remote Desktop Connection Manager (Microsoft) - This product is great at what it does. Manage your RDP Connections. It doesn't have a credential repository, so you have to either assign credentials to each object or at the folder level. However, if you have different servers in different domains, this can be challenging.
2. Royal TS - I tried this product before going with RDM. I found it had many of the features I was looking for, but I just felt that RDM hit several other areas that Royal TS didn't. Especially how it could launch the VMware VI client directly. I could create entries for my 5 different vCenters, right click on the folder and click OPEN ALL and it would launch all 5 VI clients, with the credentials I embedded.
Having worked in IT for many years, I've found this tool to be invaluable. I've tried some of the other tools to manage RDP sessions, but RDM manages way more than just RDP sessions! As for where it doesn't fit, if you have a small company, or you have an environment that is constantly changing (like you are a consultant constantly moving from client to client, never going back) then this may not be the tool for you.

Remote Desktop Manager Feature Ratings

Screen sharing
File transfer
Secure remote access with Smart Card authentication
Access to sleeping/powered-off computers
Not Rated
Over-the-Internet remote session
Initiate remote control from mobile
Remote management of servers & workstations
Remote Active Directory® management
Not Rated
Centralized management dashboard
Session record
Monitoring and Alerts
Not Rated
Multi-platform remote control

Using Remote Desktop Manager

5 - We use RDM to manage all of our remote connections. Our remote servers, virtual machines, URLs, SSH Sessions, SCP File Transfers, etc. All of this allows us to use one tool for everything, instead of requiring multiple tools.
3 - There isn't much necessary to support it. We maintain a shared DB file and back it up on a regular basis. If it would happen to get corrupted (something that hasn't happened to us) we'd just restore a backup copy. The shared database makes it really easy for us all to manage the environment. If I add a new server, the rest of the team has it in their RDM too.
  • Management of our Remote Connections
  • Centralized management.
  • Ease of use
  • Great support team.
  • Constantly working to improve their product!
  • By using a shared database file, we're able to maintain the same list of connections for the entire team.
  • If/when we expand into the public cloud, RDP has the ability ot assist with managing our remote connections in the cloud, with their Amazon S3 Explorer, AWS Console, Azure Console, etc...
I've been using RDM for about 10 years now. I started with the free version, which I used for a few years, and eventually switched to the Enterprise version. I can never go back now! I use this tool for everything and cannot see doing my job without it! Whenever we have someone new come in or bring in a vendor/contractor, they always ask me what RDP tool I'm using. Once I explain about it's features and all, they're usually instantly sold on it. :)

Evaluating RDM and Competitors

Yes - We evaluted RoyalTS and Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection Manager. We found Remote Desktop manager to be a much more robust product!
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Third-party Reviews
For me, it's usability. It's extremely easy to use! You can create entries, a folder structure, and assign credentials to any and all objects. You can not only store creds in RDM, but it has a password generator tool integrated as well! I use this tool often to generate passwords for things like service accounts, etc.
I can't see doing anything differently. We are very happy with our decision and won't be switching anytime soon!

RDM Implementation

The implementation was completely successful. We had no issues!
Change management was minimal - There really wasn't change management involvemen t. As we are not admins on our workstations, we required help from the desktop team to get RDM installed, that's all.
  • We encountered no issues at all!

RDM Support

We have only contacted support one or two times and have had a great experience each time!
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - We have not had the need to pay for premium support. Any issues we've had were solved by their normal support service.
I've received assistance from their support via their online forums when asking how to accomplish something, as well as great support when opening an actual support ticket!

Using RDM

I use this tool for almost everything in my day to day job. I launch the VMware VI Client from RDM. I launch vSphere Web Client Sessions from RDM. I RDP from RDM. Access Dell iDRAC and HP iLO via RDM, as well as Cisco UCS Manager and iKVM. I have saved SSH Sessions to my VMware hosts. I have URLs saved to get to things like IPAM, etc.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Adding connections is a very simple process. As is adding credentials and assigning them to objects!
  • Modifying existing connections is very easy to do as well.
  • I have not found too many functions that are cumbersome. It's a very easy to use product which is very simple as well!
Yes - They have a mobile app for iOS and Android. I've used both versions and they're very handy to have!