Litmos Performs as Advertised - Truth in Marketing for Once
Updated May 14, 2021

Litmos Performs as Advertised - Truth in Marketing for Once

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Overall Satisfaction with SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos was purchased in order to replace the combination of an aging LMS and a mixture of home-grown options. Several locations were using their own combination of resources. There was no unified repository of learning material, nor was there a single location from which to draw upon or audit training records. The thought was that by finding a single platform we could reduce costs and migrate training records into a single electronic location.
  • Presents nearly every media type I have (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Images, Audio, Video, Embedded Websites, etc.).
  • Allows me to handle registration, attendance, and results of instructor led training we aren't presenting through Litmos.
  • Gives me a decent tool to create my own SCORM training materials within Litmos.
  • Gives me tools to automate grouping of personnel and assignment of courses.
  • Auto Assign Feature still does not automate the unassignment when the rules for assignment are no longer true (e.g. moving from hourly to salary adds the user to salary but does not remove them from hourly). To their credit they are working on some ways to do this, such as where items are 1:1 (e.g. If pay type = Hourly, then remove Salary and add Hourly), but not so much where there are multiple variables.
  • Support is lacking. The knowledgebase is extremely generic and has yet to address any of the issues I'm having. Emailing the support team works for generic issues, but if your implementation has any APIs, customizations, etc., you're going to have to explain yourself at least twice in an email exchange before they route your issue to someone familiar with your implementation. This is not exclusive to Litmos, but it does exist here.
  • Migrating content from the development sandbox to production is cumbersome due to the "find and select" method of choosing courses to migrate. The search box starts by text order, so keyword searches don't work. You have to know the characters of your file exactly as they appear and there is a limit on the number of characters you can use before search will not function. These limitations cause unnecessary delays.
  • The search tool is not very good. It takes some finesse to find what you're looking for unless you know the exact title. Lots of false positive matches as well. Not sure where some of these results come from.
  • Reduced training costs.
  • Simplified/consolidated record keeping.
  • Easy to audit for compliance/legal/external.
  • Increased employee use.
  • Paper reduction.
  • Unified LMS.
We had home-grown solutions and niche content presentation tools. They did a decent enough job, but they were dated and maintaining the home-grown systems was cumbersome. What's more, none of the systems were connected to one another or to central HR, which means duplication of effort and lack of knowledge sharing was costing us in time and money. Litmos offered us a chance to get a modern interface, unify our efforts, and reduce our overall costs. This company was hungry to do things right for its customers, and we were sold on their "get it done right" philosophy. The investment has paid itself back.

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Nothing is perfect. There is always room for improvement (especially auto assign and reporting), but the system itself is a dream for users. If a user can navigate the web, they can use Litmos.
Do your best to use the out of the box features. You will have plenty of ways to configure your implementation without crossing over into custom coding. This is a powerful system. Tell them what you need it to do and let them show you how it already does that out of the box.
Litmos is the best bang for the buck, especially when you do not have a full web-development team to create attractive learning materials. The tools are extremely simple to use, and you can utilize existing training materials you have in this system with little to no loss. Migrating historical records is a snap and system integrations is possible with most other systems. The tool is very powerful without being so complex that no one can use it. It does everything we need it to do, and the few issues we have with the system, Litmos is actively working to improve. They actually listen to their customers.

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Litmos Experience

Simple actually. They met their timeline and delivered everything they agreed to provide.
This is by far the best LMS product I've used to-date. The price was not the lowest on the market, but certainly has provided value equal to what we paid. The implementation and rollout was handled with fantastic efficiency. We didn't waste time with costly "re-do" or a creeping scope. Everything was clear from the beginning for both sides of the table, and it showed in the implementation.
The knowledgebase is very generic, so beyond some basic, "this is how you use Litmos", I am not super impressed with the self-service options for troubleshooting issues or finding best practices from peers. Getting a response from specialists also takes a great deal of effort. The initial ticket is almost never where my answer comes from, so I have to wait on the escalation to take place, and usually that goes to an account specialist. Once I get that, there is usually a back and forth before we agree on what the issue is. Service is always courteous, but not efficient. I am never sure where my ticket stands with regard to escalation/processing, so I have to inquire. Service tickets and service are not a clean process right now, at least not for me. Nothing like it was during our implementation.
This is a strong suit for them. They communicate well in advance what their release dates and content are. They have a webinar to discuss the new features and provide a rap sheet so you can distribute the update information to stakeholders. On top of the great communication, the innovations and improvements are wonderful. This is what endeared Litmos to me from the beginning: they listen to their customers and try to deliver a product that is meeting our needs. They aren't building a car with 200 cupholders when we only need 4. They look at the suggestions made by the customers and, similar to Microsoft, they put them in the open forum so peers can vote or comment. This is giving us as customers the ability to see potential features as well as share common pain-points that the system can resolve for us. When features are getting traction, Litmos tells us if they are developing a solution or not. When they can give a release timeframe they do this as well. When they are not offering a change, they usually tell us why.
I started with an implementation at the corporate level, with plans to roll to manufacturing facilities one at a time. COVID slowed that process, but the demand for implementation at all facilities has grown steadily month over month. I believe this is because the corporate employees are benefitting from Litmos and are sharing the tool in meetings, which generates more interest. My project calendar is booked with implementations.