Automate your cross-browser testing with Sauce Labs
Vignesh Viswanathan | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 19, 2018

Automate your cross-browser testing with Sauce Labs

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Overall Satisfaction with Sauce Labs

Several teams that have a User Interface (UI) are planning to use Sauce Labs to test on different browsers and ensure functionality is working as expected. It helps us do cross-browser testing and mobile testing on both emulators as well as real devices. They have a great collection of real devices and I was able to find the latest Android and iOS devices.
  • Many versions (includes older versions) of popular browsers like (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc.) are available
  • Great collection of real mobile devices available for testing
  • Works well with CI tools like Jenkins, CircleCI etc.
  • Has support for many programming languages like C#, Java, Python, Ruby etc.
  • Identifying flakey tests, slow tests can prove to be really useful
  • Live testing on VMs is slow i.e. there is a lag for the browser to perform actions after actually performing them
  • The metrics provided are very basic. This could be improved
  • Improve quality by increasing browser/OS/device coverage
  • Achieve continuous delivery
We want to automate the process of cross-browser testing and save time. We also want to test on real mobile devices and do not want to maintain our own devices. It would save us a lot of time not having to maintain our own virtual machines and mobile devices. It is also nice that Sauce Labs works well with applications hosted on-premise or in the cloud.
We definitely think Sauce Labs would be helpful since they encrypt the data to ensure security and also do not store any data on their servers. We do not use real customer information specifically PII/PIFI during testing and only use test data. Our testing is limited to non-production environments only. Because of these reasons, we are able to use Sauce Labs
By testing our application on different browsers and mobile devices, we are able to catch bugs early and fix them before it gets to the customer. This ensures we provide a good and consistent experience to our clients irrespective of the browser/mobile device they use to access our application.
You could maintain a Selenium Grid for doing cross-browser testing and have a bunch of mobile devices to do mobile testing. This becomes a lot to maintain over a period of time since they need constant maintenance. It is also not possible to provide all the different browser/OS/resolution combinations that Sauce Labs provides.
This is a nice feature if your application is behind a corporate firewall. Sauce Connect allows you to test such applications. It is good that data is encrypted and sent over the tunnel and also the tunnel is only open for the duration of the test run. It is definitely very helpful rather than maintaining your own proxy.
We found Sauce Labs to be better in the following:
1) Better selection of mobile devices (including all the new devices)
2) Supports many CI tools like Jenkins, CircleCI
3) Availability of test metrics

We also had a better experience using Sauce Labs overall. It was easy to create users in the application. It is also very easy to get your existing automated test suite running on Sauce Labs.
Sauce Labs is well suited to test user interfaces on different browsers and on mobile devices. Sauce Labs may not be helpful if you do not use one of the programming languages supported by Sauce Labs. It is also not useful to you if your application does not have a UI (User Interface).