An Honest Moz Review, by a Content Marketer & SEO
January 28, 2014

An Honest Moz Review, by a Content Marketer & SEO

Sean Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
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SEOmoz is being used to optimize SEO campaigns for our clients, as well as integrate social media analytics for better insight into our clients social channels. It is being used in the marketing department of our company – specifically in SEO and social media. The problems SEOmoz addresses are ones of SEO progress tracking, finding next steps in technical SEO best practice implementation and ongoing reporting for our clients with their statistics. It is also used for social media tracking, and link tracking for our clients.
  • SEOmoz does a great job of integrating social media and search marketing progress in to one easily digestible viewing format. At a glance you can see what channel of marketing is the most effective and by how much.
  • SEOmoz does a great job of acquiring like-minded companies like GetListed, FollowerWonk and gain partnerships with other companies such as Buffer and the like to improve synergy between products and offerings. Basically they wrap together the entire internet marketing funnel so well that they would be impossible to dismiss.
  • SEOmoz has a beautiful focus on community, and their massive database of information on their blog, on their faq, on their Q&A give tremendous insight into any SEO problems or strategies you might need a second opinion on, technical or topical.
  • With the new Moz Analytics product they released in the past year there are definitely lapses in UX efficiency. This meaning that it is far harder to use than it should be, or just downright unpleasing to use sometimes. This could definitely use improvement, as the old tool was exceptionally easy to use.
  • SEOmoz (rebranded Moz) now seems to have a diluted view on their approach as a company towards their product. Now focusing on the entire internet marketing funnel as opposed to the SEO focus they had in the past, it seems that they have lost a bit of their niche – and are looking for a way to dig their newer, more broad niche. While they still have a massive following, this doesn't seem to be working out too well from the outside so far, they essentially need to find a very good technical way to wrap together reporting in a very deep and exciting way with data. Using Mailchimp APIs, Google APIs, Twitter & Facebook APIs etc. would help to essentially create a larger-scale reporting tool, which is essentially what "Moz Analytics" has become.
  • They could do a better job at defining issues in current profiles filled out by their customers and give recommendations towards improvements. Such as, "Twitter profile does not have a site link, this needs to be added" or integration and recommendations on local specific campaigns (should be created to have local focused campaigns), "Twitter profile does not have a location set, this needs to be added" and so forth.
  • Increased employee efficiency, bar none.
  • Better reporting for our clients leading to better client retention.
  • Recommendations for on-site improvements for client has vastly increased the efficiency of scaling marketing campaigns.
RavenTools I've used and has a great approach to the same problems, the only major difference is SEOmoz's availability of incredible data. If you want more recommendations for improvements on site and SEOmoz is too expensive, try RavenTools – otherwise SEOmoz is a better bet. Kissmetrics, which is essentially for one site at a time (a lot more expensive than SEOmoz in the long run) is an incredible analytics driven tool – which is what SEOmoz has become with "Moz Analytics" so that is worth checking out if you want a more elaborate, server level representation of information for your site. Those are the main ones I would see competing, other companies like Hubspot and the like offer similar products but on much different scales and verticals, so they are hard to compare.
Their constant iteration helps build trust with the product over time, I know they know what is important, it's just a matter of them adjusting their approach and building for the future. My client reporting is very important and with SEOmoz that is done easily and seamlessly, even though they should be able to pull in key factors from Google Analytics on a per-item basis, especially with e-commerce data (IE: show increases in organic revenue, social revenue etc.) the reporting is still quite good, even without this. Hoping that they add that in the future though has me sticking around in the meantime.
Are you looking for a base of operation for your SEO campaigns? This is a great tool. Do you want access to incredible resources that wouldn't be available if you didn't have an SEOmoz account? You should get an SEOmoz account then. Do you want to be able to send ranking reports and other social and analytical driven reports to your clients? Then you should have an SEOmoz account.