ServiceChannel works and it works well.
Jon Nivison | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 21, 2019

ServiceChannel works and it works well.

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ServiceChannel is being used by the construction department for the repair and maintenance for the retail stores and restaurants at Tommy Bahama. The scope includes scheduling all the preventative maintenance (store and window cleaning, annual fire inspections and annual fire extinguisher services), emergency repairs, handyman type services, Small remodel products and kitchen equipment repairs. We also use ServiceChannel for approval of all work orders, proposals, and invoices. Currently, about 180 locations are being serviced via ServiceChannel.
  • ServiceChannel just works, they are no breakdowns or glitches in the system to speak of. When a service request is put in the system it can be tracked at any time, you can check on the status and notes can be inserted by the manager or the vendor so there is always a live and historical account on every service request. The proposals and invoices system is simple to use and works perfectly.
  • Emergency Requests - If you have an emergency facilities request then a vendor is required to respond with 4 hours but if ServiceChannel don't see a vendor responding within an hour or so they then call the vendor to get a status update and if they can't get a hold of the vendor then they call the facilities manager at our company and notify them of the emergency. With this system, emergencies don't just go unnoticed.
  • Analytics - ServiceChannel has an amazing analytics program that analyzes all your data which you can access at any time, there are standard reports and you can also customize reports. The reports can show you what store or region has the most calls, what are the most common problems in the stores, what is the average cost of the work, which vendor charges more than average, which vendor has the best response time and the list goes on and on. You can get the data on spreadsheets or graphs. The program gives you the ability to slice and dice all your data any way you want.
  • ServiceChannel is very intuitive and so it is easy to use and very easy to learn. A new store manager only needs 10 or 15 mins of training and they are ready to use the system.
  • Each vendor you use has to be added to your vendor list, although there are already a lot of vendors that use ServiceChannel there are also a lot that don't use it so getting vendors set up and using the system correctly can be very frustrating
  • The program is not cheap although you only pay for the features you use. There are so many features that it can be confusing for the average facility manager, sometimes I think we are paying for stuff we never use.
  • ServiceChannel is always adding new features which is good but you need to take the time the stay updated.
  • At anytime you can see the running total of the invoices so it gives you an idea as to where you are with the facility budget.
  • The program allows you to analyze the vendors' performance as far as response times, time to complete a job, average cost of a job and also their fee compared other vendors doing the same type of work. This type of info allows you to better negotiate with your vendors and let them know you are monitoring the performance, overall it leads to greater transparency and reduced costs.
  • The system works well so the ratio of stores each facility manager can manage is very high which ultimately saves having extra personal managing the facility process.
Our stores and restaurants have to look good all the time in order to satisfy the goal of "Giving the guest a great experience". If a guest walks into any one of our locations and the store does not look good then they don't have a great experience and so getting facility problems fixed in a timely manner is very important to us. ServiceChannels allows us to contact vendors instantly and allows us to set the response time depending on the type of request.
The initial implementation can be a bit daunting for the facility manager because they have a lot to learn. The way the program works needs to be set up in the way your company works, it is not just plug and play. It takes times but it only really needs to be done once and then after that it will require tweaking here and there.
ServiceChannel is well suited for companies that have multiple locations or a few very large buildings. In my experience the system allows one person to manage 150 to 200 small retail locations but when you add restaurants and buildings with lots of equipment then it gets more complex and the number of locations that one person can effectively manage is greatly reduced. You can effectively manager 50 or 30,000+ locations with this system if you have the personal.

There are several free or cost-effective programs available if you are only looking to manage a dozen or so locations.