Facility Management8Computer aided facilities management (CAFM) software combines inventory management and asset tracking with resource deployment and work order management (or preventative maintenance) in a single platform that may be tailored to suit the needs of various industries and sectors.TOPdesk1https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/DY/sg/CARZX2SALMK8.JPEGServiceChannel2https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/kf/8a/0SE4G31GI98L.JPEGeMaint3https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/Xv/oS/6QFE989BE108-180x180.PNGTririga4https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/yf/sf/DNSXTG99HOK3-180x180.JPEGMaintenance Connection CMMS5https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/QU/OD/TD02P97DU7LO.PNGOfficeSpace Software6https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/O1/rb/9VC7IFJML06I-180x180.JPEGDude Solutions Help Desk (formerly SchoolDude)7https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/dE/U1/V0R7R1XMPO2T-180x180.JPEGFAMIS8https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/B3/lM/XT9TE9JMHVUU-180x180.PNGiOffice IWMS9https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/Zb/yV/ZOWCRGZKM3VZ-180x180.JPEGCorrigo10https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/Yc/zN/Q5JKGQ1L5GET-180x180.JPEG4Clicks Project Estimator11https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Uj/33/T1IWD57RLXCT.PNGDude Solutions Event Management (formerly SchoolDude)12https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/dE/U1/V0R7R1XMPO2T-180x180.JPEGUpKeep Maintenance Management13https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Yx/rp/6RAW4TVVHQ3S.PNGFM:Interact14CenterStone15https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/S4/sk/CUS0KZ0UTXI8-180x180.JPEGFSI Concept Evolution16https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/EJ/gi/L4KWRQNUGFXU.jpegHippo CMMS17https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/z1/iv/WAZFFQP7NOJD.JPEGNetFacilities18https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/TR/Zj/MA87U9MR1MV3.jpegMicroMain19https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/M0/kd/SLWOD5617RNC.pngRentman AV Rental Software20https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/aD/2h/7OUD2SKCLMLH.PNGUltimo Maintenance Management21https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/um/Ir/0K091E27A92T.PNGHoneywell Pulse22https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/px/o2/U3RAOF12DCWB-180x180.JPEGIBI Group InForm Office23https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/sa/Tv/NWP32NSUMOPR-180x180.JPEGPacific Central - FMS24https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/Lh/mh/734K1MKWF2LT-180x180.PNGDude Solutions Asset Essentials25https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/dE/U1/V0R7R1XMPO2T-180x180.JPEG

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TOPdesk is the flagship highly-modular cloud-based or installed ITSM service desk and asset management solution from the Dutch company of the same name, for enterprise companies.

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ServiceChannel provides facilities managers with a single platform to source, procure, manage, and pay for repair and maintenance services from commercial contractors across their enterprise. The company aims to deliver transparency and data-driven analytics of service quality, across all trades...

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eMaint offers computerized maintenance management software with features for inventory management, asset management, maintenance scheduling, etc. eMaint is now owned and supported by Fluke Corp since the September 2016 acquisition.

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IBM Tririga is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) supporting facilities management, real estate portfolio management, space management, and environmental / energy management.

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OfficeSpace Software, headquartered in New York, offers their facility and workspace management platform, featuring room planning with mobile visual directory, the Move Manager room and space change scheduler and planning tool, the Request Manager facilities app, and other features.

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FAMIS is a real estate planning, facilities and space management platform from Accruent in Austin, emphasizing maintenance timing and cost optimization for safer and efficiently managed facilities. It is part of the Accruent IWMS suite of applications.

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FM:Systems headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina offers their complete IWMS solution, the FM:Interact platform and suite of modules. FM:Interact features facilities management, real estate portfolio management and strategic planning, space and occupancy management, and sustainability, as well ...

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CenterStone is CAFM (computer aided facility management) software. Developer Manhattan Software was acquired by Trimble in August 2014 to expand their facilities management offerings; Trimble now owns and supports the software.

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Hippo CMMS is a powerful user friendly web-based computerized maintenance management solution. The software is applicable to organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, education, government and more. According to the vendor, Hippo comes equipped with all the modules necessary for ef...

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MicroMain in Austin, Texas offers facility maintenance management software.

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Rentman AV Rental Software is a cloud-based rental management software for the AV, Event & Production industry. It is an all-in-one solution for project, inventory management, crew & transport scheduling, and invoicing. The vendor says users can manage projects from start to finish, easil...

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You can use Ultimo's EAM system to benefit fromefficiently setting up maintenance processes and effective preventive maintenance;more result-driven understanding; cost control options; higher availability for your assets; countless possibilities for managing various other assets. The vendor asks ...

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Honeywell Pulse allows facilities managers and plant managers to share and monitor alerts and collaborate remotely.

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IBI Group headquartered in Toronto offers InForm Office, the office space management software for facilities & maintenance management, space planning, and asset tracking.

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Pacific Controls headquartered in Dubai offers Pacific Central - FMS, a facilities management system providing asset management and tracking, maintenance management and equipment repair, work order scheduling, and other features.

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Dude Solutions offers their CMMS Asset Essentials, a cloud-based applications supporting maintenance activity administration, tracking and operations support. Asset Essentials presents a complete IWMS solution when paired with Dude Solutions' capital planning, energy and resource consumption mana...