TrustRadius works and it works well.ServiceChannel is being used by the construction department for the repair and maintenance for the retail stores and restaurants at Tommy Bahama. The scope includes scheduling all the preventative maintenance (store and window cleaning, annual fire inspections and annual fire extinguisher services), emergency repairs, handyman type services, Small remodel products and kitchen equipment repairs. We also use ServiceChannel for approval of all work orders, proposals, and invoices. Currently, about 180 locations are being serviced via ServiceChannel.,ServiceChannel just works, they are no breakdowns or glitches in the system to speak of. When a service request is put in the system it can be tracked at any time, you can check on the status and notes can be inserted by the manager or the vendor so there is always a live and historical account on every service request. The proposals and invoices system is simple to use and works perfectly. Emergency Requests - If you have an emergency facilities request then a vendor is required to respond with 4 hours but if ServiceChannel don't see a vendor responding within an hour or so they then call the vendor to get a status update and if they can't get a hold of the vendor then they call the facilities manager at our company and notify them of the emergency. With this system, emergencies don't just go unnoticed. Analytics - ServiceChannel has an amazing analytics program that analyzes all your data which you can access at any time, there are standard reports and you can also customize reports. The reports can show you what store or region has the most calls, what are the most common problems in the stores, what is the average cost of the work, which vendor charges more than average, which vendor has the best response time and the list goes on and on. You can get the data on spreadsheets or graphs. The program gives you the ability to slice and dice all your data any way you want. ServiceChannel is very intuitive and so it is easy to use and very easy to learn. A new store manager only needs 10 or 15 mins of training and they are ready to use the system.,Each vendor you use has to be added to your vendor list, although there are already a lot of vendors that use ServiceChannel there are also a lot that don't use it so getting vendors set up and using the system correctly can be very frustrating The program is not cheap although you only pay for the features you use. There are so many features that it can be confusing for the average facility manager, sometimes I think we are paying for stuff we never use. ServiceChannel is always adding new features which is good but you need to take the time the stay updated.,9,At anytime you can see the running total of the invoices so it gives you an idea as to where you are with the facility budget. The program allows you to analyze the vendors' performance as far as response times, time to complete a job, average cost of a job and also their fee compared other vendors doing the same type of work. This type of info allows you to better negotiate with your vendors and let them know you are monitoring the performance, overall it leads to greater transparency and reduced costs. The system works well so the ratio of stores each facility manager can manage is very high which ultimately saves having extra personal managing the facility process.,Our stores and restaurants have to look good all the time in order to satisfy the goal of "Giving the guest a great experience". If a guest walks into any one of our locations and the store does not look good then they don't have a great experience and so getting facility problems fixed in a timely manner is very important to us. ServiceChannels allows us to contact vendors instantly and allows us to set the response time depending on the type of request.,9ServiceChannel Review in a FlashWe currently use it for facilities, but just started using it with our IT Department.,Up to the minute updates, so when you go to look up a work order, it is live with the most recent notes from vendor, office, etc. File retention - it keeps all WOs so you can go back and research previous issues for investigating, asking questions of the vendor, etc. Asset Tagging - it allows you to track all of your assets,Should be able to provide overall rating for vendors across all users that use Service Channel Work on the sometime slowness or lag in the program Allow vendors the capability to use some of the items that users are able to do, for example, be able to set up vendors to do site audits,9,It increased visibility on how much we were spending on HVAC repairs/replacements and allowed us to make changes to reduce costs Before we were using paper invoices from the vendors, which creates a scenario of losing/missing invoices into AP. Then we start using the Service Channel invoicing and reduce errors to below 1%. Gives you the capability to add trades and adjust to your needs, so you can get better tracking of specific items.,With our company having over 400 offices, it is a quick and easy training for new office managers and allows them to check their spend. Also allows them the visibility to see what their major repairs/costs are going to and make adjustments.,,8ServiceChannel Will Make You BetterWe are using a ServiceChannel to invoice one of our customers for their repairs and new orders. They are using ServiceChannel to receive quotes and communicate needs to my company. We have expedited communication between the two companies and also have made invoicing easier.,Quick and easy ability to request a work order be created. Able to provide a quote as a proposal and then allow the customer to approve and convert to a work order. Easy Invoicing. Easy for customers to provide work orders as a way to request assistance.,This system will always require someone to actively be available to convert proposals. There are still delays depending on the human element of the process. Lots of features and some are not always intuitive. Integration to the current procedure would be nice. Seems this requires the addition of a new system through this Service Channel application/Website. If it were to integrate to current offerings such as SalesForce it may be helpful.,6,The time it takes to process invoices and send/receive work orders is decreased as it is now automated. This simple system requires minimal input, reducing the time it takes to process orders. Manages users and locations, helps to quickly identify proper channels.,ServiceChannel helps us to manage multiple locations for our customer. They are nationwide and require assistance to every location. With ServiceChannel we can easily communicate and execute new orders specific to location. It has become very easy to use and has made us much more efficient.,,8Why I have NO Regrets in switching to Service ChannelWe use ServiceChannel (SC) to create service requests at a restaurant level and to track those calls into proposals for larger projects, as well as small issues that need no more input. All invoicing is done thru SC, At this time our facilities department is the only active department, other than accounting who are using this on a daily basis. Our construction department is somewhat small and is still gathering invoices via mail, fax and e-mails. I am trying to get that construction department as well as our purchasing department to start migrating over to the SC system. The gathering and managing of new vendors as well as invoicing are the main problems that have been resolved by using SC.,ServiceChannel listens to me the user more than any other product I have ever been involved with. It seems like every few months there are some upgrades and improvements to an already great system. They have some great folks employed who are very accessible and very knowledgeable in this system, they are eager to help out and jump in, and they are never trying to up-sell me during these times. I believe they have some of the best practices around for helping out new vendors, who have never been exposed to any CMMS system, they help to ease the fear that contractors/vendors have from the onboarding process thru system training.,I think that there is room to improve the contractor side of their mobile app, to be more content rich and have more features and custom ability. I think there could be some use in setting up some regional training seminars across the country for both user and vendor to attend thru out the year. I would like to be able to add several pictures from my phone at one time, via the mobile app, and be able to draw or write on them as well.,10,It is increased Viability, no longer do VPs call their RMs who then call me or their operators to see what is the status of a particular project? anyone who wants to look can see and be heard via notes. Also in the gathering and processing of invoices, this used to be a very intensive job handled by many folks printing invoices and trying to send in and get approvals etc, all by hand.. the time and aggravation saved by going to this system has been well received and is worth every penny we paid, to end the madness.,It is very important to our goals. The operations folks are able to hold the general managers accountable as to when they sent in a service request by just looking, no longer are there stories of " I'm waiting for a call back" or "The vendor never came out here" heard, It is all in front of everyone and it is time stamped. So everyone is more on their toes. I find SC very helpful in conflict resolutions with contractors as well, because we have some actual facts, that will either help or hurt their claims. In almost every case I am able to look at factual evidence, not just who's story I believe more, this helps me to be impartial and rule based on facts and compliance with our policies etc.,,9,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation,I'd like to see all of the top CMMS providers put together a simple sample for you to use, it would need to be on a scenario bases most likely, but being able to take some time and log into some different systems, and see how fast or not the info you want comes up, as well as getting used to thinking like the program does on your own time, might help you come to a conclusion quicker , as one will most likely stand out as a clear winner more than some others. And in the end, this is what you want, ease of use, and something that wont scare folks off, something friendly, yet effectiveAn honest review of the Service Channel platform by a multi-site facilities professional.The entire retail portion of our company uses ServiceChannel (SC) to upload and review work orders. It's our number one platform to identify and resolve issues within a store's physical footprint. I use the platform to manage the physical structure of all of our stores across the US, Canada, and Hawaii. I also use it for vendor management, data digging, and invoice oversight.,They offer a platform that enables seamless communication between the store, vendor, district manager, and myself (facilities manager). By utilizing the notes portion of the work order, all parties involved are notified and kept up to speed on any changes in real time. SC also allows independent specialization to meet the individual needs of each company. I have set up my dashboard to customize my desire for more detail or pictures per element. This has eliminated the necessity of a reply email to the store partners to upload a picture of the issue. I have it set up so individual elements will require a picture prior to the WO being created. This is a big time saver and forces good communication habits. There support staff is second to none. They are helpful and available to support your needs and the needs of your vendors.,Sometimes the functionality of the software is slow. Example...I insert a WO# into the home search box and it comes up with "nothing found". I return to the home screen and repeat the exact same process and it takes me to my WO. This happens at least 50% of the time. They just finished up with a system upgrade (I think), and during the 3 week period I could not pull mass approved invoices for my AP department. That was a real hindrance. I am not particularly fond of the new dashboard format. It's not as easy to move around in. However it's new and I'm sure I will get used to it quick enough.,10,SC allowed me to come into a new position with a territory that I was unfamiliar with and totally understand my market and needs within hours of starting my new job. I used the skills acquired from my former job to understand what I needed to know, and than I used the SC format to find the answers to my questions. SC allowed me to come into my new position 2 years ago and dramatically reduce my R&M costs in under a month. SC allowed me the opportunity to review total costs historically, and from there I was able to identify under-performing and over charging vendors. Once identified I was able to make the changes to get the appropriate vendors in the right spots for success. SC allows for very easy vendor change out. I was able to make mass changes to the entire portfolio in minutes rather than hours.,Facilities management has allowed me to produce the best product for the best price. By managing my vendors, spend, and WO creation I'm able to identify true issues vs nice to have issues. This gives me the opportunity to spend my time and resources on the most critical issues all the while keeping an eye on my budget. SC also offers the data to back up my cost saving efforts in an easy to read spread sheet.,,5,Yes,10,Yes,Okay, I'll go back to the invoice download issue. Once I identified it to Sue she worked to find me a work around. That work around involved her personally downloading the invoices and sending them over to our AP department directly. Once the AP department realized my approval wasn't on the invoices she sent over, Sue once again went into trouble shooting mode and found a way around. She determined there was a way to download the invoices that included my stamped approval. She did this pull for me every week until the issue was resolved. She went above and beyond for me...and not just this one time. Many times Sue has bailed me out.,Looking up work orders and the status of the work orders is very easy and very helpful. Data mining for historical data is super easy and impactful to my daily business. Adding notes as a form of communication between all parties involved is very easy and quick Vendor uploads and removals is easy and quick. I can literally change out all my plumbing vendors across North America in less than a minute.,The PM program is a little cumbersome, but it's only because you are not forced to use this element all the time. I feel any element you are not regularly working in will be challenging once you return to it. If you did something one time 5 months ago it only seems logical that you will have a hard time remembering steps for completion. However once you do the process one time it's easy to duplicate. Mass WO uploads are tricky. Again this is only because this task isn't a regular task. Any and all regular tasks are super easy to perform on this platform.,Yes,9No Frills reviewWe use ServiceChannel for all of our facilities, both retail and corporate. It is our main database/CMMS for work order placement, dispatch, and record keeping.,Communication is transparent. As long as the notes are updated, all users along the chain of command can view and have full knowledge of issues/resolution. Ease of access for all teams Provides an excellent resource for work history helping reduce costs down the line based on record keeping of warranties etc,I know vendors get a tool that is not as functional when they can't see what I see, it's hard. It would help if you could use coding i.e bold text, paragraph breaks etc. in the notes,10,I do not have access to this info, out of my scope.,Extremely important. It allows us to have the ability to help the store at our fingertips at all times.,,10ServiceChannel your one stop shopping for work order data managementCurrently, it is only being used by facilities but I am working on rolling it out to the entire team. ServiceChannel is one-stop shopping. It manages everything from work order creation to invoicing and provides multiple avenues to track data, pull reports and even manage my budget. I will also begin to use their Asset Management section. I have been using ServiceChannel for so long and have yet to utilize its full potential.,I use Analytics which allows me to scorecard my vendors based on my criteria. Analytics also allows me to input my budget and track it. ServiceChannel provides the ability to track work orders from beginning to end and allows me to only intervene on those work orders that are not following the work order process.,Companies that have Analytics should be able to provide their vendors access to the same metrics instead of just the ones that ServiceChannel provides. Sometimes it takes a long time to implement changes.,10,ServiceChannel has allowed me to manage my vendors in a more efficient manner by providing scorecards which in return allows me to provide the best service to my field team.,Facilities allows for uniformity throughout our fleet. Making sure all studios are up to brand standard, making sure we know which studios need the most help and allowing me the ability to upload site surveys to help plan my future remodels. ServiceChannel also ensures I am staying true to my budget.,,9Unspecified
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The initial implementation can be a bit daunting for the facility manager because they have a lot to learn. The way the program works needs to be set up in the way your company works, it is not just plug and play. It takes times but it only really needs to be done once and then after that it will require tweaking here and there.
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I was very impressed with the young man they sent to Florida to work with myself and the other FM that was tasked to get this up and running along with me. We put in several long days and at times I thought we would never get through it all, but through his confidence and steadfastness we were able to go from "0" to Launch in 30-45 days, this was a good 30 days ahead of plan, and we had such a good build that there have only been a few tweaks we have needed to do, since the launch, it was truly amazing, They listen to you and get to know your culture and practices, and they find a way to incorporate a lot if not all of those into the new build, so that it makes the buy in and over all acceptance of the product much better, which helps the launch and transition go very smooth.
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I don't really have any thought negative or positive. All systems are going to have upgrades or changes in an effort to keep current. I would say based on the fact that SC continues to update/upgrade the system they are aware of the need to stay current. All updates are troubling the first time you work with them. However within minutes I've been able to identify what is new and where everything is located.
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About ServiceChannel

ServiceChannel provides facilities managers with a single platform to source, procure, manage, and pay for repair and maintenance services from commercial contractors across their enterprise. The company aims to deliver transparency and data-driven analytics of service quality, across all trades, locations, and contractors, allowing facilities managers drive significant brand equity and ROI for their organizations without outsourcing or investing in new infrastructure.

ServiceChannel Service Automation is an integrated suite of web- and mobile-based solutions to help manage the entire process of facilities management, including finding contractors and suppliers, entering all planned and demand service requests, tracking work orders, and processing payments. There are currently two different packages: Service Automation Essentials and Service Automation Professional.

More than 450 leading global brands use ServiceChannel daily to conduct business with 50,000+ contractors at more than 220,000 locations in 76 countries.

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